EsQuisite Designs: New Ombre Heart

I own two etsy stores and one of them (EsQuisite Designs) makes wine cork hearts, letters, veils, etc.  The Ombre Heart is a new design that I came up with a while back and it has been FLYING off the shelves! =)


The creative process ;P~ Wine is always a necessity.




The Finished Product!


The Ombre Heart compared to my Small Heart Size


Felt Backing




Knuckle Rings Have Arrived!!

I ordered knuckle rings from Etsy recently (post here) and they finally arrived in the mail!  They were so teeny tiny that I was sure they wouldn’t even fit.

I like them a lot.  I haven’t worn them or tested them out~ but just trying them on was adorable.  The service was fast, efficient, and I would purchase with the vendor again.

Etsy Store: Galisfly who ships from Israel



4 Gold Knuckle Rings from Etsy

I just bought these over the weekend and I’m so pysched for them to arrive!  I have fat fingers, so I didn’t think Knuckle rings would be flattering~ but I tried some on when I was in SF two weekends ago and well…they actually make my fingers look longer!  Go Figure.

Etsy Store: Galisfly

Happy Memorial Day from Etsy!

As an Etsy shop owner, I always love to promote the other shops ❤  Here are a few items I on my wishlist! xoxo  I love things with American Flags on them.

Etsy Stores:

Busy Spinning Thread









Monogram Etsy Necklaces from Swirl Studio Designs

For my Maids of Honors, I bought them monogram necklaces that came late in the mail.  I bought them from Swirl Studio Designs and they were INCREDIBLY easy to work with.  I kept making the wrong mistakes while I was going through my order and they not only replied to me right away, but made it easy to fix the errors so that I could get what I wanted. =)

AND because they are so sweet~ they are offering a 20% discount for all my readers!!  Just use “MAM20” and get your discount during checkout ❤

You’ll LOVE these gorgeous necklaces~~ The store had 10+ different designs and items, but I got the same thing for all three of us ❤

Here’s the packaging that they arrive in below.  Inside, the necklaces are also in these awesome blue fabric baggies as well.


My new initials ❤ ESB


First Initial, Last Initial, Middle Initial

Esther Blair Soohye


One Maid of Honor Wearing Hers! xo


Jennifer Chen Zen


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE my monogram necklace.  I got it in Gold and it seriously matches everything in my wardrobe~ including my engagement ring and wedding band ❤

Thank you Swirl Studio Designs for your gorgeous jewelry!

If you want yours, please visit their store and use “MAM20” for an instant 20% off discount!


Wine and Etsy Orders




How I spend my Monday nights after work ♡  So grateful for all the Betsy orders!

Etsy Deal: The Accent Shop

I recently bought this ADORABLE onesie from The Accent Shop on Etsy and absolutely LOVED the quality, detailing and design!  This onesie not only has a vest (with a nice lining), it had a small pocket square and bow tie to match!

You can choose from long sleeve or short sleeve. =)  I can’t wait to give this gorgeous onesie away as a gift in a couple of weeks!


AND The Accent Shop was kind enough to let all of my readers get $5 off any item in their Etsy store!

Coupon: $5 off any purchase
Coupon Code: MARCANDME
Exp: June 30, 2013



This little onesie is GORGEOUS and perfect for all newborns and babies up to 24 months!

Get yours today! ❤

Current Etsy Faves

As ya’ll know…I love Etsy goods!  Here are some of my current obsessions:

Raspberry Beaded Necklace

wedding jewelry,flower girl gift 14mm cabochon rose post earrings bridesmaid gift birthday gift

Valentine’s Gifts/Decor from Etsy

How adorable are these valentine’s day decorations??  Etsy has such creative items~~ xo








Adorable Valentine’s Ideas

Can you believe it’s almost the end of January?  CRAZYYY.  I’m excited for V-Day which is seriously around the corner ❤


About Me…

I’ve been writing this blog for about 4 years now, and it’s been such a blessing to have as an outlet.  I love updating friends and family about my weekends, loves, dislikes, and obsessions.  In case you didn’t already know…here are a few fun facts about Me =)

Blogs: (part time blogger)

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Little Miss Esther

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I wish!!  I take care of a stray tabby cat named Winston once in a while…but no furry baby to call my own =T

Etsy Ring Wishlist

I discovered these rings today and I WANT!!!  They’re adorable and perfect for my fingers this fall =P

From Store: Soraced

Esquisite Designs


My latest shipment 🙂 Love is in the air! xoxo

Rush Orders For Halloween


As tiring as this season is, I love all the costume tutu requests! 21days and counting 🙂

New Etsy Veil Preview for EsQuisite Designs

Last night after I finished filling a few veil orders, I decided to try out some new styles.  (old post about it here).  In the coming weeks I’ll be getting a few models to try them on and then they’ll be ready to post!!  Can’t wait to get these up shortly =)

EsQuisite Designs


Weekend Recap and Photodump

This past weekend was a rare one for me.  I had ABSOLUTELY no plans!!

Saturday Morning, Markel and I rode our bikes to Santa Monica and Venice beach.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  I haven’t done anything like this ever, so it was refreshing to do something new and spend the entire day sunbathing, eating, and relaxing on the beach =)








For Dinner we were exhausted and in the mood for something sinfully delicious~



 Sunday was another great lazy day~~  Church, downtown LA for etsy supplies, 5 loads of laundry and a Boardwalk Empire Marathon before season 3 begins!

Lunch in ktown

Downtown LA

My greatest LA find! xoxo


 Juicing this week~ 2 meals a day

I’ve been craving Lentil Soup for a while now~ and Markel made some for dinner last night =)  YUMMAYYY

Boardwalk Empire~ SUCH an amazing show!

and now…it’s the work week.  =/

College Humor Video: The Fall of Pinterest

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest, online shopping, etsy and everything girlie.  This video is pretty damn funny as it makes fun of everything I love.  Listen carefully to the things they’re making fun of and if you’re like me, you’ll catch phrases of things you love being used as puns, weapons, and much more.  teehee

The Fall of Pinterest

EsQuisite Designs on Etsy

I started the EsQuisite Designs etsy shop about a year ago (my second shop) and it’s been quite a difference!  The items are larger and easier to make and I like that I get to do some of them with Markel.

These wine cork projects below have been our pet project/collaboration in recent months and it’s really been a blast!    We have been working together to collect the corks, create the letters, and make a gorgeous layout.    Markel is really the mastermind behind these and I’m nothing but a “gluer”.  lol   We’ve been getting feedback on the items that customers have received and it’s seriously been such a high!  They’ve loved the letters and the designs and have used it for their weddings and homes.

All the rad comments/notes have been so amazing!  I swear it brings us closer together as a couple and makes me excited to think that we have a lifetime ahead of collaboration~ if these little things can be so rewarding, can you imagine what bigger things are in store?

And a plus side???  I get to drink all the wine I want without judgement.  LOL  I mean…It’s a business expense right?  haha

Happy Monday Ya’ll!  If you have any thoughts about the letters, I’d love to hear from you!

 Other items that I make on my own…

Flower Girl Tutu Dresses from Little Miss Esther/EsQuisite Designs

I recently made tutu skirts and sewed them to white tank tops for a friend’s wedding earlier this month.  I was stressed to the max because I wanted it to come out perfectly!  I mean…it’s a wedding after all~  I scoured downtown LA for the perfect shade of tulle, the best ribbon for the waist band (in the exact shade of raspberry pink) and wahla!  Here are the final dresses:

I’m trying to figure out if this is something I should add to my Etsy store or only take personal orders from friends?  If I do sell on Etsy, which Store?  What do you guys think?