Baseball Nail Idea

How adorable is this??  Definitely will try this out before the next SF Giants Game!!





West Elm Wishlist

Yesterday I got a West Elm catalog in the mail and for the five minutes that I read through it~ I imagined a dream home of incredible furniture and designs that I don’t have the money or space for…Here’s my top 6 wishlist:

I imagine the decor of my future house to be filled with lots and lots of white, mirrored pieces and pin-tucked furniture ❤

gahh…now…if only west elm would donate it all to me… *sigh *

Sunday Outfit of the day

Today was…HAWT.  Like…the sweat while you’re standing in front of the AC kinda hot.  The heat wave in LA has been really intense and reminds me of the days in Sacramento/Davis when I was growing up.   (ahh…the memories)

Today, I was trying to find something cool to wear and I found this studded tank top!  I had totally forgotten about this shirt and was excited to wear it again~ I got it from Forever21 ages ago and it was the perfect look for today =)



Earrings by Jessica Matrasko (LOVE HER STUFF!)


My fav sunnies of the moment + glam earrings



I know you can’t really tell from these pics, but I’m wearing this new pink blush from NYX that I’m obsessed with.  Bought it right before my brother’s wedding (here).  With this crazy heat wave and just the bright summer~ it’s been my favorite beauty accessory!


Ombre Hair


Day 3 and still loving my new hair! I was really nervous about taking the color risk~ but I’m so glad I did! Also in the pic but hiding…my favorite, blue, pebbles necklace. Something that channels Marge Simpson or Pebbles from the Flinestones 😛

Happy 4th of July 2012!

Wow I cannot believe it’s already JULY!!!  WowzaAaa  Every year I love to make big plans for this day.  I don’t’ know if I could say that I’m super patriotic, but I love any reason to throw a great BBQ, have friends over and make a mean cocktail.  In the spirit of America, red/white/blue, and all things patriotic…I leave you with this collage of sparkles and red/white/blue!

Stripes! Adorable Baby Room Idea

I’m SUPER far from being a mom, but I’m obsessed with Black and White Stripes!!  Here’s one look that I hope to add to my home some day ❤

Shayani Nail Polish and Nail Decals


One of my dear friends left me this fun basket of goodies to try and share with my Bs.  I tried the blue color (#18) and I loved it!  The pigment was rich, it dried quickly, applied very smoothly and the best part?  It doesn’t chip easily!  After 3 days of wear, normally my nail polish is quite haggard and gnarly looking.  But this Shany polish has relaly held up and performed marvelously against washing dishes, work, crafts and … well LIFE!

If you see this brand at a drugstore or department store, please try!  I love the unique colors and the variety of products.

I haven’t used the nail decals (cause i don’t now how) or the eye shadow…but I’m really impressed with it all.  The small Nail Decor bottles are cool too because they have a really thin tipped brush that helps you decorate your nails.  I haven’t used that yet, but I’m sure I’ll be experimenting a lot this summer =)  I’ll show you what I come up with!


Nail Polish Idea of the Day: Cupcakes!

SUCHHH a cute IDEA!!!  Can’t wait to try this out.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Fashion: outfit of the day

Happy Memorial Day Weekend All!!

This pic really makes me want Cat Eye Sunglasses ❤

Nail Polish of the Day :)


on my toesies~ Essie: cocktail bling on my hand~ NYC: High Line Green

Piperlime Haul: Tinley Road Military Jacket


I just got my jacket in the mail tiday and I LOVE it!!  It’s super soft, comfortable and fits like a glove 🙂