Weekend Recap and Photodump

This weekend was a nice and long one.  It started off a little sad (I was sick) but by the start of Saturday I was feeling normal again.

Thursday night I had a few friends over for some girl time.  xoxo  It was nice to hang out and catch up~~ Markel went over to our neighbor’s home (and good friends) were the boys watched the Laker game and the girls chatted over pizza, cupcakes, wine and nails.


Friday I was home sick eating soups/Ramen and watching Sons of Anarchy all day.  I’m going through Season 4 right now and totally loving it.  I heard seasons 5 & 6 aren’t awesome…so I really hope I’m not disappointed after investing so much!  But the more I watch…the more I love Charlie Hunnam.



Saturday and Sunday were awesome.  Markel and I spent the day running errands, and just spending time together.  We RARELY get weekends to ourselves to hang out and try new things.

Saturday we went to downtown LA looking for a suit, but we didn’t feel comfortable buying anything from the stores we went into.  The material was obviously cheaper, the deal was $100 for a suit, shirt & tie…but there was a WEIRD feeling that went with it~ so Markel and I ended up leaving.  We also shopped in Ktown for groceries b/c we were hosting Markel’s bro, sis-in-law, friend for dinner.  We seriously cooked up a huge feast of Korean food and I was so proud of the new things I’m learning to make!




I made pumpkin milkshakes on Saturday.  SOO YUMMYYYY


The FEAST =)




Sunday Markel and I ran all over town getting him a new suit from Zara, shoes from Nordstroms and packing for his big trip this weekend.  This is Markel’s first business trip and I couldn’t be more proud of him.  He works SOOO HARD at his job~ like 60-70 hour weeks~ and it’s all paying off!  He’s been getting more responsibilites/projects at work and these business trips are the start to his budding career. =)  I love him so much and it’s so much fun to grow together in our careers and as a couple.  We met in our early 20s and it’s been a fun ride as we mature, get settled in our careers, and make big decisions for our future. ❤

A toast to ourselves and our lives =P


Shopping in Century City at Zara~ I found so many cute things I wanted!!



Markel Getting a Haircut =)  Such a small and random errand to run together, but I love doing them with him. ❤


Sunday Night we met up with Markel’s college friends that are doing BIG things!!  Two are starting companies and it’s so exciting to hear about their adventures.  Sort of motivates Markel and I to be passionate about our lives and our careers.  We ate at Aroma Cafe (an Israeli restaurant) in Hollywood area.  It was tastey!  The appetizers were my favorite~~

(no pics to share =(  I forgot to take some)

AND THENNNN…the best part??  Markel and I met up with our new neighbors (and good friends) to watch THOR at the grove.  I always forget how much I love the Grove and how gorgeous it is.  The Christmas decorations were all up~ really put you in the holiday spirit! ❤




Andddd Monday I had the day off for Veteran’s Day. =)  It’s a day of purging, catching up on SOA (like Friday) and getting my baby ready for his big trip!  Oh…and about ten cups of coffee (my fav treat).

HOW BEAUTIFUL is this fall weather??


This picture below is to celebrate Veteran’s day today.  My big bro (and true life hero) has been in the Army since 2002.  He has fought for his country in Iraq and served for 11 years and counting…  I’m so proud of him and his dedication to the protection of this country. ❤  I’m definitely taking a moment today to remember that. xo



Accessories of the Day: Bangles and Bracelets


My new arm candy!! 🙂 I had the day off and a bunch of Etsy orders to fill, so I went to downtown LA to pick up some supplies. While I was there, I did some shopping for myself 😛 I am a huuuge turquoise fan so I picked up skinny bangles with various patterns of turquoise and 2 strong bracelet/links. The two bracelets I found looked like replicas of some expensive ones I saw at Bloomingdales and Nordstroms recently. Can’t wait to add these babies to my accessories!

Birthday Ideas for your boyfriend

Every year I throw a ridiculous birthday party that spans 3 days for Markel.  For the past almost 4 years we’ve been dating, I have planned 3 big bday bashes…

The first year, I planned an extension of what he used to celebrate in College…Friday night we went to Tokyo Delves in North Hollywood.  I invited all of his friends from home and college, as well as some of mine.  The night ended with Michael Blair standing on his chair and dancing most of the night.  LOL  Saturday night, we did a “4th floor formal” where everyone dressed up, ate dinner at Mike’s apartment, pre-drank, and then we walked to a nearby bar (the very bar we met at <3).  Since this was the first year we had dated and I had yet to meet all of his friends, I felt really pressured to wear the perfect outfits and make sure that every details was PERFECT.  I’m sure his friends were really annoyed at how many “FYI” and “Reminder” emails I sent with color coordinated details.  I even sent out “save the dates” which, looking back, is pretty hilarious.  I was also so busy playing hostess that I don’t have a lot of pics…sowy Markel.


Year Two…Many of his friends couldn’t make it to Tokyo Delves and the ones that did were crazy about the place!  So I decided to throw his first night party at the same place.  The group was bigger and Markel had just as much energy as the first year.  I asked everyone to dress up (to kind of keep the “4th floor formal” theme)…This year, I still sent out a save the date, but relaxed about all the emails and plans.  Day 1 was Tokyo Delves and Day 2 was the beach & bonfire where I sent out a potluck list and made enough ribs to feed a small country.






After year two…I decided Beach was too hard.  So many things to prepare and it was hard to rely on other people to bring things.  Year three was an easy “Jersey Party” where everyone wore their favorite jersey’s and we “tailgated” at Mike’s friends’ apartment.  I made bacon wrapped hotdogs, ordered pizza, made a cake of donuts, and had prizes for the winners of the mini beer pong tournament I organized.  Afterward, we walked over to Mom’s Bar in West LA where I had reserved the back room.  The best thing about Mom’s is that the owner is INCREDIBLY nice, the cover is free, parking is free, drinks are $4, the music is awesome, and we got a few rounds of free birthday shots.






 Now…the biggest challenge I have is planning his 26th birthday for 2012!  Some Ideas I have…

1. Bowling Tourney at Lucky Strike

2. Game Night & Drinks at ESPN Zone at LA Live

3. Angels/Dodgers game (nosebleed seats) with a FAT tailgate before the game

4. FAT ktown party.  Rent out a patio and invite 30 guests to come and eat, be obnoxious and drink their night away ❤

What do you guys think?  What do you guys normally do for your boyfriend’s birthdays?