Louis Vuitton Never Full Bag

For my 30th Birthday, I’ve been shopping for BAGS!!  I really want a timeless purse that will take me into the next few years and beyond =)

Here is one option that I’m lusting overr…The bags come in GM, MM, and PM sizes, I want the medium or large size =)

Snow Bunnies: Surviving the Polar Vortex with Style

Everyday I hear more bad news about the East Coast.  Snow, Storms, Wind and below freezing temps…  As a Californian, I can’t imagine that kind of cold!  Winter in LA is a medium weight jacket that can still be paired with heels and a t-shirt.  Here’s an inspiration board for Stylish Winter Wear even in the coldest of temperatures…






And if you’re REALLY daring~ “Fashion over Function” right?



(all images from Pinterest)

H&M haul

I went into H&M to pick up a Christmas present last week and ended up leaving with presents for myself!  H&M is having an AMAZING sale right now. =)

I scored a gold braided belt for $3, a black crossbody bag for $9.99, and a scarf for $5!!

I love H&M.  I can’t wait to see what their after New Year‘s Sale will be like! =)


The gray scarf has light pink lips on them.  <^^>  oo la laa~~


Sequin Pants

WHERE can I buy these sequin pants??  Love this outfit and all the fun that it brings.  The ruffles in the top with a subtle/sparkly necklace is the perfect touch.

LOVE this option for new years!


New Year’s Eve Outfit Idea #2

Here’s my second option for new years eve.  This doesn’t photograph as pretty as the gold dress, but it’s still such a gorgeous/elegant option!!  I think I’d do the same makeup/hair as the gold dress for this one as with outfit #1.

Accessorized this outfit with…

Pim + Larkin Necklace, BCBG Clutch, DV Black Heels

Dress (click here)~ this is on sale too now!!  Darn it…but at least you guys can get it for less!

Can’t wait for NYE ❤


New Year’s Eve Outfit Idea #1

I just got this in from Piperlime and I’m obsessed with this gold dress!!  Not only is it incredibly comfortable/stretchy, but the gold really pops out!

I’m thinking I could pair this with hot pink lipstick and some romantic hair? =)

Paired the dress with a beaded black necklace (can’t remember where I got it), black BCBG clutch, bebe heels.

Dress (click here).  It’s on sale right now!!  I totally bought it before then (boo) but at least you can get it for a discount now!




Favorite Online Shopping Sites

Who DOESN’T love online browsing for clothes, accessories, shoes, purses…household goods??

1. Amazon


I have Amazon prime and probably buy something from this site no less than 1x per week.  This site is seriously the most incredible .com site EVER.  You can buy groceries, books, household goods, craft supplies, clothes, shoes, makeup…EVERYTHING.  I swear someday they’ll sell lumbar and delivery it within 2 days.  If I could only shop on one site for the rest of my life, Amazon would be it.  As an Amazon Prime member, I get free 2-day shipping and it’s just SO EASY to get stuff in a flash.  Shopping in LA is so hard with traffic/parking that I rely heavily on prime shipping.  My coworkers say that as Mom’s, they buy all their baby stuff through Amazon so that they don’t have to go to a store with a screaming baby (just the hassle of traveling with the baby is avoided).  AND returns are really easy!

2. Piperlime


My go-to site for all clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, etc.  I even go here for GIFTS!  It’s just so easy to order from there because I completely TRUST the brand, the items sold on the site AND you can return it for free.  I have a banana republic luxe card and I get free shipping on all the orders as well.  Shopping with Piperlime/Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy/Athletica is SO easy.  Plus, shipping is FAST.



Asos is a site that I go to for everything I can’t find on #1 and #2.  Shipping and Returns are fast and free.  There are THOUSANDS of products on this site and everything is incredibly trendy and fair priced.  I don’t trust everything on this site the way I trust Piperlime, but I’m never afraid to order since I can easily return what I don’t like.

If you’re not used to shopping online or are afraid of it~ start with these three sites!  They really make the buying/returning experience easy and each company comes with really superb customer service if you need help. =)

xoxoxo  Happy Holiday Shopping!


Chloe: ‘Marcie – Small’ Leather Satchel

I have major bag envy right now…I really want this!!  In a millions years, I probably couldn’t afford the hefty $1895 price tag though…

LOVE the shape, the color, the pockets inside and the crossbody strap it comes with.

A girl can dream right?

Chloé 'Marcie - Small' Leather Satchel

Chloé 'Marcie - Small' Leather Satchel

Weekend Recall and Photodump

This was the absolute perfect weekend.  After weeks of running around like crazy people, Markel and I finally had 1 weekend of almost nothing. =)

Friday, I met up with a friend who was proposing the next day! (eek!!)  We went over some last minute details at Susina Bakery in Beverly Hills.  BEST latte I’ve ever had and the most amazing white chocolate cake!


