H&M haul

I went into H&M to pick up a Christmas present last week and ended up leaving with presents for myself!  H&M is having an AMAZING sale right now. =)

I scored a gold braided belt for $3, a black crossbody bag for $9.99, and a scarf for $5!!

I love H&M.  I can’t wait to see what their after New Year‘s Sale will be like! =)


The gray scarf has light pink lips on them.  <^^>  oo la laa~~


Sequin Pants

WHERE can I buy these sequin pants??  Love this outfit and all the fun that it brings.  The ruffles in the top with a subtle/sparkly necklace is the perfect touch.

LOVE this option for new years!


New Year’s Eve Outfit Idea #2

Here’s my second option for new years eve.  This doesn’t photograph as pretty as the gold dress, but it’s still such a gorgeous/elegant option!!  I think I’d do the same makeup/hair as the gold dress for this one as with outfit #1.

Accessorized this outfit with…

Pim + Larkin Necklace, BCBG Clutch, DV Black Heels

Dress (click here)~ this is on sale too now!!  Darn it…but at least you guys can get it for less!

Can’t wait for NYE ❤


New Year’s Eve Outfit Idea #1

I just got this in from Piperlime and I’m obsessed with this gold dress!!  Not only is it incredibly comfortable/stretchy, but the gold really pops out!

I’m thinking I could pair this with hot pink lipstick and some romantic hair? =)

Paired the dress with a beaded black necklace (can’t remember where I got it), black BCBG clutch, bebe heels.

Dress (click here).  It’s on sale right now!!  I totally bought it before then (boo) but at least you can get it for a discount now!




Walmart Haul


Picked these up recently and they are all re-fills EXCEPT for the salon perfect lashes and lipstick.  The eyeliners & mascara & powder are my makeup bag staples.  LOVE the products, the colors and the way it wears all day.

The lashes have purple and black lashes that were made to compliment brown eyes (my eye color).  So I’m excited to try it out for new years!  It also comes with a purple eye liner so let’s see if it brings out the brown~ =)

Color Whisperer lipstick is my faaaaave right now.  These lipsticks go on as smooth as lip butters (which i love).  These don’t last very long so you have to keep reapplying throughout the day, but I love the color, amount of pigment it leaves, and the feel of them on my lips!

Makeup Haul Details:

Master Drama Eyeliner
425 coral commander
415 bold brown

The rocket mascara, volum’ express from maybelline
411 very black

True match super-blendable compact makeup from L’Oreal in W3

Salon perfect color enhance lashes

Color whisperer #30 in pin up peach


Piperlime Jewelry Wishlist/Lusts

I am…to put it mildly…OBSESSED with Piperlime.  I am such a huge online shopping addict.  It’s sad really…I NEVER go to the malls anymore which would probably be a more useful and productive way to spend my time (burn calories and only buy what looks good).

ANYWAYY…here are a few pieces that I’m seriously lusting after this Winter!



Christmas with the Blairs

For the past couple of years, the Blairs have been celebrating Christmas at Markel’s Big Bro’s home in West Covina.  It’s a big brunch and morning where we open presents, hang out and spend time together. =)  Markel has a huge family and I absolutely love how loud and full of energy the home gets!  Four generations all under 1 roof. ❤


Our breakfast table =)



Opening Presents!  I was so busy opening mine I forgot to take more pictures.  LOL




Lucy got presents too!!  Grandma Blair and I made her doggie bowls. ❤  They are as big as her, but she absolutely loves them!





The gorgeous tree!


Such a wonderful day to celebrate with the Blairs. =)

Afterwards Markel and I saw ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ with the Kims (our neighbors).  That movie was a lot better than ‘Her’ in my opinion…  I totally recommend seeing it!  Leonard DiCaprio gives an awesome performance.

Cozy Sweater Party

Tonight I’m going to a holiday party with a Cozy theme.  =)  I pulled out a few things from our closet and also repurposed an old scarf for the party.

Here are a few inspirational photos for the theme~ xoxo


All photos from Pinterest!

Quiet Moments




I can home from lunch with a friend (and some shopping) yesterday and found Lucy curled up on Markel chest!  Both were asleep and it was seriously the most adorable scene.

Love these two. ♡♡

Christmas Eve

This was the first Christmas Markel and I spent together as Husband and Wife + the first year we weren’t with Family for Christmas Eve.  Sooo, we made up our OWN tradition!  We decided to have sushi for dinner and invited over our close friends who also live in our building.  The four of us feasted on delicious food, drank a little Champs to celebrate and then went to see Her in theatres.  It was such a lovely and low key evening, I can’t wait to make it a continuous tradition for us as we begin this amazing journey as Husband and Wife.

xo  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas!




Throwback Thursday



Merry Christmas


A happy Christmas for the Blairs. 🙂  love and blessings to everyone today!!

Winter Break!


