Mother’s Day 2014

So happy to celebrating this year with TWO mama’s ❤  I’m very blessed and grateful for them.

Happy Happy Birthday Markel!

Today…my baby turns 27.  CRAZY.  I’ve known him for nearly 5 years now and it’s been an incredibly journey. ❤

Can’t wait for the next 50 years that’s to come! xoxo


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Markel and Me are Moving!

I have a feeling that I might be late on updates for the next week or two (or perhaps until after the wedding…*sigh ).  But last weekend Markel and I got our new keys to our FAB pad.  We rented a uhaul and moved all day Sunday (and most of this week).  It’s such a pain to move and I can’t believe how much STUFFFFFFFF we have.  It’s actually kind of sick…

Anyway, here are some pics from Sunday.  We aren’t nearly done doing much of anything: decorating, painting, buying furniture, tossing junk we brought over…etc.  But for now, all the boxes have been moved in and it’s just a matter of unpacking.  Once the place gets all settled I’ll post some pics!







Found this outfit on Pinterest, and I seriously want these leopard pants.  Yes, they are loud.  Yes, some may say they’re obnoxious…But will I totally rock them?  HELL YES. =P