New Year’s Resolution

It’s that sneaky time of year again!  Where people around the world start to make resolutions.  I always make a huge list of resolutions and well…I do a pretty terrible job of fulfilling them.  This year, I’m trying to make only a few realistic ones.  I’m turning the big 3-0 in June and I want this year to be THE BEST it can be.   I want to try to be bolder, live more free

1. Run a Half Marathon

(I want the training to help me become more disciplined~ in my time, health, finances, priorities, time management, career, etc)

2. Read More!!

(I’d like to say 1 book a month, but sometimes time runs away from me.  So no fixed number on this one.  I’d just like to read more books (not blogs or magazines))

3. Learn to cook better (or at least more often)

My mom and grandmothers were all AMAZING chefs in the kitchen.  I want to have a large number of recipes under my belt, for dinner parties, potlucks, meals at home, snacks after work, etc.  I want to be more comfortable in the kitchen)

4. Make a great Career Move

(Whether it’s at UCLA or in my personal blogging/etsy life.  I want this year to speak for itself and show HUGE progress)

5. Get the apartment organized

(No more boxes of stuff that I don’t know what to do with or will save for “someday”.  We have so much clutter that it becomes overwhelming.  I want to not be embarrassed when I open drawers/closets b/c we’ve packed so much into them.)

6. Try 3 new things

I’m pretty stuck in my comfort zone.  I like specific things/places/people and I stay in that realm.  I’d like to try 3 new things this year that are bolder and out of my comfort zone.  I cut my hair this last month to a length that I was not comfortable at.  I feel like it was the start to doing new things.  One of those new things is actually the first resolution (run a half marathon).  Now I just need to pick 2 more things to help me break out of this shell.

7. Go somewhere I’ve never been before

This one should be fairly easy.  There are LOTS of things I’ve never done before and I just want to make it a point to go somewhere totally new, different and fun.  I also love to explore new things with Markel as we grow in our relationship. =)  Checking out a new place that we’ve never been before will be a fun feat for us and something new to share together. xo

8. Travel More!!

Markel and I have 2 trips planned for next year (SF & NYC), but I hope to take some more weekend trips together to celebrate our relationship, our lives, and our time together.  Trips always make me feel like we’re dating. ❤  Love that feeling when we experience new things together.  (like I said in #7 above)

9. Potty Train our baby Lucy Bear

As of now, it’s about 40% positive that we’ve potty trained her and 60% whatever she wants to do.  It’s pretty disheartening/sad when she has accidents around the house, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed and praying more that she’ll get the hang of it soon enough. 

10. Learn to speak Korean & Spanish better

As I grow older, it’s pretty obvious that language is important.  I grew up speaking Korean to my family and English in the rest of my life.  But my Korean is very conversational.  I hope to grow my vocabulary and become stronger in reading/writing.  As for Spanish, I took a little in high school/college, but I’m really really bad.  It would be nice to refresh my memory and start learning it a little bit better.  Living in Los Angeles, Spanish is spoken nearly everywhere and it’s embarrassing not to know even the most rudimentary words/phrases.


These are my resolutions this year, what are yours?

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