New Year’s Eve Outfit Idea #1

I just got this in from Piperlime and I’m obsessed with this gold dress!!  Not only is it incredibly comfortable/stretchy, but the gold really pops out!

I’m thinking I could pair this with hot pink lipstick and some romantic hair? =)

Paired the dress with a beaded black necklace (can’t remember where I got it), black BCBG clutch, bebe heels.

Dress (click here).  It’s on sale right now!!  I totally bought it before then (boo) but at least you can get it for a discount now!




Weding Pictures (Part III)

The Ceremony =)

–pretty much the only shot i have with my veil on before the wind blew it away >.<

Our Friends at the wedding

Our face is basically—“ahhh we made it”  The weeks leading up to the wedding were SO STRESSFUL, I know understand why people hire wedding planners ( we did not).  They are worth EVERY PENNY!

Our gorgeous parents ❤

Friends during cocktail hour while Markel and I were doing our Korean Ceremony

Summer Piperlime Wishlist


Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Prep, Bridal Party Madness

Yes…this is more than a month late.  Life has been so cray!  Here are pictures from the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner ❤  It’s awesome to post these a little late because it brings back all the wonderful memories of that weekend! xo

Eagles Nest Clubhouse

(note: I would never recommend anyone having their wedding here now that I’ve gone through it.  Read my Yelp Review for more info)


 My Wedding Rehearsal Outfit ❤


Rehearsal Dinner

Picked a delicious Chinese Food restaurant with our own banquet room~ That was really nice ❤



All the unglamourous wedding prep of Thursday Night and Friday Morning…



I’m sorting through my closet and getting ready to sell things on EBAY~ and well…now I’m itching for a new purse!  how weird does that sounds while I’m trying to clean house and get rid of stuff??  Oh wells…here are some bags I love on ASOS. =)



ASOS Haul from their huge Sale (extra 10% off of sale)

I did some damage before bed…but now I can’ twait for these babies to come!!




Bow Ties for Men

While I was at home sick yesterday, I did a lot of online shopping…TOO much really.  I am almost done with buying options for my own bday outfit and now I need to concentrate on what Markel will be wearing!

I plan to get him this very cute Harvard Bow tie (he requested blue):

I think we’ll be pairing the blue bowtie with a crisp white button down, long shorts, and boat shoes.  Markel wants to add a sweater to drape on his shoulders as well~ which should totally complete the “hamptons” theme of the night! =D

I went to Nordstroms to find some options for him and it was pretty intimidating.  Everything was perfectly organized by color and style.  Wowzaa

Gorjana and Piperlime Haul

I’m home sick today and boy did I make a serious dent in my bank account!  Here’s my delicious haul of goodies ❤

(btw…i totally forgot to use the free shipping during memorial day weekend, so that’s why these purchases are late for gorjana)

From Piperlime

Flower Girl Tutu Dresses from Little Miss Esther/EsQuisite Designs

I recently made tutu skirts and sewed them to white tank tops for a friend’s wedding earlier this month.  I was stressed to the max because I wanted it to come out perfectly!  I mean…it’s a wedding after all~  I scoured downtown LA for the perfect shade of tulle, the best ribbon for the waist band (in the exact shade of raspberry pink) and wahla!  Here are the final dresses:

I’m trying to figure out if this is something I should add to my Etsy store or only take personal orders from friends?  If I do sell on Etsy, which Store?  What do you guys think?

Hautelook Haul of the Day: Dolce Vita, Tulle, City Slips, Fluxus

I have been SOOOO good about not shopping much in the past two years!  I stopped looking at websites, stopped going to the mall and focused on paying my student loans and credit card.  But today… I decided to take a PEAK.  What did I find??? The biggest sales of a lifetime!!  Such great deals~~ the prices of every item were a LITTLE higher than Forever 21.  I mean…name brand items for F21 prices?  OUTRAGEOUS.  Must buy everything in sight right?

I think it’s the fact that you only get 15 minutes to keep the item in your cart that really does the damage.  If I had all day, I’m sure I wouldn’t have purchased 90% of the items…but oh wells.  Can’t wait to see them come in the mail and try it all!  Here’s what I bought…

Haute Look Haul:

Dolce Vita: Notty Pumps for $39

What’s interesting is I don’t own a normal black pump.  I either have black flats or super high Vegas/clubbing pumps.  This was my investment for more formal events (weddings, networking events, etc).

Tulle: Mid Sleeve Pleated Layered Top $25 & Puffy Sleeve Dress $29
City Slips: Foldable Ballet Flats with Expandable Tote  $15 per pair
I bought 5 pairs of these to give away as gifts.  They’re SOO adorable and convenient for bachelorettes and nights where you’ll be wearing heels for a while.  So compact they can slip into any purse ❤

Fluxus:  Vizzana Dress $44
For your own membership to Haute Look, Click here.  I love this site~