Scoops Outing

This was a few weeks back~ but my bff came into town for a visit so we planned a weekend of fun.  Here was one of our outings near my apartment. ❤


20130727_170159  20130727_170220

photobombed by michael in the back ❤20130727_170228


Fifty Shades of MarkelandMe

This is the first day to our Wedding Month!! EEEEK~~  20 days and counting ❤    Therefore, I thought I’d start by opening up with some fun facts about Markel and Me, the people.  I found this post from Taza and thought it would be a cute way to share about Markel and Me =)


1. My middle name is Soohye.  It means “Keeper of Grace” but in Korean can sometimes sound like “Disastrous Flood”    o.O

2. I started this blog just to talk about celebrities,  fashion and fashion deals I find online…but it’s revolutionized into a blog about my life and my fashion loves.

3. I’m originally from Sacramento and “HELLA” LOVE all things Norcal. =P (ESPECIALLY the SF Giants)

4. Korean was my first language.  Although I’m fluent in English, I still mix up my Idioms. (makes for interesting conversation with strangers)

5.  I was born and raised in a Presbyterian family and am still devoted ❤

6. I swam competitively as a child and in High School

7. I played Water Polo in high school (although I probably could never do it again…)

8. I used to be obsessed with whitening my face (a la Asian Beauty Style), but now I embrace being dark and getting sun during the summer.

9. I always wanted to be either a fiction writer or in Fashion…neither happened tho =T  I was never brave enough to take the leap!

10. I graduated UC Davis at age 20.  I was a Women and Gender Studies Major with a Psych Minor and to this day…my family tells everyone I was a Psych major.   O.o

11.  I have some crazy OCD habits.  I HATE HATE HATE hair that falls on the ground/carpet/floor/shirts/etc.  Bugs the crap out of me.  I also love sleeping in newly washed sheets.  I used to wash them 1 or more times a week until my mom sat me down for an intervention about it (and my crazy laundry habits).  I also prefer to wash dishes myself…dun ask me why.  And…I am CRAAAZYYYY about people/things that touch my bed.

12. I have 1 brother who Lives in Hawaii, is the Chairman of the Republican party there, and has a few businesses.  Saying he’s successful~ is the understatement of the Century.

13. My parents live in Hawai’i as well and are enjoying their sun-filled, chillax retirement life.

14. I love all things furry and hope to own a pet someday…I’m just not sure I can take care of one all by myself (*hint hint Markel *)

15. I played beer pong for the first time when I met Markel at age 24! (sad huh?)



16. Markel is the youngest of 3 (Older Bro and Sis) and has 3 nephews and 1 niece

17. He was incredible at Cross Country and got scholarships for College (but declined)

18. Markel went to Harvard and majored in Government & minored in Econ (His greatest and craziest stories are all from College =P)

19. He can’t sit Indian Style or bend his knees more than 45 degrees b/c he stopped breathing as an infant and has nerve damage as a result

20. He is a beer pong champion amongst his friends and refuses to partner with me =(  (I’m currently working on my hand-eye-cup coordination)

21. Markel gets mistaken for every ethnicity in the book.  It’s always a mystery~ But he is…Welsh, Sicilian, Spanish, Mexican and French =)

22. His original surname should have been Salazar (but was changed in the early 1900s)

23. Markel is the most polite person in the world.  He teaches me etiquette rules everyday…and everyday, I forget them.  (oops)

24. Markel likes EVERYTHING sports related.  He could listen to sports radio and watch ESPN for the rest of his life.

25. His favorite animal in the whole world are sea turtles and any other kind of turtle species

26. He only started cooking after we met ❤ And…Markel is seriously the best cook in the entire world

27. Markel leaves on every light in the house on, every cupboard and drawer a little open, and all clothes/towels on the ground.  I always tell him he’d be the worst spy/thief.

28. He could live at the beach and be the happiest person alive.  (I personally hate sand and getting dirty/sweaty…so that proves to be difficult for us.)

29.  He is dyslexic, but overcame it by concentrating that much harder.  That’s why today, if he reads something once, he’ll remember it forever.  Pretty cool talent since he can remember things he learned in elementary school/high school/college…things that I completely forgot about.  (i.e. he can still list all the state capitols of all the states in alpha order0

30. Markel’s real name is Michael =)


31. We met at a local bar called Busby’s and it has been ourspecial place every since.  He even surprised me with an engagement party there! =P

32.  When we met, Markel ran 2x a day and was really active.  I worked out 3x per week and ate really healthy.  Together?  We’ve become sloths who love good food.  Awesome for the soul, but not the waist line.

