Weekend Recap & Photodump

This past weekend was SUPER chill and low key.

Thursday: Caught up with my old roommie/bridesmaid.  It was fun to spend a night catching up with no boys and only each other.  We’ve decided to call our new wine nights, Thirsty Thursdays! =)


Friday Night: I went to a beautiful birthday party at Cliff‘s in Silverlake.  It was beautiful outside and the food was delicious!  (the portions were a little small though…but whatevs >.<)  The birthday girl gave each of us super cute party favors too!  SO SWEET!!!  I havent’ gotten a party favor since I was a kid.  It was such a classy touch. ❤

Another insanely good idea I learned that night was…BIRTHDAY WISH LISTS!!  She made a list and everyone got something off of it.  PERRRRFECT. xoxo  I’m definitely doing that next year!  (*wink wink * friends!!)


Saturday was…a celebration of ME.  I literally did 7 loads of laundry, clean the kitchen & both bathrooms, cleaned/swept the patio and watched a ridiculous number of lifetime movies and cheesy chick flicks.  Markel was away for the weekend so I was free to do whatever I wanted.  I also got to cook a few tastey meals and each random leftover throughout the day.


Sunday, I went to church and then drove down to Huntington Beach to meet up with another old Roomie.  ❤

Note below: OC has TONS of free parking spaces and each space is HUGE.  OC=1, LA=0  >.<


All in all, it was a fun weekend with Old Roomies and just hanging out alone.  I forgot what it was like to live without markel!  Apparently…it’s crazy productive =P  hehehe just kiddddding…

Anyway, this weekend is Labor Day weekend and Markel and I are going to see his parents out in Beaumont (near Palm Springs).  I can’t wait!  I love going out there, spending time with the in-laws and just relaxing away from LA~~  This weekend I hope to catch lots of sun and eat lots of good food.  ❤


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