New Year’s Resolution

It’s that sneaky time of year again!  Where people around the world start to make resolutions.  I always make a huge list of resolutions and well…I do a pretty terrible job of fulfilling them.  This year, I’m trying to make only a few realistic ones.  I’m turning the big 3-0 in June and I want this year to be THE BEST it can be.   I want to try to be bolder, live more free

1. Run a Half Marathon

(I want the training to help me become more disciplined~ in my time, health, finances, priorities, time management, career, etc)

2. Read More!!

(I’d like to say 1 book a month, but sometimes time runs away from me.  So no fixed number on this one.  I’d just like to read more books (not blogs or magazines))

3. Learn to cook better (or at least more often)

My mom and grandmothers were all AMAZING chefs in the kitchen.  I want to have a large number of recipes under my belt, for dinner parties, potlucks, meals at home, snacks after work, etc.  I want to be more comfortable in the kitchen)

4. Make a great Career Move

(Whether it’s at UCLA or in my personal blogging/etsy life.  I want this year to speak for itself and show HUGE progress)

5. Get the apartment organized

(No more boxes of stuff that I don’t know what to do with or will save for “someday”.  We have so much clutter that it becomes overwhelming.  I want to not be embarrassed when I open drawers/closets b/c we’ve packed so much into them.)

6. Try 3 new things

I’m pretty stuck in my comfort zone.  I like specific things/places/people and I stay in that realm.  I’d like to try 3 new things this year that are bolder and out of my comfort zone.  I cut my hair this last month to a length that I was not comfortable at.  I feel like it was the start to doing new things.  One of those new things is actually the first resolution (run a half marathon).  Now I just need to pick 2 more things to help me break out of this shell.

7. Go somewhere I’ve never been before

This one should be fairly easy.  There are LOTS of things I’ve never done before and I just want to make it a point to go somewhere totally new, different and fun.  I also love to explore new things with Markel as we grow in our relationship. =)  Checking out a new place that we’ve never been before will be a fun feat for us and something new to share together. xo

8. Travel More!!

Markel and I have 2 trips planned for next year (SF & NYC), but I hope to take some more weekend trips together to celebrate our relationship, our lives, and our time together.  Trips always make me feel like we’re dating. ❤  Love that feeling when we experience new things together.  (like I said in #7 above)

9. Potty Train our baby Lucy Bear

As of now, it’s about 40% positive that we’ve potty trained her and 60% whatever she wants to do.  It’s pretty disheartening/sad when she has accidents around the house, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed and praying more that she’ll get the hang of it soon enough. 

10. Learn to speak Korean & Spanish better

As I grow older, it’s pretty obvious that language is important.  I grew up speaking Korean to my family and English in the rest of my life.  But my Korean is very conversational.  I hope to grow my vocabulary and become stronger in reading/writing.  As for Spanish, I took a little in high school/college, but I’m really really bad.  It would be nice to refresh my memory and start learning it a little bit better.  Living in Los Angeles, Spanish is spoken nearly everywhere and it’s embarrassing not to know even the most rudimentary words/phrases.


These are my resolutions this year, what are yours?

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Christmas with the Blairs

For the past couple of years, the Blairs have been celebrating Christmas at Markel’s Big Bro’s home in West Covina.  It’s a big brunch and morning where we open presents, hang out and spend time together. =)  Markel has a huge family and I absolutely love how loud and full of energy the home gets!  Four generations all under 1 roof. ❤


Our breakfast table =)



Opening Presents!  I was so busy opening mine I forgot to take more pictures.  LOL




Lucy got presents too!!  Grandma Blair and I made her doggie bowls. ❤  They are as big as her, but she absolutely loves them!





The gorgeous tree!


Such a wonderful day to celebrate with the Blairs. =)

Afterwards Markel and I saw ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ with the Kims (our neighbors).  That movie was a lot better than ‘Her’ in my opinion…  I totally recommend seeing it!  Leonard DiCaprio gives an awesome performance.

Favorite Online Shopping Sites

Who DOESN’T love online browsing for clothes, accessories, shoes, purses…household goods??

1. Amazon

I have Amazon prime and probably buy something from this site no less than 1x per week.  This site is seriously the most incredible .com site EVER.  You can buy groceries, books, household goods, craft supplies, clothes, shoes, makeup…EVERYTHING.  I swear someday they’ll sell lumbar and delivery it within 2 days.  If I could only shop on one site for the rest of my life, Amazon would be it.  As an Amazon Prime member, I get free 2-day shipping and it’s just SO EASY to get stuff in a flash.  Shopping in LA is so hard with traffic/parking that I rely heavily on prime shipping.  My coworkers say that as Mom’s, they buy all their baby stuff through Amazon so that they don’t have to go to a store with a screaming baby (just the hassle of traveling with the baby is avoided).  AND returns are really easy!

2. Piperlime

My go-to site for all clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, etc.  I even go here for GIFTS!  It’s just so easy to order from there because I completely TRUST the brand, the items sold on the site AND you can return it for free.  I have a banana republic luxe card and I get free shipping on all the orders as well.  Shopping with Piperlime/Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy/Athletica is SO easy.  Plus, shipping is FAST.


Asos is a site that I go to for everything I can’t find on #1 and #2.  Shipping and Returns are fast and free.  There are THOUSANDS of products on this site and everything is incredibly trendy and fair priced.  I don’t trust everything on this site the way I trust Piperlime, but I’m never afraid to order since I can easily return what I don’t like.

If you’re not used to shopping online or are afraid of it~ start with these three sites!  They really make the buying/returning experience easy and each company comes with really superb customer service if you need help. =)

xoxoxo  Happy Holiday Shopping!



