Forever 21 Haul


Went shopping with the girls today at Beverly Center and found these adorable, sparkly finds!! LOVE the sparkle on both the blouse and shorts~ I love the holiday season. It always screams sequins and glitter

Target Haul


Went to Target with my co-worker today during lunch and found a TON of unnecessary items that I HAD to buy! (of course)

Starting from the top…

1. Herbal Essences Condition in Hello Hydration.  It has a coconut-y smell that I LOVE in the summer.  Plus the extra hydration helps heal my hair from the harsh sun, chlorine and beach (salt water).

2. Grapefruit Scrub by Up and Up.  Basically the same as the Neutrogena one but way cheaper.

3. Visibly Bright face wash by Neutrogena.  I have never tried this before but I’ve been looking to mix up my skin care in the morning so I hope this will “visibly brighten” my skin. ( hehe pun intended)

4. Nail Polish.  Up and Up in the nail strengthening line.  Super cheap and works great!

5. Rimmel bronzer.  I’ve bought this before and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  It’s easy to use and has a rich pigment. (#027 Sun Dance)

6. Maybelline Volum’Express Mascara: The Mega Plush.  I’ve never tried this one before but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this brand of mascara.  Not only does it make my eyelashes look 10x thicker, but it keeps my curled eyelashes…curled!  Most mascaras are so heavy that they weigh them back down but this line of Maybelline is AMAZZING. (#275 very Black)

7. Maybelline Master Drama by Eyestudio.  I bought this color a few weeks ago (here and here) in Midnight Master.  It glided on so smoothly, stayed in place all day (with the help of NYX eye primer) and it was INCREDIBLY rich in pigment.  LOVED that.  Therefore, with my penchant for buying things I love in every color…I bought #405 Vibrant Violet today.  Can’t wait to try it!  Purple really brings out my brown eyes (since they’re lighter than most Asian eyes) and it helps me to line my bottom lashes without a harsh black.

8. And FINALLY…more lip butters from Revlon!!  I have 3 of these already and can’t get enough of them.  They are creamy, rich, have a wide variety of colors and they’re such a steal for under $8!  I actually loved my #045 Cotton Candy so much that I bought a replacement today.  My second color is a lighter, more pastel shade of pink: #055 cupcake.  Can’t wait to add these to my lip collection.  I swear adding a little color to your lips (clear gloss or lipstick) really changes your appearance and brings your makeup together.  LOVE.

and that’s all folks!  Will let you know how these products work out!  If you have a brand or color that you love, please share!  I’d love to try it out~  xoxo




Gorjana and Piperlime Haul

I’m home sick today and boy did I make a serious dent in my bank account!  Here’s my delicious haul of goodies ❤

(btw…i totally forgot to use the free shipping during memorial day weekend, so that’s why these purchases are late for gorjana)

From Piperlime

Accessories of the Day: Bangles and Bracelets


My new arm candy!! 🙂 I had the day off and a bunch of Etsy orders to fill, so I went to downtown LA to pick up some supplies. While I was there, I did some shopping for myself 😛 I am a huuuge turquoise fan so I picked up skinny bangles with various patterns of turquoise and 2 strong bracelet/links. The two bracelets I found looked like replicas of some expensive ones I saw at Bloomingdales and Nordstroms recently. Can’t wait to add these babies to my accessories!

Piperlime Haul: Tinley Road Military Jacket


I just got my jacket in the mail tiday and I LOVE it!!  It’s super soft, comfortable and fits like a glove 🙂

Hautelook Haul of the Day: Dolce Vita, Tulle, City Slips, Fluxus

I have been SOOOO good about not shopping much in the past two years!  I stopped looking at websites, stopped going to the mall and focused on paying my student loans and credit card.  But today… I decided to take a PEAK.  What did I find??? The biggest sales of a lifetime!!  Such great deals~~ the prices of every item were a LITTLE higher than Forever 21.  I mean…name brand items for F21 prices?  OUTRAGEOUS.  Must buy everything in sight right?

I think it’s the fact that you only get 15 minutes to keep the item in your cart that really does the damage.  If I had all day, I’m sure I wouldn’t have purchased 90% of the items…but oh wells.  Can’t wait to see them come in the mail and try it all!  Here’s what I bought…

Haute Look Haul:

Dolce Vita: Notty Pumps for $39

What’s interesting is I don’t own a normal black pump.  I either have black flats or super high Vegas/clubbing pumps.  This was my investment for more formal events (weddings, networking events, etc).

Tulle: Mid Sleeve Pleated Layered Top $25 & Puffy Sleeve Dress $29
City Slips: Foldable Ballet Flats with Expandable Tote  $15 per pair
I bought 5 pairs of these to give away as gifts.  They’re SOO adorable and convenient for bachelorettes and nights where you’ll be wearing heels for a while.  So compact they can slip into any purse ❤

Fluxus:  Vizzana Dress $44
For your own membership to Haute Look, Click here.  I love this site~