Weekend Recap and Photodump

Alas…I’m super late on my weekend updates (again).  Here’s a recap from nov 16-18. =)

This weekend was incredibly relaxing.  I spent Friday night and all day Saturday hanging out alone and catching up on R&R.

An interesting tip from Cosmo (oct ’12 issue).  For ever alcoholic drink, drink 2 glasses of water after so you don’t get a wicked hangover.


uh oh…did not follow that rule this weekend…


LOVE waking up to a cup of joe with this YUMMY peppermint white chocolate creamer ❤


Ridiculous piles of laundry on Saturday.  Here’s 1 of 3 loads~



Nursery again in the Morning~ How cute are the toys/colors?


The beautiful view from the top floor of the JACC building in Little Tokyo.



Sunday night, we had a big small group Thanksgiving Potluck.  SO MUCH good food and friends ❤  It was the start to a short week and a fun weekend of family/friend time!







Monday, a Jamba juice breakfast to perk up my day!



Labor Day Weekend Recap and Photodump

 This ended up being quite the busy weekend!


My entire department did a “Staff Development” day at Chef’s Inc. in West LA and it was so much fun!  The food was phenomenal and well…I can’t wait to try the recipes at home. ❤

 The HAG Group =)

Then at night…we celebrated Hansie’s last night in LA!




Lazy day of brunch, dessert, costco and hanging out with my two besties before Hansela flew home.

For dinner?  Double date with my bestie and her man.  Super adorable night at Sushi Stop on Sawtelle and Boba ❤


Quite the adventure!  Nursery in the morning with Markel (since we were short handed), made Sangria for a wedding, and then went to one of the most amazing and personalized weddings everrrr~~


DAY OF REST!!  Markel and I finished Season 2 of Boardwalk Empire and ordered in Chinese =)

All in all…it was a sweet weekend!!  And the best part of the work week?  It’s a short week!  Friday is JUST around the corner~~

Weekend Recap and Photodump

This past weekend was a rare one for me.  I had ABSOLUTELY no plans!!

Saturday Morning, Markel and I rode our bikes to Santa Monica and Venice beach.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  I haven’t done anything like this ever, so it was refreshing to do something new and spend the entire day sunbathing, eating, and relaxing on the beach =)








For Dinner we were exhausted and in the mood for something sinfully delicious~



 Sunday was another great lazy day~~  Church, downtown LA for etsy supplies, 5 loads of laundry and a Boardwalk Empire Marathon before season 3 begins!

Lunch in ktown

Downtown LA

My greatest LA find! xoxo


 Juicing this week~ 2 meals a day

I’ve been craving Lentil Soup for a while now~ and Markel made some for dinner last night =)  YUMMAYYY

Boardwalk Empire~ SUCH an amazing show!


and now…it’s the work week.  =/

Birthday Ideas for your boyfriend

Every year I throw a ridiculous birthday party that spans 3 days for Markel.  For the past almost 4 years we’ve been dating, I have planned 3 big bday bashes…

The first year, I planned an extension of what he used to celebrate in College…Friday night we went to Tokyo Delves in North Hollywood.  I invited all of his friends from home and college, as well as some of mine.  The night ended with Michael Blair standing on his chair and dancing most of the night.  LOL  Saturday night, we did a “4th floor formal” where everyone dressed up, ate dinner at Mike’s apartment, pre-drank, and then we walked to a nearby bar (the very bar we met at <3).  Since this was the first year we had dated and I had yet to meet all of his friends, I felt really pressured to wear the perfect outfits and make sure that every details was PERFECT.  I’m sure his friends were really annoyed at how many “FYI” and “Reminder” emails I sent with color coordinated details.  I even sent out “save the dates” which, looking back, is pretty hilarious.  I was also so busy playing hostess that I don’t have a lot of pics…sowy Markel.


Year Two…Many of his friends couldn’t make it to Tokyo Delves and the ones that did were crazy about the place!  So I decided to throw his first night party at the same place.  The group was bigger and Markel had just as much energy as the first year.  I asked everyone to dress up (to kind of keep the “4th floor formal” theme)…This year, I still sent out a save the date, but relaxed about all the emails and plans.  Day 1 was Tokyo Delves and Day 2 was the beach & bonfire where I sent out a potluck list and made enough ribs to feed a small country.






After year two…I decided Beach was too hard.  So many things to prepare and it was hard to rely on other people to bring things.  Year three was an easy “Jersey Party” where everyone wore their favorite jersey’s and we “tailgated” at Mike’s friends’ apartment.  I made bacon wrapped hotdogs, ordered pizza, made a cake of donuts, and had prizes for the winners of the mini beer pong tournament I organized.  Afterward, we walked over to Mom’s Bar in West LA where I had reserved the back room.  The best thing about Mom’s is that the owner is INCREDIBLY nice, the cover is free, parking is free, drinks are $4, the music is awesome, and we got a few rounds of free birthday shots.






 Now…the biggest challenge I have is planning his 26th birthday for 2012!  Some Ideas I have…

1. Bowling Tourney at Lucky Strike

2. Game Night & Drinks at ESPN Zone at LA Live

3. Angels/Dodgers game (nosebleed seats) with a FAT tailgate before the game

4. FAT ktown party.  Rent out a patio and invite 30 guests to come and eat, be obnoxious and drink their night away ❤

What do you guys think?  What do you guys normally do for your boyfriend’s birthdays?