Day 1 of winter break. 🙂  I plan to do a lot of this for the next two weeks!  Aaannnd maybe some cleaning, catch up on netflix and play with fwends. 😉

Happy Holidays~~

Favorite Online Shopping Sites

Who DOESN’T love online browsing for clothes, accessories, shoes, purses…household goods??

1. Amazon


I have Amazon prime and probably buy something from this site no less than 1x per week.  This site is seriously the most incredible .com site EVER.  You can buy groceries, books, household goods, craft supplies, clothes, shoes, makeup…EVERYTHING.  I swear someday they’ll sell lumbar and delivery it within 2 days.  If I could only shop on one site for the rest of my life, Amazon would be it.  As an Amazon Prime member, I get free 2-day shipping and it’s just SO EASY to get stuff in a flash.  Shopping in LA is so hard with traffic/parking that I rely heavily on prime shipping.  My coworkers say that as Mom’s, they buy all their baby stuff through Amazon so that they don’t have to go to a store with a screaming baby (just the hassle of traveling with the baby is avoided).  AND returns are really easy!

2. Piperlime


My go-to site for all clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, etc.  I even go here for GIFTS!  It’s just so easy to order from there because I completely TRUST the brand, the items sold on the site AND you can return it for free.  I have a banana republic luxe card and I get free shipping on all the orders as well.  Shopping with Piperlime/Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy/Athletica is SO easy.  Plus, shipping is FAST.



Asos is a site that I go to for everything I can’t find on #1 and #2.  Shipping and Returns are fast and free.  There are THOUSANDS of products on this site and everything is incredibly trendy and fair priced.  I don’t trust everything on this site the way I trust Piperlime, but I’m never afraid to order since I can easily return what I don’t like.

If you’re not used to shopping online or are afraid of it~ start with these three sites!  They really make the buying/returning experience easy and each company comes with really superb customer service if you need help. =)

xoxoxo  Happy Holiday Shopping!


Statement Earrings

In my early 20s, I was ALL ABOUT the loud, flashy earrings.  I mean the bigger and more obnoxious the better.  I liked my hair big, makeup bright, and earrings the size of saucers.  As a late 20s (almost 30) gal, I’ve started to wear more flashy studs.  I dress up casual outfits for work with statement studs or pair a LBD with big earrings.  I’ve found that fancy studs are WAY more versatile.  Plus, since they’re not as obvious, you can wear them more often that flashy dangling earrings.

Here are three I ordered from Piperlime.  Unfortunately, I only liked the Sabine earrings.  The others just weren’t as cute in person as they were online.  Or at least they didn’t look good on me.  The Banana Earrings were TOO unique, which meant that I couldn’t get a lot of wear out of them, and the Tinley Road earrings were gorgeous but a little too mature for me.


From the top left…

1. Stardust Fan Earring by Banana Republic

3. Circle Cabochon Studs  by Sabine


Holiday Nails

Today is my last day of work until January 6th!  LOVE working at UCLA!! =)  Here are some fun holiday nail ideas for Christmas and NYE! =)



A Musical Note, Pinata and Party

We had a big 30th birthday bash for my boss last week and the decorations came out…PERFECTLY.  My other coworker did 99% of the decorations around the music note theme (she works in that department)~ and it made me want to copy it for another party!!

Here are the decorations below~~ the creme flags in the middle are a music sheet pattern.  SO CUTE.  The entire party was a white/black/cream color theme.


My bad pinwheels on the tables with catering from Fundamental in Westwood (SUCH GREAT FOOD).


Isn’t this sign so adorable??  The letters are made of a music sheet pattern and the little notes on the side add the perfect touch. ❤


This was LITERALLY the only thing I contributed too.  Hanging notes and pinwheels.  I wouldn’t say these were “cute” or “crafty”…they just sorta added to the music theme that my talented coworker put together.


AND the FINALE~~~A MUSIC NOTE PINATA!!!  How incredibly adorable is this???  My coworker MADE IT from scratch!!!!  She put the pinata on top of music sheets that had the birthday song printed on it.  SO CLEVER, CRAFTY and freaking amazing.  She also made the little name sign on top of the cake. ❤


We always try to celebrate each other at work whether it’s a birthday, a celebration, or a great life moment.    I love my job and the creative/loving team I work with.  This party is just one example of what we do for each other.  ❤

Online addict


Uh OH…even Lucy wants to shop online!  I’ve created a monster! Lol

Old Navy Sweaters & Jeans

I am a new believer in Old Navy.  The past year I’ve found so many really great, classic pieces that are also great quality.  I got a little package in the mail a few weeks back:


The only 2 pieces I really loved were the green stretchy jeans and red cardigan.  The flash totally washed out the colors of each of these items~ but check out their site!  I don’t shop there often, but I find that the things I do get~ I wear often as one of my staple pieces for work. =)  Old Navy has TONS of sales online~~ I always wait until they give out a code for 20% or 30% off.  That’s how I got those babies up above~~ hehe.


Throwback Thursday