Sneak Peak: Bachelorette

This weekend was filled with lots of mixed emotions…We had two deaths in the family and I celebrated my Bachelorette.  Luckily I was able to spend the weekend with the best ladies who I love and who were incredibly supportive.  xoxo  Here’s a small sneak peak of our weekend.


My Bachelorette is Here!!!

Holy Crap…I can’t believe this weekend is here!  I plan on sipping champagne like a lady; throwing back shots like I did in college; and partying like a total ROCK STAR!!!



Nautical Theme Bachelorette Party in Vegas!

This weekend I’m excited to say…I’m in VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!  This is a much awaited bachelorette that I can’t wait to celebrate my esjo’s last days as a single ladyyyy<3

 And the theme for the weekend???  NAUTICAL of course! =)

 For the Hotel…some decorations =)

For the pool we ordered a bunch of these Captain Hats for the lovely 13 ladies~~

And for our night outfits??  Anything Nautical ❤  Whether it be a sailor suit or nautical-like.  Here are some adorable pin-up and sexy sailor outfits that I found some inspiration for when choosing my outfit.  xoxo

High Seas Honey Sailor Costume