I thought about this title for a little bit… “Vegas for old folks”?  “Vegas, when you’re not young anymore” or perhaps…”Vegas without clubbing and binge drinking“…

But in the end, whatever you choose to do in Vegas…the word still holds a lot of significance on it’s own.  So whether you thought I had a CRAZYYY trip or a calm one…you’ve still clicked to read it right?  lol

In any case, this Vegas trip was by far one of the most fun weekends in 2013.


The day started bright at early at 6am.  Not only did I need to still pack for Vegas, but i had to pack Lucy’s stuff as well.  (I found 2 babysitters who were willing to watch her over the weekend while we were away.)

I swear Lucy sensed we were leaving b/c she climbed into the suitcase while I was packing and cried a little.  SO HEARTBREAKING!!


I had a half-day at work and we had our Holiday Party at Akasha in Culver City.  LOVE THAT PLACE!!!



After lunch it was off to Vegas!!! =)

My old roomie and her bf picked us up and we drove in somewhat heavy traffic.  We were hoping to get into the city by around 730-8pm but it ended up being closer to 10. >.<  For our late night dinner, we went straight to Oyster Bar at the Palace Hotel (off the strip).  The hotel was…not awesome and looked pretty old.  But don’t let that turn you off from checking Oyster Bar out!  It was…BEYOND amazing.  I totally plan to go back every single chance I get in Vegas!  (open 24 hours!)

People told us the line could be as long as 3 hours, but we were lucky and only waited for about 30 minutes.  We were pretty pooped from the drive, so it felt much longer~~ but it was good timing!


Oyster Bar is TIIINY.  So easy to miss or think it’s something hella random if you don’t know about it in advance.


The Chef cutting our Oysters!  We each got 1 dozen and the meat was literally the size of my palm.  SO CRAZY and delicious.  Usually the larger the meat, the less delicious it is~~ but these were incredible.



The Sourdough was DELICIOUS and totally picture worthy.  We saved it so that we could dip it into our food later. =P


Beer & Bloody Mary


Bloody Mary Shooters!  We got 2 tequila and 1 vodka.  I was definitely BUZZZED after this!


Our dozen Oysters!  Look at how small the lemon wedges and roll are compared to the Oysters!  eeeek~~


The Combo Gumbo (Shrimp, Crab, Lobster)

We got level 8 in spicy and it was too spicy for Markel.  I think 5 would have been perfect. The Gumbo was tastey and it was REALLY good with the roll & rice.

My friends got the Combo Pan Roast and I totally thought that was better than the Gumbo.  The creamy tomato sauce was really satisfying and you couldn’t taste the heat as much as the Gumbo…  Next time I go, I definitely plan to get the Pan Roast instead and perhaps a Pasta.  Those looks amazing~~


Back at the Hotel, we brought out the snacks/alchie and got the night started!  Between 6 people, we had enough food for 12, alchie for 8 and water for 4.  LOL




My first time playing Video Poke and I won!!

Our Winnings!!  This was our first time playing Craps and it was SO MUCH FUNNNNN.  We all won lots of monies and left drunk and happy~~


Bonding with other winners at our table


THE BEST WAY TO END MY NIGHT…soggy cup ramen (brand: Shin Ramen)



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