Summer Dinner Party Ideas~

Since I live in LA, our warm months far exceed our cold ones.  So with the bright sunshine and the warm weather…I can’t help but only want to host parties out on my huge the patio~~

Here are some fun food/decor ideas for my first one this year =)


Pinterest: Fattie Delights

Part III of my Pinterest Chronicles~ (Part I and Part II)

In case you didn’t know, I have a food blog!  It’s called Fattie Delights (also on wordpress)~ Which leads me to my next pinterest board: Fattie Delights!  The best part of this site is that if you click on the picture, it immediately takes you to a cooking website/blog with a recipe of how to make it.  I love to entertain and this access to such a wide variety of ideas has made party planning extraordinary.  I love taking credit for a super adorable and original idea =P

This list is quite extensive so I’ve broken it down by category =D

Hors d’oeuvres

Healthy Meals




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