Potty Training Lucy


What a nightmare…we love our little Lucy bear but she is NOT easy to potty train.  In fact…Markel and I are finding it pretty hard to train her to do ANYTHING at this point.  Lucy is 10 weeks and about 1.3 pounds.  OBVIOUSLY she’s still a baby and miracles shouldn’t be expected…but we were hoping for a little bit of an easier time than we’re having.

Owning a puppy has been such a magical experience.  Lucy is a bundle of love and wet kisses from morning till night.  She jumps around for about 30 minutes and exhausts herself and needs a 3 hour nap to recover (much to our relief).  Those 30 minutes are…intense.  As cute as she is when she’s awake, Lucy chews on everything, cries when we aren’t holding her, and eliminates wherever she pleases.  We’ve gotten pretty good about seeing the signs for elimination but…it’s still not awesome.

When we first got her, she was so little that we got to see her discover her paws, learn to cry/bark (not excited about this one), get brave and jump on/off things, and see her personality develop.  We’re totally in love with who she is becoming…we just need some MAJOR dog whisperer action in the Blair home.

My boss has a new puppy and he recommended that we use his water gun method.  Whenever we try to use the word “bad”, “quiet”, “down”, etc and Lucy doesn’t listen~ instead of spanking or something more severe~ a shot of a water gun helps reinforce the word.  AND HONESTLY~~~ it’s the BEST advice we’ve gotten about dog training so far.  The force of water totally shocks Lucy and from that moment on, she totally remembers the command that we give.  When we say “bad” without the water gun, Lucy stops in her tracks and stops whatever she’s doing.  We’re still working on “quiet” and “down” but so far it’s been the best form of training!

I’m sure this isn’t a Dog Whisperer approved method for training, but it’s been the only thing Lucy responds too.  We tried the positive reinforcement only technique and well…it indirectly allowed her to poop/pee/chew/cry anywhere.  It was NOT helpful for us.

We’ve had Lucy for 3 full weeks now, going on the 4th.  We hope that in the next 2 weeks-4 weeks she will be totally potty trained.  Of course she’ll have accidents up until 6 months~ but we’re hoping by the time she’s 3-4 months she’ll have the hang of it!

Wish us LUCK!!

(ps–during my winter break, i fully intend on watching Caser Millan’s show on netflix!)


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