Weekend Recap and Photodump

Work this week has been a bit cray.  So this update is late as well… but what else is new huh?

Last weekend was a really good mix of rest and friends.  I had 2 birthdays to celebrate and each one did it in total style ❤

Friday–Markel and I started Orange is the New Black.

Saturday–I went to a fabulous Birthday Brunch in Westwood at a place called Tavern.  I’ve always wondered about the food here and it really surpassed my imagination.  TOTALLY recommend it for girlfriends who brunch, big groups, and romantic dinners.




Then for Dinner, We celebrated our beloved Jdawgs Dirty Thirty at Lala’s Argentine Grill on Melrose.  LOVED the food and Sangria here.




After Dinner, off to Drinks at Edendales in Silverlake! ❤


Sunday, Markel and I had a friend staying with us so we spent the morning relaxing and eating together.  The boys went golfing in the morning while I tried to cook us a new recipe that ended up being a total fail.  *sigh *  But the boys were nice enough to clean their plates in front of me. =)

For a late lunch/early dinner, I went to Ugo with my bestie.  I forgot how amazing the food is there!


For the first time in a long time~ the weekend fun did NOT stop there.  I met up with girlfriends on Monday for a delicious Korean dinner in ktown.  Tried out a new place called School Food.  I haven’t had Korean food in so long I inhaled everything!


Tuesday Night, the Bs and I celebrated/enjoyed our last meal together as single ladies.  One of the Bs is about to have a little one any day!  It was the last wine night without babies ❤  Can’t wait for what this year will bring for the rest of us!


ANNNDDD, now it’s almost the weekend again! =)  Markel and I are going to Big Bear with a big group of friends so I can’t wait to get dark, play in the water, and enjoy getting out of LA for a bit.

Happy Friday Eve!


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