Bar Carts

Markel and I are looking for a bar cart right now and we haven’t been able to find anything we love in our price range.  Who knew it would be so hard??

I love gold, so I’d like it to be that color or something else in that color family.

After the wedding, Markel and I went to crate and barrel and bought all the big essentials for it, but after 6 months…haven’t been able to buy the cart itself.  FRUSTRATINGGG.

as my search continues, here are some that i really like. ❤


Pinterest Outfit Ideas

Who doesn’t love to browse Pinterest for ideas on clothes, makeup, home decor, parties…etc!  Here are some of my favorite outfit ideas that have been in my feed lately. ❤


Statement Mirrors

The more I see them, the more I want a big statement mirror in our apartment.  Currently we have a plain square mirror above our credenza and well…I’m already bored with it.


I want something cuter and bigger like the ones below!  These are mostly from ZGallerie ❤

What do you think?  Don’t we need a new Mirror??

Weekend Recap and Photodump

This past weekend was ANOTHER busy busy busy one~~  Filled with good food, friends, and some physical labor ❤

Friday Night, Markel and I watched a Mad Men marathon and just hung out at home.  We ate leftovers and just did what we haven’t been able to do: RELAX!

Saturday, bright and early, we woke up and drove out to Chino to help Markel’s grandparents move to San Diego.  It was such a gorgeous day~~ it didn’t feel like we were moving.  After the move, we were able to do a little home decor shopping at Z Gallerie & Target ❤

(made a little care package for Markel’s Bro’s wedding, the weather was GORG, so was the sunset!)



Sunday, Markel and I got to sleep in and slowly get ready for a big bbq birthday bash ❤  Our friends came over, got to see our new place, and Markel was able to use his new GRILL~~~ his most prize possession at the moment.

I forgot to take pictures at the beginning of the party, so here are just some random ones towards the end.  This year, I planned a REALLY REALLY chill birthday for Markel b/c he was so burnt out from work/wedding/traveling/moving/LIFE!  We kept it all incredibly low key and relaxing~ so that Mike could sit back and enjoy the day.  (Markel’s Birthday Pasts)


He was so special he got TWO birthday cakes







Happy Birthday Baby!! xoxo


Z Gallerie Home Decor Accent Lusts

I Think Z Gallerie is my home decor, go-to store.  There are SO MANY amazing piece that I want from there! 

Here’s my first picart collage ❤

west elm lusts

West Elm Home Decor Goodies

So…to say I’m obsessed with home decor right now could be an understatement.  I feel like all I think about are things that the apartment to needs.  *sigh *  Could be some strange way of easing off the wedding train, but who knows.

Here are some West Elm items I’m really lusting after!

Mercury Candleholders


Dotted Mercury Hurricanes




St. Jude® Ceramic Owls



Home Decor Lusts

Our new place is coming together nicely.  We chose white furniture for our place b/c the apartment itself had white accents everywhere and it was a little on the dark side (no direct sunlight).  We thought black furniture would probably make it look darker, so we’re going for bright blues, whites, chrome colors, etc.

Here are some items that I’m lusting after right now…

1. A deer head


2. Shiny/mirrored objects!


3. Clear/Crystal Candle Holders

If you walk in, a bulk of our home is settled (like things are put away).  We just need finishing touches.  However, I would say we’re pretty far away from being DONE with decorating the entire apartment and finding “homes” for special items.  For now…we’re trying to complete 1 room at at time.  First up?  Kitchen, Entry Way and then Living Room.

Weekend Recap and Photodump

My updates are out of order at the moment (still haven’t downloaded all my wedding/wedding related photos).  So here’s what I DO have to share!

Last weekend was a busy one.  I was still recovering from the cold/flu/whatever it was, and Mike and I had a packed list of things to do…

Saturday,I made our first breakfast as Husband & Wife ❤


Later, we went to a funeral service for my old college roommate/current coworker’s mom.  It was a beautiful ceremony and the pastor retold some very very touching moments of his observations of the family and the deceased mama.  Afterwards, we went to an Asian buffet…love buffets.


The rest of the day was busy busy with home decor shopping, family time with the Blairs in Beaumont, CA and just catching up on rest!






Aren’t these lights ADORABLE??? LOVE the black shades ❤


Sunday, a day full of more home decor shopping,



 In the afternoon we went to the most ADORABLE baby shower!!  Well, more like a celebration of 3 baby girls (cousins) who were born within the same 6 weeks!!  So exciting ❤

This is mike awkwardly holding his friend’s baby girl (annabelle).  It took a LOT of peer pressure and coaxing for him to take the plunge and hold the baby!  lol


The gorgeous spread of sangria, wine, dessert bar, appetizers, and Mexican food buffet!




  Finally made the big purchase on Sunday after thinking about it overnight from our Saturday visit (IKEA)




 I’ll show you pics of our new place later when it’s all built and set up! xoxo


New Adventure, New Apartment!

Markel and I got approved for a new apartment this week!  I’m SOOOO incredibly excited to move into a new place as newlyweds and decorate our new life together!  Markel and I registered at Bed Bath and Beyond together for lots of our apartment essentials~ and I’ve been looking around at Pinterest to see what sort of ideas for furniture/decor/ambiance I want to bring into the new place ❤

Here are some ideas I want!!  Our colors are going to be mainly Gray/Navy/White.  The gray/navy color will be the base~ like couch, rug, etc.  But I’d like it to be heavy on the white/Cream color to bring out some brightness and then add some pops of color throughout the house.

(secretly…if it were up to me, we’d be living in a white/pink/gold house ❤  hehehe)


Nail Polish Tutorial from Pinterest

Every girl know’s how to paint their nails right?  (I hope so…) But does every girl know how to make it look professional?  Probably not.  Here’s an awesome DIY tutorial I found from Pinterest!

West Elm Wishlist

Yesterday I got a West Elm catalog in the mail and for the five minutes that I read through it~ I imagined a dream home of incredible furniture and designs that I don’t have the money or space for…Here’s my top 6 wishlist:

I imagine the decor of my future house to be filled with lots and lots of white, mirrored pieces and pin-tucked furniture ❤

gahh…now…if only west elm would donate it all to me… *sigh *

Future Home Wishlist

Lately, I’m really into Black/White home decor, candle sticks, pops of color (cool tones only), Tufted anything,  as well as monogram pieces.  Here are some wish list photos~