Snow Bunnies: Surviving the Polar Vortex with Style

Everyday I hear more bad news about the East Coast.  Snow, Storms, Wind and below freezing temps…  As a Californian, I can’t imagine that kind of cold!  Winter in LA is a medium weight jacket that can still be paired with heels and a t-shirt.  Here’s an inspiration board for Stylish Winter Wear even in the coldest of temperatures…

And if you’re REALLY daring~ “Fashion over Function” right?

(all images from Pinterest)

Sequin Pants

WHERE can I buy these sequin pants??  Love this outfit and all the fun that it brings.  The ruffles in the top with a subtle/sparkly necklace is the perfect touch.

LOVE this option for new years!

Cozy Sweater Party

Tonight I’m going to a holiday party with a Cozy theme.  =)  I pulled out a few things from our closet and also repurposed an old scarf for the party.

Here are a few inspirational photos for the theme~ xoxo

All photos from Pinterest!

A Musical Note, Pinata and Party

We had a big 30th birthday bash for my boss last week and the decorations came out…PERFECTLY.  My other coworker did 99% of the decorations around the music note theme (she works in that department)~ and it made me want to copy it for another party!!

Here are the decorations below~~ the creme flags in the middle are a music sheet pattern.  SO CUTE.  The entire party was a white/black/cream color theme.


My bad pinwheels on the tables with catering from Fundamental in Westwood (SUCH GREAT FOOD).


Isn’t this sign so adorable??  The letters are made of a music sheet pattern and the little notes on the side add the perfect touch. ❤


This was LITERALLY the only thing I contributed too.  Hanging notes and pinwheels.  I wouldn’t say these were “cute” or “crafty”…they just sorta added to the music theme that my talented coworker put together.


AND the FINALE~~~A MUSIC NOTE PINATA!!!  How incredibly adorable is this???  My coworker MADE IT from scratch!!!!  She put the pinata on top of music sheets that had the birthday song printed on it.  SO CLEVER, CRAFTY and freaking amazing.  She also made the little name sign on top of the cake. ❤


We always try to celebrate each other at work whether it’s a birthday, a celebration, or a great life moment.    I love my job and the creative/loving team I work with.  This party is just one example of what we do for each other.  ❤

Old Hollywood Glam

LOVE this makeup look.  Winged tipped eyeliner doesn’t look awesome on me, but I LOVE to see other girls wearing it!

Nail Party Inspiration Ideas

From Pinterest =)

Backstage Beauty. #NYFW #MBFWOxblood PolishNeon Pink French Nails


From CB Boutique

Aren’t these earrings GORGEOUS??

CB Boutique - WINGS OF LOVE EARRINGS, $49.00 ( #wedding #jewelry #style #fashionWINGS OF LOVE EARRINGS

Happy Halloween!

How cute is this photo?

Decorative Halloween Pumpkins - cute AND easy!!!!

Ring Party + Red Nails

Love this picture.  So far I have 1 set of knuckle rings but this picture makes me want a few more.  I like the idea of stacking a ton of skinny rings together. ❤

Weekend Recap and Photodump

This weekend was eventful and uneventful all at the same time. I had to work for part of it, and the rest of the time…I overindulged in spirits =P.  I didn’t take very many pictures, but here are the ones I have.

Friday Night, we met up with our favorite friend in Echo Park and ate at Masa’s.  This was the best chicago style pizza I’ve ever had!  Plus, the gnocchi, caesar salad and bread were…out of this world. ❤  I can’t wait to go back and try more things on the menu!

Amazing bread + Caesar Salad


Meat Lovers Deep Dish Pizza *drooooooooooooool *


Gnocchi with mushrooms, peas and bacon


Drinks!  To help ease us into the weekend and let us forget our stressful work weeks.



After dinner we walked around the new lake in Echo Park and it was GORGEOUS.  I want to go back during the day or morning to check it out fully~ I had no idea this event existed in Echo Park!


Downtown Skyline.  My camera phone did not do this view justice.


Lily pads!  They were everywhere and it was so pretty to see it at night~


The Boys ❤






Saturday Markel and I went to the UCLA football game.  It was a crazy day and we didn’t get to tailgate like normal~ but it was nice to cheer on the team!



Wearing a new lipstick color =)




My first time making Pollack Soup ❤



Sunday I had to work…so there were no pictures of our Fall BBQ.  But these are my weekend pics.  This upcoming weekend is a 3-day-er for me, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Happy Hump Day All!


Purses, Purses, Purses

I have purses on the brain!!  I want a big one for my 30th birthday but I’m not sure what I want the next one to be… Here are some I’m lusting after…


Fall Lipstick Pics from Pinterest

oOoOoo can’t wait to try some of these babies!  For fall I’m really into Wine and Natural Taupes. =)

Bar Carts

Markel and I are looking for a bar cart right now and we haven’t been able to find anything we love in our price range.  Who knew it would be so hard??

I love gold, so I’d like it to be that color or something else in that color family.

After the wedding, Markel and I went to crate and barrel and bought all the big essentials for it, but after 6 months…haven’t been able to buy the cart itself.  FRUSTRATINGGG.

as my search continues, here are some that i really like. ❤


Halloween–Hello Kitty Pumpkin

How adorable is this???  I love this idea of painting pumpkins into hello kitty ❤

Pear Shaped Halo Diamond

I LOVE Pear Shaped Diamonds!  I know these aren’t very popular, but I seriously want one of these babies (someday).  It doesn’t even need to be a diamond inside…it could be another stone.  But I am very seriously in love with this beauty. ❤


Pinterest Outfit Ideas & Inspirations

I love looking at Pinterest to help me decide what new items I want to buy or give me ideas on how I should repurpose some older items in my closet.  Here ares one of my favorite looks that can transition from summer to fall and be my new fall staples.

Markel and Me…5 years in the making~!

I know we’re not supposed to celebrate dating anniversaries once you’re married…but WHATEVER.  haha Isn’t it nice to still celebrate the beginning when it all happened?  Mike and I had a summer fling that turned into…a budding romance and marriage ❤

I think this lovely picture sums up the beginingg of US.

a pic from our first year together…during our skinnier times…lol


Beauty Dupe!

I love when Pinterest shows these sorts of duplicates.  I love NYX makeup already so it’s great to see that it compares with MAC colors!


4 Gold Knuckle Rings from Etsy

I just bought these over the weekend and I’m so pysched for them to arrive!  I have fat fingers, so I didn’t think Knuckle rings would be flattering~ but I tried some on when I was in SF two weekends ago and well…they actually make my fingers look longer!  Go Figure.

Etsy Store: Galisfly

Lipstick Envy