Target Home Decor

I went into Target to grab some holiday treats but was REALLY distracted by a few of their home goods items!  I’m debating whether I should go back and get em…(would Markel notice?)…  I seriously want all of these so bad.  I’m not sure if I should wait till the after holiday sale or go grab it ASAP~~~ gahhh

Threshold™ Faux Fur Throw

Stag Head Collection

Threshold™ Mirrored Jewelry Box Collection

Threshold™ Lattice Serving Tray

Threshold Polypro Small Rectangle Serve Tray Silver Woods

Rachael Ray Serveware Sittin’ Pretty 12 Cup Egg Tray-Red

(to store my rings in!)

Threshold™ Laquer Jewelry Box

MELT Pillar Holder


Monogram Etsy Necklaces from Swirl Studio Designs

For my Maids of Honors, I bought them monogram necklaces that came late in the mail.  I bought them from Swirl Studio Designs and they were INCREDIBLY easy to work with.  I kept making the wrong mistakes while I was going through my order and they not only replied to me right away, but made it easy to fix the errors so that I could get what I wanted. =)

AND because they are so sweet~ they are offering a 20% discount for all my readers!!  Just use “MAM20” and get your discount during checkout ❤

You’ll LOVE these gorgeous necklaces~~ The store had 10+ different designs and items, but I got the same thing for all three of us ❤

Here’s the packaging that they arrive in below.  Inside, the necklaces are also in these awesome blue fabric baggies as well.


My new initials ❤ ESB


First Initial, Last Initial, Middle Initial

Esther Blair Soohye


One Maid of Honor Wearing Hers! xo


Jennifer Chen Zen


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE my monogram necklace.  I got it in Gold and it seriously matches everything in my wardrobe~ including my engagement ring and wedding band ❤

Thank you Swirl Studio Designs for your gorgeous jewelry!

If you want yours, please visit their store and use “MAM20” for an instant 20% off discount!


Home Decor Lusts

Our new place is coming together nicely.  We chose white furniture for our place b/c the apartment itself had white accents everywhere and it was a little on the dark side (no direct sunlight).  We thought black furniture would probably make it look darker, so we’re going for bright blues, whites, chrome colors, etc.

Here are some items that I’m lusting after right now…

1. A deer head


2. Shiny/mirrored objects!


3. Clear/Crystal Candle Holders

If you walk in, a bulk of our home is settled (like things are put away).  We just need finishing touches.  However, I would say we’re pretty far away from being DONE with decorating the entire apartment and finding “homes” for special items.  For now…we’re trying to complete 1 room at at time.  First up?  Kitchen, Entry Way and then Living Room.


I’m obsessed with Pearl necklaces right now!  I think I have about 4 different kinds at home.  Gotta think of new ways to wear them since they can seem…uptight and not so trendy.  xo

Current Etsy Faves

As ya’ll know…I love Etsy goods!  Here are some of my current obsessions:

Raspberry Beaded Necklace

wedding jewelry,flower girl gift 14mm cabochon rose post earrings bridesmaid gift birthday gift