After our little pow wow, I picked up Mulberry Pizza for dinner with Markel.  A romantic dinner for two ❤  We’ve been craving New York Style Pizza all week and it we FINALLY filled that craving.  Mulberry has 5 locations in southern California and…boy…it is FANTASTIC.



We spent the night hanging out, talking, drinking, watching a movie and spending much needed 1:1 time together.  For the first time in a long time, it felt like we were 23 again having a super fun night together.  Usually we’re so exhausted that we go straight to bed or watch a few shows in silence~ destressing from our week.

I guess Mulberry Pizza + wine + netflix is exactly what the doctor ordered =)

Saturday morning we helped stage the sweetest and most romantic proposal in Venice.


After the proposal, we walked along the canals and went to Canali cafe on Washington Blvd.  We all celebrated together in one big group and just got to really love the newly engaged couple. ❤  Canali was aiite, but only because I hated our 1 waiter.  The chai latte was amazing and I loved Markel’s meatball sandwich and my tofu sandwich.


My adorable hubby. xoxo as we waited for our food. ❤


We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for our Halloween party. ❤  We had lots of fun eating, drinking and carving pumpkins!

We made the most delicious Hallo-Tini’s =)  They tasted like orange creamsicles and you couldn’t even taste the alcohol!  SOOOOOOOO deliiiiic xoxo

Our dear friend also made homemade whoopie pies that were TO DIE FOR.

ANDDDD for the grand dessert finale, another friend brought Big Man Bakes Cupcakes!!

(I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures of the real food…oops!  lol)


 Party decorations! =)  This is the first time I’ve ever used the spider web decorations and it was  the perfect touch!  I’m definitely buying them again next year.  ❤



Pumpkin Carving! =)




My pumpkin has a perm.  LOL


What I would look like at my mom’s age!  hahaha  Biggest Korean Perm for the girl that LOVES volume in her hair.  LOL



Sunday has been the best day to unwind from the weekend and just relax.  We woke up this morning and named it Markel’s day.  We did only relaxing things. =)  He’s been working so hard the past few weeks…MONTHS really… that today was all about him!

My au natural makeup look for today~


Today was the day that our good friends moved into our building!!  We are SO EXCIIIIITED!! xoxo  Can’t wait for the fun to commence! ❤


Markel and I grabbed brunch at Doughland a block away (we’re trying to walk more and explore our ‘hood).  This restaurant was a great surprise.  The food was SUPER good, the service was impeccable and the hefe beer was aaamaaazingggg.  Markel and I have totally decided that this was our new “spot” for weekend brunches, dinners, and weekday happy hours! =)


Coming home from brunch =)  our last pic of the day.  xo


We spent the rest of the day/night watching football (Markel) and Sons of Anarchy (me).   There are so many TV series’ that I’ve been dying to watch lately!!

Weekend Recap and Photodump

This past weekend was really chill.  Markel was gone in San Diego for 3 days, so I had some nice quiet time since Thursday.  I had Friday off, so I spent the day sleeping/relaxing (I was under the weather) and then Saturday was the first time I left the apartment. =)

Here are my thursday/Friday/Saturday Morning pics…

Pumpkin Crossaints from Trader Joe’s!


Made a ton of Korean comfort food since i was sick.


Decorated the apartment with these little pumpkins ❤


Dyed my hair–didn’t turn out great





Saturday I went to two events: Housewarming + Birthday Dinner.  Both were so much funnnnnn

Here is handsome Ethan below <3  He‘s the first baby to be born in my group of friends and well…we spent 3 hours obsessing over every blink, smile, bite of food, and diaper change.  He was SUCH a great baby~~ so happy and calm.  I hope my first is as good as he is!


The ladies of the night ❤  Didn’t take pictures of the boys, they were too busy watching football.


Saturday Evening Part II!  Birthday Party in South Pasadena at an amazing Thai restaurant called Saladong Song.  DELIIIC.  The outside seating area is super low key and romantic.  I love this place!


Green Curry


Seafood Pad thai


The ladies ❤  The boys were too shy to be on camera.


Sunday was a huge day.  Sunday was Markel’s grandmother’s memorial service.  Grandma Cordaro LOVED chocolate.  So in her honor, there was a big chocolate bar!  YUMMMMM


The lunch spread for 50+ guests


The Blair, Cordaro, Reynolds, Hussey and Rafter family =)


Isn’t this doggie SO ADORABLE??


The day of the memorial service was our 6 month anniversary.  Since we didn’t get to celebrate, or just take a moment to remember it~ we did so on Monday. =)


This week was so busy that I didn’t get a chance to update until now.  And now…it’s already the weekend!  I seriously hope to sleep in and just do a lot of resting with Markel. ❤

Flat Clutch Supreme by Clare Vivier

I REALLY REALLY want this clutch!  I first laid eyes on it in SF while shopping near Hait Street.  Apparently Clare got her start in SF, so the store had a special display case for her items.

