Preppy Hamptons Attire in the Spring/Summer 2012

More ideas! =)

Bow Ties for Men

While I was at home sick yesterday, I did a lot of online shopping…TOO much really.  I am almost done with buying options for my own bday outfit and now I need to concentrate on what Markel will be wearing!

I plan to get him this very cute Harvard Bow tie (he requested blue):

I think we’ll be pairing the blue bowtie with a crisp white button down, long shorts, and boat shoes.  Markel wants to add a sweater to drape on his shoulders as well~ which should totally complete the “hamptons” theme of the night! =D

I went to Nordstroms to find some options for him and it was pretty intimidating.  Everything was perfectly organized by color and style.  Wowzaa

Boyfriend Fashion: Preppy Style

So…Markel doesn’t know it yet…but this summer I plan to revamp his wardrobe with some more preppy pieces.  I’ve decided that preppy looks the best on him and really gives off a clean, put-together look.  He can mix and match without a problem, plus he’ll always look appropriate to every function without much effort.  Button downs, polos, khakis, boat shoes, hats… it’s SO adorable!

Here my inspiration board first, then I’ll show you the new things I’m looking to add to Markel’s wardrobe =D

My Shopping List:$pdp_fs418$$pdp_fs418$$pdp_fs418$

 Okay…so it wasn’t just a FEW key pieces…kind of a lot really…But each item was so adorable i just couldn’t take anything out!

Sperry Top-Siders Have Arrived!

For Markel’s bday, I ordered a few pairs of Sperry’s for him to try on.  I wasn’t sure which color would look best in person, so I ordered brown, navy, and a seer-sucker patterned pair.  Two of the three pairs have arrived!  Check em out~~  Although the seer-sucker one SCREAMS markel and his style..the navy pair are my favorite.  They would go beautifully with the gray khakis I got him and any pair of jeans or khakis he already owns.  What do you think?  Don’t you think these boat shoes are perfect for spring/summer 2012?!

Current Men’s Style Obsessions

Gosh…I can’t help but write about these things~ they’re so perfect for the spring/summer and they’re so easy to match with anything!

Bow Ties, Bow Ties, Bow Ties!

For my preppy Hamptons Birthday Party theme~ I’ve decided that I’m going to make some bow ties for the boys! (instructions here)  It’ll give exactly the right ambiance and look I’m looking for ❤
Wahoo!  Can’t wait to see the bows wearing these fun prints ❤

Birthday Theme Ideas: Revenge/Hamptons

This year is my golden birthday~ Meaning that I’m turning 28 on the 28th of June!  It’s a huge day and milestone for me, so I’m determined to make it count!

One Idea I’ve been thinking about…Revenge theme (Hamptons-esque attire)

It’s the perfect theme since it’s pretty stinking hot in LA during the summer. =)    Now I just need to find a venue!  Any suggestions?

Fashion Inspiration Board:

I’m an early planner…lol…I know ;P