Summer Arm Candy Party

Now that the weather is warm, I’m beginning to bust out my arm candy from winter hibernation.  Here are some style inspiration photos from pinterest.

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Coffee Table Decor


I put a few things together on my new mirrored tray for mother’s day.  Markel and I bought this tray in Palm Springs and I’m absolutely obsessed with it.  I’m not positive if these items will be permanently placed on the tray, but I’ve been in a girlie pink mood lately…hence the tray decor 🙂

I’ll keep updating you guys as I change it around.  Perhaps the summer months will inspire me to make it more Retro or Fresh or beachy…we’ll see!

Target Haul: Getting Ready for Halloween!

Every year I host a pumpkin carving party with prizes and this is my first round of purchases =)  Oh goodness…I LOVE Halloween, Love pumpkin flavored everything…and especially love wearing costumes!  teehee~~