Sneak Peak: Bachelorette

This weekend was filled with lots of mixed emotions…We had two deaths in the family and I celebrated my Bachelorette.  Luckily I was able to spend the weekend with the best ladies who I love and who were incredibly supportive.  xoxo  Here’s a small sneak peak of our weekend.


My Bachelorette <3

This weekend was both naughty and nice. =P  I won’t go into a normal weekend recaps, but just post a few of the nice photos =)

If you can’t tell already…I love Hello Kitty and my lady loves made the entire weekend a Hello Kitty Affair!! xoxoxo  Thank you to all the girls who made it out!  It wouldn’t have been the same without you ❤ xoxo










My Bachelorette is Here!!!

Holy Crap…I can’t believe this weekend is here!  I plan on sipping champagne like a lady; throwing back shots like I did in college; and partying like a total ROCK STAR!!!



Vegas Envy and Withdrawals

Over the holidays, everyone and their moms took a trip to Vegas.  Whether it was to gamble, dance, drink, or see a show…they tweeted, instagramed and facebooked.  I was so jelly!!  Luckily for me, I have 2 vegas trips coming up in March and April (one for my friend’s Bach and one for meeeee).  Here are some fun memories and pictures from my last vegas extraveganzaaaa~~ (original post here)

Can’t wait to go back!!

We’re Famous!


Nautical Theme Bachelorette Party in Vegas!

This weekend I’m excited to say…I’m in VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!  This is a much awaited bachelorette that I can’t wait to celebrate my esjo’s last days as a single ladyyyy<3

 And the theme for the weekend???  NAUTICAL of course! =)

 For the Hotel…some decorations =)

For the pool we ordered a bunch of these Captain Hats for the lovely 13 ladies~~

And for our night outfits??  Anything Nautical ❤  Whether it be a sailor suit or nautical-like.  Here are some adorable pin-up and sexy sailor outfits that I found some inspiration for when choosing my outfit.  xoxo

High Seas Honey Sailor Costume

New Etsy Veil Preview for EsQuisite Designs

Last night after I finished filling a few veil orders, I decided to try out some new styles.  (old post about it here).  In the coming weeks I’ll be getting a few models to try them on and then they’ll be ready to post!!  Can’t wait to get these up shortly =)

EsQuisite Designs


EsQuisite Designs on Etsy

I started the EsQuisite Designs etsy shop about a year ago (my second shop) and it’s been quite a difference!  The items are larger and easier to make and I like that I get to do some of them with Markel.

These wine cork projects below have been our pet project/collaboration in recent months and it’s really been a blast!    We have been working together to collect the corks, create the letters, and make a gorgeous layout.    Markel is really the mastermind behind these and I’m nothing but a “gluer”.  lol   We’ve been getting feedback on the items that customers have received and it’s seriously been such a high!  They’ve loved the letters and the designs and have used it for their weddings and homes.

All the rad comments/notes have been so amazing!  I swear it brings us closer together as a couple and makes me excited to think that we have a lifetime ahead of collaboration~ if these little things can be so rewarding, can you imagine what bigger things are in store?

And a plus side???  I get to drink all the wine I want without judgement.  LOL  I mean…It’s a business expense right?  haha

Happy Monday Ya’ll!  If you have any thoughts about the letters, I’d love to hear from you!

 Other items that I make on my own…

New Arrivals at

I absolutely LOVE  Why?  They are similar to forever21, but the looks are a lot more unique and the prices are AMAZING.  All of the items below are listed between $30-$41, except for the gold shorts that are $55.  For super trendy looks, that’s an AMAZING deal.  You may want to invest in staple wardrobe items, but for the few trendy items that you want to add to your wardrobe each season…Lulus is definitely the way to go.   Lately I’ve had a lot of bridal showers, Bachelorettes, and weddings to go to~ and rather than buying a ton of pricey dresses~ it’s been much easier to buy 3-4 cute ones from Lulus and not spend more than $150.  What a great steal!