MAC nailpolish

I got this nail color as a gift a few birthdays ago and I still love wearing it.  It’s a dark khaki color with a gold sheen to it.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the color and it compliments so many outfits and accessories!

Color: Frost-Earthly Harmony


New Year’s Eve Outfit Idea #2

Here’s my second option for new years eve.  This doesn’t photograph as pretty as the gold dress, but it’s still such a gorgeous/elegant option!!  I think I’d do the same makeup/hair as the gold dress for this one as with outfit #1.

Accessorized this outfit with…

Pim + Larkin Necklace, BCBG Clutch, DV Black Heels

Dress (click here)~ this is on sale too now!!  Darn it…but at least you guys can get it for less!

Can’t wait for NYE ❤


Walmart Haul


Picked these up recently and they are all re-fills EXCEPT for the salon perfect lashes and lipstick.  The eyeliners & mascara & powder are my makeup bag staples.  LOVE the products, the colors and the way it wears all day.

The lashes have purple and black lashes that were made to compliment brown eyes (my eye color).  So I’m excited to try it out for new years!  It also comes with a purple eye liner so let’s see if it brings out the brown~ =)

Color Whisperer lipstick is my faaaaave right now.  These lipsticks go on as smooth as lip butters (which i love).  These don’t last very long so you have to keep reapplying throughout the day, but I love the color, amount of pigment it leaves, and the feel of them on my lips!

Makeup Haul Details:

Master Drama Eyeliner
425 coral commander
415 bold brown

The rocket mascara, volum’ express from maybelline
411 very black

True match super-blendable compact makeup from L’Oreal in W3

Salon perfect color enhance lashes

Color whisperer #30 in pin up peach


Dead weight


Got my hair diiiid yesterday.  I’m still in total shock…but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.  I chopped off about 8 inches.  As soon as the stylist make the first cut, I wanted to take it all back and run away.  *sigh *

I haven’t had short hair since…high school?  I can’t even REMEMBER!!  Luckily my hair grows pretty fast so I’m hoping it’ll be the length I want by Spring.

One really great part of this haircut is that ALL my bad/dead/damaged hair is gone.  My hair feels thicker, healthier and just…brand new.  I’m really grateful for that…now I just need to learn to stop coloring my hair!

Vegas Makeup

Vegas Makeup is my favorite Kind!  I get to do some fun, funky and trendy tricks and just have FUN.  During my normal life I keep to a normal makeup routine without much variation.  Here’s a bad picture below.  The lighting came out super yellow and you don’t get to see some of the more fun colors I picked.  *sigh *  I need to learn to bring my camera more often.  *shaking head *  So try to ignore the bad yellow lighting. =(

Anyway~~ I did some shading, highlighting…and used a VERY heavy hand =P  I also curled my hair, which is a TOTAL rarity these days!


Here’s my fake eyelash trick below!  I always wear TWO strips (different kinds) on each eye. It makes my lashes look fuller and my very small eyes bigger.

One set:



Two Sets:

(can you see the difference??)


I LOVE fake eyelashes and buy them in bulk in Koreatown.  I rarely have a reason to wear them now…but it’s a big treat when I do get to put em on. ❤


Going Out Makeup

I’m sure you can tell from this picture below but…I’ve got a LOT of makeup on.  =P  This is my “going out” routine~~ a heavier hand with everything from my day look (post here) and a nice bright lipstick to top off the look.  In this picture below, it’s a rare day that I curled my hair and attempted to style it.  Lately it doesn’t want to listen to me…>.<  This is also the hair that I dyed light brown & platinum blonde…but was stubborn enough to stay black/brown.  *shaking fist *

Markel and I went to his friend’s birthday dinner last Saturday and here’s the makeup from the night.  In my younger 20s, I used to wear fake eye lashes to EVERYTHING…but I’ve been getting lazy.  Perhaps my next big night I’ll do my signature double lashes look. =P


xoxo, Esther

My Work Makeup Routine


I am fairly obsessed with makeup.  I’ve gone through eye shadow phases, lipstick phases and blush phases.  Now in my late 20s, I’ve finally figured out a makeup regime that works for me.  After watching a million youtube videos and seeing hundreds of girls applying makeup~ I find that no matter what~ I still have my own preferences and style.  One that probably doesn’t work for other girls, but what works for my face, my eye shape, and my comforts.

