Baby Couture


How stylish are these babies?? The mustache tree, sweater with a bow on the shoulder, leopard jeans, stripped tee with neon flowers…spoil adorable. Love little girls!! Xo

Nautical Theme Bachelorette Party in Vegas!

This weekend I’m excited to say…I’m in VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!  This is a much awaited bachelorette that I can’t wait to celebrate my esjo’s last days as a single ladyyyy<3

 And the theme for the weekend???  NAUTICAL of course! =)

 For the Hotel…some decorations =)

For the pool we ordered a bunch of these Captain Hats for the lovely 13 ladies~~

And for our night outfits??  Anything Nautical ❤  Whether it be a sailor suit or nautical-like.  Here are some adorable pin-up and sexy sailor outfits that I found some inspiration for when choosing my outfit.  xoxo

High Seas Honey Sailor Costume

LF Sales on Larchmont (60% off)


Craziness!! So much cute stuff on sale and the whole store is 60%! From the dresses to the shoes to the colored jeans…damn I need an unlimited CC! xoxo more Happy Saturday all!

Retro Makeup Idea

Although this doesn’t look super cute on me, I LOVE seeing it on other girls!  I love the winged eyeliner, the hot red lips and perfectly coiffed hair.

Accessories of the Day: Bangles and Bracelets


My new arm candy!! 🙂 I had the day off and a bunch of Etsy orders to fill, so I went to downtown LA to pick up some supplies. While I was there, I did some shopping for myself 😛 I am a huuuge turquoise fan so I picked up skinny bangles with various patterns of turquoise and 2 strong bracelet/links. The two bracelets I found looked like replicas of some expensive ones I saw at Bloomingdales and Nordstroms recently. Can’t wait to add these babies to my accessories!

Forever21 Haul: Spring/Summer 2012 Clothing

There are so many new trends out there right now and before spending $$$$ on them, I always like to try ’em out at Forever 21 before splurging on more staple pieces.  Out of the things that I got, here are my FAAAAVE items that I can’t wait to wear for spring/summer!  I love the patterns, the unique styles…and the fact that they can be worn with tons of different outfits, colors, and settings.  ❤

Bloomspot Daily Deal: Gorjana

This morning I was SHOCKED to see that Gorjana Jewelry was having a coupon daily deal today!  Gojana is a jewelry line that I’m OBSESSED WITH but find out that they were having an awesome deal!  You can either pay $30 for $65 or $50 for $110.  Gosh, this deal is so stinking exciting!  If you remember, I wrote about a bracelet a few posts ago (click here).  Now I can get one for myself AND a friend!  teehee~

here are some of my favorites ❤