Retro Pink Madness

Bringing Back the 80s

I was looking through piperlime’s bi-annual sale tonight and found that there are SO MANY 80s items!  I know I know…this isn’t anything new…but I’m still surprised to find things that I grew up with and wore~ being the new “trend”.  Here are some fun finds that I wouldn’t mind wearing again.  LOL

ASOS 70% Off Sale!

I was talking to my roommie last night about online shopping and I couldn’t help resist looking at ASOS’ sale!  ahhh here are some of my fave finds:

Click here for the Asos website!

Monday Funday: Some of my Favorite Things

I have the shopping bug right now!  All I can think about are clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup and all things pretty!  This morning I received an email from piperlime (25% off today!) and I couldn’t help but want to put these items below into my shopping cart… It took all my self-restraint not to.  *sigh *

Elvia Lace Top
by Joie
Stripe Maxi Dress
by Collective Concepts
Santana Printed Strapless Maxi Dress
by Ella Moss
Mia Snake Print Maxi Dress
by Plastic Island

New Arrivals at

I absolutely LOVE  Why?  They are similar to forever21, but the looks are a lot more unique and the prices are AMAZING.  All of the items below are listed between $30-$41, except for the gold shorts that are $55.  For super trendy looks, that’s an AMAZING deal.  You may want to invest in staple wardrobe items, but for the few trendy items that you want to add to your wardrobe each season…Lulus is definitely the way to go.   Lately I’ve had a lot of bridal showers, Bachelorettes, and weddings to go to~ and rather than buying a ton of pricey dresses~ it’s been much easier to buy 3-4 cute ones from Lulus and not spend more than $150.  What a great steal!