I have a round face, so I prefer to use a heavier hand with bronzer, blush, highlighter.  It helps me to shape my face to a round oval and give myself a jawline.  Additionally, my monolids have a more slanted almond shape, so I am really particular about my eye makeup & eyebrow shape.  Most girls use wingtip or accentuate the almond shape (like when I get my makeup done), but I try to make it a more rainbow shape.  lol  Does that make any sense?

SOMEDAY…I’ll get to a makeup tutorial about how I prefer to do my own makeup…but for now… here are the products I’m using right now:

Foundation: I am between shades right now, so I mix Revlon Photoready in 004 Nude and 005 Natural Beige

Powder: True Match Powder, W4, Natural Beige

Blush: NARS, Orgasm

Bronzer: Wet N’ Wild Coloricon, 739, Ticket to Brazil

Highlighter: Milani Powder, 02, Light Medium

Eyebrows: Croquise stick in Dark Brown

Lipgloss: Smashbox in Radiant

Mascara: Maybelline Rocket Volum Express in Blackest Black

Eye Shadows: 1. Milani, 15, Golden Touch

2. Bobbi Brown Velvet Plum Eye Palete, color Espresso

Eyeliner:  Maybelline Master Drama in Black


Fall Lipstick

I finally got the chance to try out this fall’s new lipstick trend: dark red/wine lips.

THE BEST PART of this entire trial?  I found the colors in my own lipstick collection!  I had bought a few darker colors a year or two ago and found that it didn’t really compliment my skin the same way bright colors did (bright pinks/reds).  But with the help of this trend coming back, I gave it another try. =)


NARS: Damaged (matte color)

Fresh: Sugar Plum (added on top for some shine and moisture)



The light wasn’t on my side, so these pics are a bit dark.


What do you think?  Love it or Hate it?

Pinterest Outfit Ideas

Who doesn’t love to browse Pinterest for ideas on clothes, makeup, home decor, parties…etc!  Here are some of my favorite outfit ideas that have been in my feed lately. ❤


Target Haul

Picked up some oldies and some new items from Target.


Revlon Photofinish foundation in 004 Nude (my new fave)

Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Shade

New Products to Try:

Cover Girl chubby stick in 002.  A Sheer pink that I like for summer.  I wish it had a little more pigment, but then again…it wouldn’t be sheer right?

2 new Revlon nail colors: Dark Pink and White

Foundation brush for my mama who just got into using foundation.  She normally uses a foundation stick and her fingers.  But after getting her makeup done at the wedding, she’s a new believer in using a foundation brush!  It really helps create a flawless finish (I think).



Ombre Hair

Now that the wedding is over, I’m actually ready to go back to Ombre hair!!  Especially with the summer around the corner…it would be a fun way to begin the season! =)


DIY Smashbox Primer…do you do it?

This is pretty gross, but interesting… would you do it?

“NO WAY – Monistat anti-chafing gel ($6) has the same active ingredients as Smashbox’s Primer ($36) – it actually does a BETTER job keeping my makeup on.”

From My Vanity Basics:

The things we do for beauty.. lol

Today, I have something a little bit different… I’m part of a few different Facebook groups and in one of them the topic of face primers came up. I’ve only tried two different ones, Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer. Smashbox is my favorite.

Imagine my surprise when someone compared Smashbox’s Primer to Monistat Chafing Gel… Yes, you read that right! I did some investigating and found that they are actually really similar and lots of people actually do use the Monistat in place of the Smashbox Primer.

Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel’s active ingredient is Dimethicone 1.2%, which is listed as a skin protectant. Dimethicone is also found in the Smashbox primer, along with other ingredients. Dimethicone is a silicon based polymer often found in all sorts of cosmetics and hair products. In makeup and face products, it is usually used as a temporary filler for fine lines and wrinkles. It doesn’t help fix them long term just helps temporarily fill them in, until washed off.

