Weekend Recap and Photodump

This past weekend was fun and relaxing.  I really needed the time at home and then enjoyed a few dinners/lunches to keep the weekend social.

Friday night, my coworkers and I went to ktown and had dinner/drinks at DGM, second rounds of drinks at toeband, and dessert at Paris Baguette and Boba Time.  It was fun to hang out with each others spouses and let our hair down after such a stressful week (first week of school!).


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Saturday, i spent the entire day lounging and watching Orange is the New Black.  I started it several months ago but never had the chance to finish.  SUCH A GREAT SHOW!  Easy to watch and entertaining~

In the evening, I went to a dodger game with loved ones and then hit up Toebang with the ladies!


It was SNUGGIE night ❤




Have you ever had a frozen beer?  it’s good!


Goofing around at Toebang ❤


Sunday was a lazy day of fun with my friend who just became a new mama <3.  We hung out, shopped, and then took a few breaks in Marina Del Rey.  I had no idea it was this beautiful!  After living in LA for almost 7 years, I can’t believe I’ve never seen this part of the bay!  (and i only live 20-30 min away!)  Can’t wait to bring Markel back for a romantic picnic or bike ride.  xo




ANDDDD…now it’s monday =(  Not ready for the week, but oh well…



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