I thought about this title for a little bit… “Vegas for old folks”?  “Vegas, when you’re not young anymore” or perhaps…”Vegas without clubbing and binge drinking“…

But in the end, whatever you choose to do in Vegas…the word still holds a lot of significance on it’s own.  So whether you thought I had a CRAZYYY trip or a calm one…you’ve still clicked to read it right?  lol

In any case, this Vegas trip was by far one of the most fun weekends in 2013.


The day started bright at early at 6am.  Not only did I need to still pack for Vegas, but i had to pack Lucy’s stuff as well.  (I found 2 babysitters who were willing to watch her over the weekend while we were away.)

I swear Lucy sensed we were leaving b/c she climbed into the suitcase while I was packing and cried a little.  SO HEARTBREAKING!!


I had a half-day at work and we had our Holiday Party at Akasha in Culver City.  LOVE THAT PLACE!!!



After lunch it was off to Vegas!!! =)

My old roomie and her bf picked us up and we drove in somewhat heavy traffic.  We were hoping to get into the city by around 730-8pm but it ended up being closer to 10. >.<  For our late night dinner, we went straight to Oyster Bar at the Palace Hotel (off the strip).  The hotel was…not awesome and looked pretty old.  But don’t let that turn you off from checking Oyster Bar out!  It was…BEYOND amazing.  I totally plan to go back every single chance I get in Vegas!  (open 24 hours!)

People told us the line could be as long as 3 hours, but we were lucky and only waited for about 30 minutes.  We were pretty pooped from the drive, so it felt much longer~~ but it was good timing!


Oyster Bar is TIIINY.  So easy to miss or think it’s something hella random if you don’t know about it in advance.


The Chef cutting our Oysters!  We each got 1 dozen and the meat was literally the size of my palm.  SO CRAZY and delicious.  Usually the larger the meat, the less delicious it is~~ but these were incredible.



The Sourdough was DELICIOUS and totally picture worthy.  We saved it so that we could dip it into our food later. =P


Beer & Bloody Mary


Bloody Mary Shooters!  We got 2 tequila and 1 vodka.  I was definitely BUZZZED after this!


Our dozen Oysters!  Look at how small the lemon wedges and roll are compared to the Oysters!  eeeek~~


The Combo Gumbo (Shrimp, Crab, Lobster)

We got level 8 in spicy and it was too spicy for Markel.  I think 5 would have been perfect. The Gumbo was tastey and it was REALLY good with the roll & rice.

My friends got the Combo Pan Roast and I totally thought that was better than the Gumbo.  The creamy tomato sauce was really satisfying and you couldn’t taste the heat as much as the Gumbo…  Next time I go, I definitely plan to get the Pan Roast instead and perhaps a Pasta.  Those looks amazing~~


Back at the Hotel, we brought out the snacks/alchie and got the night started!  Between 6 people, we had enough food for 12, alchie for 8 and water for 4.  LOL




My first time playing Video Poke and I won!!

Our Winnings!!  This was our first time playing Craps and it was SO MUCH FUNNNNN.  We all won lots of monies and left drunk and happy~~


Bonding with other winners at our table


THE BEST WAY TO END MY NIGHT…soggy cup ramen (brand: Shin Ramen)



Puppy treats, food and diet for a Teacup Maltipoo

Wrote a new post on what we feed Lucy on my food blog: Fattie Delights!

Check it out if you’re interested =)

Potty Training Lucy


What a nightmare…we love our little Lucy bear but she is NOT easy to potty train.  In fact…Markel and I are finding it pretty hard to train her to do ANYTHING at this point.  Lucy is 10 weeks and about 1.3 pounds.  OBVIOUSLY she’s still a baby and miracles shouldn’t be expected…but we were hoping for a little bit of an easier time than we’re having.

Owning a puppy has been such a magical experience.  Lucy is a bundle of love and wet kisses from morning till night.  She jumps around for about 30 minutes and exhausts herself and needs a 3 hour nap to recover (much to our relief).  Those 30 minutes are…intense.  As cute as she is when she’s awake, Lucy chews on everything, cries when we aren’t holding her, and eliminates wherever she pleases.  We’ve gotten pretty good about seeing the signs for elimination but…it’s still not awesome.

When we first got her, she was so little that we got to see her discover her paws, learn to cry/bark (not excited about this one), get brave and jump on/off things, and see her personality develop.  We’re totally in love with who she is becoming…we just need some MAJOR dog whisperer action in the Blair home.

My boss has a new puppy and he recommended that we use his water gun method.  Whenever we try to use the word “bad”, “quiet”, “down”, etc and Lucy doesn’t listen~ instead of spanking or something more severe~ a shot of a water gun helps reinforce the word.  AND HONESTLY~~~ it’s the BEST advice we’ve gotten about dog training so far.  The force of water totally shocks Lucy and from that moment on, she totally remembers the command that we give.  When we say “bad” without the water gun, Lucy stops in her tracks and stops whatever she’s doing.  We’re still working on “quiet” and “down” but so far it’s been the best form of training!

I’m sure this isn’t a Dog Whisperer approved method for training, but it’s been the only thing Lucy responds too.  We tried the positive reinforcement only technique and well…it indirectly allowed her to poop/pee/chew/cry anywhere.  It was NOT helpful for us.

We’ve had Lucy for 3 full weeks now, going on the 4th.  We hope that in the next 2 weeks-4 weeks she will be totally potty trained.  Of course she’ll have accidents up until 6 months~ but we’re hoping by the time she’s 3-4 months she’ll have the hang of it!

Wish us LUCK!!

(ps–during my winter break, i fully intend on watching Caser Millan’s show on netflix!)