As far as primers in general, they help smooth the surface of the skin including fine lines, wrinkles and pores, allowing makeup to apply more evenly and leave a smoother finish. Primers also help your makeup last longer. So I guess with that said, it makes sense that the Monistat would work as a primer.

After reading all this information, I just had to give it a try.

Monistat Intimate Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel
It is in a tube like this once you take it out of the box.
Monistat Chafing Gel retails any where between $5 and $9 for a 1.5oz tube. I got mine at Walmart and I can’t remember the exact price but I’m pretty sure it was about $7.
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer can be found at Sephora and is $36 for a 1oz tube.
It is a very drastic price difference. After using the Monistat Chafing Gel, I just don’t get it. It honestly feels like the same product and had the same exact results for me. Like I said before, the ingredients aren’t EXACTLY the same but it honestly did the same thing when it came down to it. Truly makes me feel like you are just paying for the name.
If you have the money to spend, go ahead and get the Smashbox Primer, if not, try the Monistat for way cheaper!
The Monistat Chafing Gel is a clear gel, once you put it on and rub it in, it dries clear and feels almost powdery. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and oh so soft! And it is also fragrance free.
The only main difference I noticed between the two is that if you rub in the Smashbox too much, it begins to flake off.
With both of them, you should let them dry before applying any makeup over them.
Honestly, Smashbox really is my favorite primer but I really can’t see paying that much for a smaller tube when I can get a bigger Monistat tube for way cheaper. And it does the same thing!!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Coachella 2013

I’ve always wanted to go to Coachella and this is what I imagine I’d be wearing ❤  Accessorized with a big floppy hat and retro sunglasses.


Wedding Makeup and Hair (trial…and ideas)

A few weekends ago, I was in a wedding and I tried out one hair-style that I really loved.  I am really considering it for my wedding!

I love how the hair cascades and frames my face, but the rest is up in a formal up-do.  My make-up below is done by myself, but i”ll be getting it professionally done on the day of.  What do you think?  Is it a wedding-do?



Gorgeous Outfits from Pinterest

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I shop the most in the spring/summer months because…well the clothes are cuter!  In the winter I LIVE in my northface jacket and Uggs.  I don’t get creative with accessories or hair and I just try to weather the cold inside with hot soups and movies in bed ❤

But when the weather gets warm, it’s like my inner self wakes up and is ready to try new trends, experiment on combinations, and well…be outside more!  Here are some outfits I’m loving right now.  (from where else but Pinterest!)


MAC Barbie Pink Lipstick

I die.  I need this shade for Spring and Summer 2013!

My Makeup for Engagement Pictures

I wanted to hire a makeup artist for my engagement shoot, but mine was busy helping a wedding out (she’s super fab and always booked).  So…I attempted to do it myself!  Here are some pictures I took of my makeup before I went to get my hair done at Dry Bar in Brentwood, CA.





Last pic of the day, after all the pictures~~ =)  Exhausted, but Happy~~


Got my Hair Done at Dry Bar, here are some pics of that =)  LOVED my stylist (Alex).  He really gave me volume, curls and SUPER soft hair!



Nude Lips

I don’t normally buy nude lipsticks/lip glosses~ but I love Revlon products~ so I’m going to try and pick this set up the next time I’m at Target!

perfect nude lip: Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Soft Nude and Super Lustrous Lip gloss in Peach Petal.

NYX Makeup Haul

A couple of Sunday’s ago, I went to this little Persian store near my place and picked up some fun makeup!  I’m a huge fan of NYX and love the variety of products and colors available to me =)


 Eye Shadow: Navy Blue

Nail Polish: LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink/purple glitter.  So festive, flirty and fun!


Lipsticks: 571A Hot Pink & 643 Femme

Absolutely LOVED these lipsticks.  The pigment was rich, the color wasn’t too glossy or matte, and it stayed it had great staying power on my lips.  I wouldn’t say these lipsticks were super moisturizing~ but that’s probably why it stayed on my lips longer than other lipsticks (like Revlon‘s Lip Butter)



LipGloss: 161 Beautiful

Comes out Clear with a super light pink tint

My Favorite Shampoo Of the Moment: Pantene Pro V Volume

Gives my hair great volume, bounce, and makes it super silky ❤