33. I get really intense good cravings that are super specific.  At first Markel was really weirded out, but now he indulges me in those cravings =)  (Although…he draws the line at midnight french fry runs.  >.<)

34. We are polar opposites in every respect and lead completely different lives.  HOWEVER, our morals/faith/foundations are all the same and it really works.  It’s interesting that we were able to mesh our lives together (habits/likes/dislikes/interests/etc) without a problem since our core beliefs/ideologies were the same.

35. He is Lactose Intolerant, but int he beginning when we dated~ he ate tons of cheese/ice cream because that was her food obsession.

36. He still remembers her outfit on their first date ❤  She still keeps the dress she wore when they first met ❤

37. Our first movie together was “Enchanted“, MY favorite movie ever.  He still can’t believe he sat through it…and many more romantic films in the years since.  hehe

38. Markel is ALWAYS right, but I hate to admit it~ so I always say “let’s agree to disagree” and stomp away like I was right.  HAHAHA

39.  My favorite activity is eating breakfast in bed together and watching TV/Movie.  It’s rare we ever get to do it, so I always cherish those little moments.

40. Markel and I started an etsy shop together and it’s been INCREDIBLY fun.  We use the extra money for date nights, vacations, and little treats for ourselves.  It’s also been a huge blessing to work together and see our strengths/weaknesses and how we jive as “business/crafting” partners.  So far it’s been a blast and I can’t imagine we’d stop anytime soon ❤

And…the final 10

41. I’m getting married to my Best Friend ❤

42. We talk about baby names and pet names all the time.  I want to name them after fictional book characters, He wants them to have cool/powerful names.  We’ll see how that goes…

43. Markel indulges me in my weirdness and lets me be myself without judgement or criticism.  He helps me reach my goals, supports me in every way, and let’s me be ME.  I hope that I can do the same for him as we grow as a couple, as parents, and as a family in the future.

44.  Markel proposed to me in Korean and it was the most romantic thing in the entire world.  Later, I found a piece of crumbled paper with the words phonetically written.  What a champ ❤

45. Whenever we have bad days, the other person always prepares a treat so that right when you walk in~ there’s a fun surprise.  He always pours me a glass of wine or mixes me a cocktail.  I usually have a comfort food dinner, ice cold soda, or dessert ready for him.

46. We hope to travel to Asia, Europe and South America…hopefully sooner rather than later…since I’m itching to start a family!

47. We did a 100 filled questionnaire about marriage counseling and we passed =)  felt really good to talk about “what ifs” and hear each others answers.  Many of the questions had obvious answers, but it was still nice to talk about it and at least put it all out there.

48. During our registry shopping at bed bath and beyond, we had a lot of fun and found that we have a lot of similar decorating styles~ and will definitely have loads of fun decorating our new place ❤

49.  Markel and I are family minded, which has been really easy when it comes to incorporating our siblings/parents/extended families into our wedding and our lives.  It’s exciting to know that we’ll always put family first in every situation as we head into the future.  I want a HUGE BRAVERMAN (Parenthood), -like family =)

50.  And finally, after MUCH debate about whether or not I should change my name…I am finally going to be a B L A I R. ❤   I was worried about losing my identity and my family ties…but the point of marriage and being one unit is to create a new family identity together right?

…and that’s all folks! =)

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Rustic Day or Night…Wedding Table Decor

Love these tablescapes!!  They’re both so romantic, classic and glamorous.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these looks.  I can’t decide between the two…But i’m sure whichever one I choose~ the reception will be perfect.

I was really stuck on a colored uplight…but after these two pictures…I think low white light would be gorgeous.

What do you think?  Do you like Day or Night?

EsQuisite Designs on Etsy

I started the EsQuisite Designs etsy shop about a year ago (my second shop) and it’s been quite a difference!  The items are larger and easier to make and I like that I get to do some of them with Markel.

These wine cork projects below have been our pet project/collaboration in recent months and it’s really been a blast!    We have been working together to collect the corks, create the letters, and make a gorgeous layout.    Markel is really the mastermind behind these and I’m nothing but a “gluer”.  lol   We’ve been getting feedback on the items that customers have received and it’s seriously been such a high!  They’ve loved the letters and the designs and have used it for their weddings and homes.

All the rad comments/notes have been so amazing!  I swear it brings us closer together as a couple and makes me excited to think that we have a lifetime ahead of collaboration~ if these little things can be so rewarding, can you imagine what bigger things are in store?

And a plus side???  I get to drink all the wine I want without judgement.  LOL  I mean…It’s a business expense right?  haha

Happy Monday Ya’ll!  If you have any thoughts about the letters, I’d love to hear from you!

 Other items that I make on my own…