Piperlime is selling this baby for $195.  *sigh *  A bit too much for me, but someday I hope it’ll go on sale!

Here’s the piperlime listing: click here




Purses, Purses, Purses

I have purses on the brain!!  I want a big one for my 30th birthday but I’m not sure what I want the next one to be… Here are some I’m lusting after…



Pinterest Outfit Ideas & Inspirations

I love looking at Pinterest to help me decide what new items I want to buy or give me ideas on how I should repurpose some older items in my closet.  Here ares one of my favorite looks that can transition from summer to fall and be my new fall staples.



Current Wishlist from Nordstroms

There are so many pretty things in this world that I want!!  Since I’m trying not to shop until after Hawai’i… here’s a wishlist of things I want (and also distract me from going out and buying it!).

1. A new purse



A. Kate Spade–‘cedar street harmony – medium’ tote

B. Alexander Wang–‘Rockie – Dumbo Black’ Leather Satchel

C. Chloé–‘Marcie’ Top Handle Leather Satchel

D. Saint Laurent–‘Sac de Jour – Small’ Leather Tote

2. Slouchy Sweaters




A.  Vince–Drape Front Cardigan

B.–Vince–Crewneck Cashmere Sweater

C.–autumn cashmere–Stripe Cashmere Sweater

D.–Donna Karan–Collection Drape Neck Cashmere Sweater

E.–Tildon–Bouclé Knit Robe Cardigan

F.  Yigal Azrouël–Textured Stripe Cardigan

3. New Shoes



A.  J. Reneé  ‘Lilliana’ Pump (Online Only)

B. VC Signature–‘Karren’ Boot

C.   DV by Dolce Vita–‘Marv’ Flat

D.  Hunter–‘Original Tall’ Gloss Rain Boot (Women)

4. New Sunnies



A.  Ray-Ban–‘Original Aviator’ 58mm Polarized Sunglasses

B.  Wildfox–‘Classic Fox’ Sunglasses

C. Wildfox–‘Kitten’ 56mm Sunglasses

D. Prada–Oversized Retro Sunglasses

Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Prep, Bridal Party Madness

Yes…this is more than a month late.  Life has been so cray!  Here are pictures from the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner ❤  It’s awesome to post these a little late because it brings back all the wonderful memories of that weekend! xo

Eagles Nest Clubhouse

(note: I would never recommend anyone having their wedding here now that I’ve gone through it.  Read my Yelp Review for more info)








 My Wedding Rehearsal Outfit ❤


Rehearsal Dinner

Picked a delicious Chinese Food restaurant with our own banquet room~ That was really nice ❤




All the unglamourous wedding prep of Thursday Night and Friday Morning…



I’m sorting through my closet and getting ready to sell things on EBAY~ and well…now I’m itching for a new purse!  how weird does that sounds while I’m trying to clean house and get rid of stuff??  Oh wells…here are some bags I love on ASOS. =)



Summer Style Inspiration Ideas from Pinterest

I Love looking at Pinterest for outfit inspirations!  After wearing jeans and closed toed shoes for so long, I’m itching to wear dresses, skirts, and lots of accessories!

Here is a mix of spring/summer outfits (even for a cold night too)

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Forever 21 Wishlist

As the weather warms up, my inner shopping addict comes out!  This year, I’m trying my best not to buy new things for myself, since I want to focus on the apartment.  Here is my wishlist from F21…

Forever 21 Wishlist


COACH ‘Legacy – Haley’ Leather Satchel

Normally, I’m not a huge fan of Coach.  The style has never really matched mine and I’ve just…never loved their prints/style/accessories.  Which is why

I was surprised to see this bag online at Nordstroms.  It looks a lot like the LV Speedy bag doesn’t it?  I like the clean lines of this Legacy Haley satchel.

I want the black one!  Even the dark purple is cute…  Before I make an impulsive purchase, I think I’ll keep this purse in the back of my mind and see if I still want it around the time of my birthday (for *ahem* Markel to buy???)


Amazon Wish-Lists

WHOA…am I the only person on the planet not to know about these?  I recently started hearing about it more and more and found that Amazon Wish-Lists are AWESOME.  Probably because Amazon is going to take over the world someday…. (not kidding).

There were really random things that I’ve always wanted and when people told me how they got theirs (via wishlist) it really inspired me!

Here are some super random items from my wishlist ❤  I definitely went a little shopping crazy.  Amazon feels like I’m online shopping and saving it permanently for later.  Plus, the perk is that Markel can buy me anything off of it without any stress!  kekeke