Bar Carts

Markel and I are looking for a bar cart right now and we haven’t been able to find anything we love in our price range.  Who knew it would be so hard??

I love gold, so I’d like it to be that color or something else in that color family.

After the wedding, Markel and I went to crate and barrel and bought all the big essentials for it, but after 6 months…haven’t been able to buy the cart itself.  FRUSTRATINGGG.

as my search continues, here are some that i really like. ❤


Art Deco-ish Mirror from Z Gallerie


I’m obssessed with this mirror!  It’s like $400 but I waaaaaant ittttt…

Rustic Day or Night…Wedding Table Decor

Love these tablescapes!!  They’re both so romantic, classic and glamorous.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these looks.  I can’t decide between the two…But i’m sure whichever one I choose~ the reception will be perfect.

I was really stuck on a colored uplight…but after these two pictures…I think low white light would be gorgeous.

What do you think?  Do you like Day or Night?

West Elm Wishlist

Yesterday I got a West Elm catalog in the mail and for the five minutes that I read through it~ I imagined a dream home of incredible furniture and designs that I don’t have the money or space for…Here’s my top 6 wishlist:

I imagine the decor of my future house to be filled with lots and lots of white, mirrored pieces and pin-tucked furniture ❤

gahh…now…if only west elm would donate it all to me… *sigh *

Genuis!! Mr. Tennis Ball DIY household Helper

For Ya’ll that need a pick me up this Friday Afternoon =D  This is SOOOOOO adorbs.  I know it wouldn’t match any household decor…but it would genuinely make me happy to see this everyday and put my keys, mail, WHATEVER I WANT…in Mr. T’s mouth.  teehee.

TGIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!  Rock out the weekend guys, You know I will be!

Summer Nail Polish & Design Ideas

I’ve been really into painting my nails with designs on them lately~ I paint mine about every 3-4 days and I’m excited to try these designs out below! =)

EsQuisite Designs on Etsy

I started the EsQuisite Designs etsy shop about a year ago (my second shop) and it’s been quite a difference!  The items are larger and easier to make and I like that I get to do some of them with Markel.

These wine cork projects below have been our pet project/collaboration in recent months and it’s really been a blast!    We have been working together to collect the corks, create the letters, and make a gorgeous layout.    Markel is really the mastermind behind these and I’m nothing but a “gluer”.  lol   We’ve been getting feedback on the items that customers have received and it’s seriously been such a high!  They’ve loved the letters and the designs and have used it for their weddings and homes.

All the rad comments/notes have been so amazing!  I swear it brings us closer together as a couple and makes me excited to think that we have a lifetime ahead of collaboration~ if these little things can be so rewarding, can you imagine what bigger things are in store?

And a plus side???  I get to drink all the wine I want without judgement.  LOL  I mean…It’s a business expense right?  haha

Happy Monday Ya’ll!  If you have any thoughts about the letters, I’d love to hear from you!

 Other items that I make on my own…

Future Home Wishlist

Lately, I’m really into Black/White home decor, candle sticks, pops of color (cool tones only), Tufted anything,  as well as monogram pieces.  Here are some wish list photos~

Home Decor Pieces from Target 2012

As many of you readers may know, I’m obsessed with home decor lately.  Since I live in a small apartment that doesn’t get much light, I’m always looking for things to brighten up my home and add texture (depth) that will also bring the hodge podge furniture together.  Here are some finds from Target that I would love to add to make my place more homey. ❤

  These are wall items that I can add to bring the eyes up and open up the walls more!  A chandelierQ decal and a huge mirror with a silver frame to match my Ikea candlesticks. =)