Halloween Humor


I know Halloween is over, but I just had to share!!  Hehehe


Happy Halloween!

How cute is this photo?

Decorative Halloween Pumpkins - cute AND easy!!!!

Weekend Recall and Photodump

This was the absolute perfect weekend.  After weeks of running around like crazy people, Markel and I finally had 1 weekend of almost nothing. =)

Friday, I met up with a friend who was proposing the next day! (eek!!)  We went over some last minute details at Susina Bakery in Beverly Hills.  BEST latte I’ve ever had and the most amazing white chocolate cake!


After our little pow wow, I picked up Mulberry Pizza for dinner with Markel.  A romantic dinner for two ❤  We’ve been craving New York Style Pizza all week and it we FINALLY filled that craving.  Mulberry has 5 locations in southern California and…boy…it is FANTASTIC.



We spent the night hanging out, talking, drinking, watching a movie and spending much needed 1:1 time together.  For the first time in a long time, it felt like we were 23 again having a super fun night together.  Usually we’re so exhausted that we go straight to bed or watch a few shows in silence~ destressing from our week.

I guess Mulberry Pizza + wine + netflix is exactly what the doctor ordered =)

Saturday morning we helped stage the sweetest and most romantic proposal in Venice.


After the proposal, we walked along the canals and went to Canali cafe on Washington Blvd.  We all celebrated together in one big group and just got to really love the newly engaged couple. ❤  Canali was aiite, but only because I hated our 1 waiter.  The chai latte was amazing and I loved Markel’s meatball sandwich and my tofu sandwich.


My adorable hubby. xoxo as we waited for our food. ❤


We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for our Halloween party. ❤  We had lots of fun eating, drinking and carving pumpkins!

We made the most delicious Hallo-Tini’s =)  They tasted like orange creamsicles and you couldn’t even taste the alcohol!  SOOOOOOOO deliiiiic xoxo

Our dear friend also made homemade whoopie pies that were TO DIE FOR.

ANDDDD for the grand dessert finale, another friend brought Big Man Bakes Cupcakes!!

(I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures of the real food…oops!  lol)


 Party decorations! =)  This is the first time I’ve ever used the spider web decorations and it was  the perfect touch!  I’m definitely buying them again next year.  ❤



Pumpkin Carving! =)




My pumpkin has a perm.  LOL


What I would look like at my mom’s age!  hahaha  Biggest Korean Perm for the girl that LOVES volume in her hair.  LOL



Sunday has been the best day to unwind from the weekend and just relax.  We woke up this morning and named it Markel’s day.  We did only relaxing things. =)  He’s been working so hard the past few weeks…MONTHS really… that today was all about him!

My au natural makeup look for today~


Today was the day that our good friends moved into our building!!  We are SO EXCIIIIITED!! xoxo  Can’t wait for the fun to commence! ❤


Markel and I grabbed brunch at Doughland a block away (we’re trying to walk more and explore our ‘hood).  This restaurant was a great surprise.  The food was SUPER good, the service was impeccable and the hefe beer was aaamaaazingggg.  Markel and I have totally decided that this was our new “spot” for weekend brunches, dinners, and weekday happy hours! =)


Coming home from brunch =)  our last pic of the day.  xo


We spent the rest of the day/night watching football (Markel) and Sons of Anarchy (me).   There are so many TV series’ that I’ve been dying to watch lately!!

Pumpkin/Halloween Home Decor



Some cute ideas with white and orange pumpkins ♥♥

Halloween–Hello Kitty Pumpkin

How adorable is this???  I love this idea of painting pumpkins into hello kitty ❤


Monster Door Dilemma


So sad Halloween is over and I will have to take this down 😦 My roomie says to keep it up till Thanksgiving~ think I can get away with it??? 😛

2012 Halloween Costume Ideas


 This year, I am extra excited about Halloween.  My only problem?  I have no idea what I’m going to dress up as!  I love going out on Fridays AND Saturdays, so I’ll need two costumes =P  Here are some fun ideas I found online… to help inspire both me and you!

 Inspirational ideas…




 But to be honest…I think I want to be a super hero!!


What are you going to be this year?





Rush Orders For Halloween


As tiring as this season is, I love all the costume tutu requests! 21days and counting 🙂

Target Haul: Getting Ready for Halloween!

Every year I host a pumpkin carving party with prizes and this is my first round of purchases =)  Oh goodness…I LOVE Halloween, Love pumpkin flavored everything…and especially love wearing costumes!  teehee~~




Fall is here!


LOVE going to the store and seeing pumpkins galore. Can’t wait to carve mine this year! 🙂

Nautical Theme Bachelorette Party in Vegas!

This weekend I’m excited to say…I’m in VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!  This is a much awaited bachelorette that I can’t wait to celebrate my esjo’s last days as a single ladyyyy<3


 And the theme for the weekend???  NAUTICAL of course! =)


 For the Hotel…some decorations =)



For the pool we ordered a bunch of these Captain Hats for the lovely 13 ladies~~




And for our night outfits??  Anything Nautical ❤  Whether it be a sailor suit or nautical-like.  Here are some adorable pin-up and sexy sailor outfits that I found some inspiration for when choosing my outfit.  xoxo


High Seas Honey Sailor Costumehttps://i1.wp.com/2.bp.blogspot.com/_2Bpk1nxy91Q/TAubtgHyPYI/AAAAAAAAAM0/ME237gIK9RE/s1600/Sailor+Pearl+Nautical+Sailor+Girl+Dress.jpg