Fab Winter Coats

Although it’s 80 degrees in LA today, I still LOVE buying and looking at winter coats online.  Why?  I love the style, the gorgeous lines that some have and well…the idea of cold weather.  LOL  Growing up in Sacramento, coats were an absolute necessity!!  So perhaps that’s why I still love buying, searching for, and pinning winter coats.

Here are two gorgeous ones I found on Pinterest!


These ladies even gave each coat AWESOME style.  Who says you have to be frumpy in the winter?

Camel Leather Jacket Envy



LOVE this jacket!!  Love the color, the neckline and the structure of it.  Found this pic on pinterest…so

Piperlime Haul: Tinley Road Military Jacket


I just got my jacket in the mail tiday and I LOVE it!!  It’s super soft, comfortable and fits like a glove 🙂