About Me…

I’ve been writing this blog for about 4 years now, and it’s been such a blessing to have as an outlet.  I love updating friends and family about my weekends, loves, dislikes, and obsessions.  In case you didn’t already know…here are a few fun facts about Me =)




artofthinkingsmart.com (part time blogger)

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Little Miss Esther

EsQuisite Designs


Academic Counselor, event planner, etsy shop owner


Eating, Shopping, Watching Reality TV, Reading fashion and Gossip Magazines, Dancing, Tequila, SLEEPING, Wine, Reading, Sewing and Crafting.

Social Media:

Twitter: @fattiedelights

Instagram: @estchang


2 parents & a big bro that live in Hawaii

Markel my fiancee who will soon be my hubby in April ❤


I wish!!  I take care of a stray tabby cat named Winston once in a while…but no furry baby to call my own =T

P.S.–I made this Black Dress Refresh

I saw this in on the PS I made this blog and it was too adorable not to post.  Although I’m not good at re-purposing stuff, this idea looks great and something anyone with a thread and needle could do!





Makeup Tutorial By Hollyannaeree: Butterfly Party

I’ve never thought to do this with eyeliner or shadow~ such a great way to make your eyes pop for spring/summer 2012!

Glam Makeup Tutorial: Jen from Headtotoe

I LOVE this makeup tutorial.  I’m obsessed with watching how other girls do their hair/makeup lately and this was one video that taught me a lot about how to really think outside the box.  I rarely change up my makeup and always stick to the same colors.  The way that Jen explains the makeup and does her step by step tutorial is really easy to do on yourself at home!

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