Birthday Ideas for your boyfriend

Every year I throw a ridiculous birthday party that spans 3 days for Markel.  For the past almost 4 years we’ve been dating, I have planned 3 big bday bashes…

The first year, I planned an extension of what he used to celebrate in College…Friday night we went to Tokyo Delves in North Hollywood.  I invited all of his friends from home and college, as well as some of mine.  The night ended with Michael Blair standing on his chair and dancing most of the night.  LOL  Saturday night, we did a “4th floor formal” where everyone dressed up, ate dinner at Mike’s apartment, pre-drank, and then we walked to a nearby bar (the very bar we met at <3).  Since this was the first year we had dated and I had yet to meet all of his friends, I felt really pressured to wear the perfect outfits and make sure that every details was PERFECT.  I’m sure his friends were really annoyed at how many “FYI” and “Reminder” emails I sent with color coordinated details.  I even sent out “save the dates” which, looking back, is pretty hilarious.  I was also so busy playing hostess that I don’t have a lot of pics…sowy Markel.

Year Two…Many of his friends couldn’t make it to Tokyo Delves and the ones that did were crazy about the place!  So I decided to throw his first night party at the same place.  The group was bigger and Markel had just as much energy as the first year.  I asked everyone to dress up (to kind of keep the “4th floor formal” theme)…This year, I still sent out a save the date, but relaxed about all the emails and plans.  Day 1 was Tokyo Delves and Day 2 was the beach & bonfire where I sent out a potluck list and made enough ribs to feed a small country.

After year two…I decided Beach was too hard.  So many things to prepare and it was hard to rely on other people to bring things.  Year three was an easy “Jersey Party” where everyone wore their favorite jersey’s and we “tailgated” at Mike’s friends’ apartment.  I made bacon wrapped hotdogs, ordered pizza, made a cake of donuts, and had prizes for the winners of the mini beer pong tournament I organized.  Afterward, we walked over to Mom’s Bar in West LA where I had reserved the back room.  The best thing about Mom’s is that the owner is INCREDIBLY nice, the cover is free, parking is free, drinks are $4, the music is awesome, and we got a few rounds of free birthday shots.

 Now…the biggest challenge I have is planning his 26th birthday for 2012!  Some Ideas I have…

1. Bowling Tourney at Lucky Strike

2. Game Night & Drinks at ESPN Zone at LA Live

3. Angels/Dodgers game (nosebleed seats) with a FAT tailgate before the game

4. FAT ktown party.  Rent out a patio and invite 30 guests to come and eat, be obnoxious and drink their night away ❤

What do you guys think?  What do you guys normally do for your boyfriend’s birthdays?


2009 Recap: The Blessings and Good Times

This is a 3-part series that I’ve been thinking about for a while… It’s random, but I thought I’d share =P

My mom does this thing each year where she writes down our ups and downs of every year~ along with a list of all the prayer requests that were answered.  It’s her way of being grateful for the little things, as well as the big things.  She also calls us every year to tell us of all the miracles and achievements we’ve completed that year.

As a child…I hated it.  I thought it was annoying.  But as an adult…I really appreciate the extra care and journaling my mom did for each of us.  She was so in tune with our lives that she was able to look back and help us see the silver lining during the bad times and praise our greatest achievements.

Recently, I was looking through some pictures and I realized that fb is sort of a catalog of memories and milestones in my life.  (sad that fb had to show me that, huh?)  So for the past 3 years (1 entry for each year), here are some fun times and memories I want to share with ya’ll…

2009 was a year of a LOT of firsts and great times.

Markel and I were official ❤

My first time playing Beer Pong, Flip Cup, and “Schlong” (below)

-turns out i’m a cheater…haha

My first pub crawl ever!

-This one is on main street in Venice, CA

A group of my beloved friends from Sac live down in LA now…some of our fun beach memories that summer in OC and SD

The beginning to my ktown love affair with the Bs (except…we weren’t Bs yet)

First time going to the Santa Monica Music on the Pier

My First Adult Trip to Vegas

-my first time at the pools!  *gasp *

I met my old roommate April for the first time! =)  The apartment we lived in was quite the nightmare (crazy landlord and even crazier 3rd roommate), but we really bonded and remain friends!

Theme Parties!  The first one I had gone to…and definitely not the last!  (more to come in 2010 and 2011.  hehe)

My first birthday with Markel.  His 23rd.  We went to Tokyo Delves in North Hollywood and these pictures below are my favorites of the night.  My friend captured us in hilarious moments…which is pretty telling of our fun relationship. =P

The birthday dessert came out.  I wanted to eat it…he wanted to share it.  hehe

so handsome right?  hehe

One of our fun lunches in downtown LA~ gorgeous day, lazy sunday~ at Wurstkuche in Little Tokyo

My first Henna Tattoo!

Our first romantic trip away~ (Laguna Beach, CA)

 Dinner Parties

-I used to throw dinner parties all the time~ makes me realize I need to get back into this one!

Girls Wine Nights

-the source of so much laughter and inside jokes

My first (and last) retro photoshoot in LA

First Time Shot-Gunning a Beer!

 My first (and only) Britney Spears concert!!

First trip to SF with Markel and my First Vineyard Wedding

First Photobooth at a Wedding ❤

My First Dodger/Lakers Games

   First Trip to SD together

First Couples Trip to Disneyland

First time I’ve won a pumpkin carving contest!  (mine’s the mummy mask)

My First Halloween with Markel ❤

My First Trip to Big Bear

NYE 2009!

Wow…Looking back at all these memories…

I am super grateful for all the “firsts” of the year, the friends I was able to share it with, and for all the memories that were recorded!  WOW!