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LOVE this combo!

Potpourri Bib Necklace From Bauble Bar

HOLY MOLY…I have had my eye on the JCREW necklace that looks just like this for at least a YEAR!  Only…the necklace at JCrew is about $150!!  (click here).  YIKES RIGHT??

Well I got this baby below for a LOW LOW LOW $22 at Bauble Bar!! =)  I had a coupon code and an introductory store credit of $10 (for all who register!) so it brought the price down on this $36 necklace.  I’m seriously SOO excited for it to come in the mail.

YES I should be saving for the wedding, and YES shopping right now is a bad idea…but who could turn this deal down??  NO ONE!  LOL

Can’t wait to wear this baby all spring/summer/fall…hell even winter! xo

Thank YOU Bauble Bar!

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Had a crazy day~ but the color of shirt makes me happy. 🙂

Weekend Recap and Photodump

Sorry for the late recap.  This is over a week late!!  Since school has started, life has been a whirlwind of busy-ness!!  Plus with Halloween season approaching, I spend most of my evenings making tutus for my etsy site.

Wed-Sun (Oct 10-14) I was super sick with the flu and so my weekend was as eventful as I wish it could have been.  I slept at home mostly and ordered Vietnamese soups to keep me happy.

Friday–slept, ate soup, slept, and watched a ridiculous amount of TV and redbox movies.

Saturday–sucked it up and went to a birthday party in downtown Disney.  After taking tons of dayquil and having some coffee, I actually felt better than I had in days.  I haven’t been to downtown Disney in about 1-2 years so it was really fun being back!

Look at everything made of LEGOS!!

Markel tried to win this bear for me, but the machine was too sneaky =(

New Arm Candy and Necklace from JCrew

Sunday–more sleeping and more laziness~~

(so no pics to show)

Photodump of my life lately and the previous week!

My Cat Winston ❤

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Preppy Hamptons Attire in the Spring/Summer 2012

More ideas! =)

Boyfriend Fashion: Preppy Style

So…Markel doesn’t know it yet…but this summer I plan to revamp his wardrobe with some more preppy pieces.  I’ve decided that preppy looks the best on him and really gives off a clean, put-together look.  He can mix and match without a problem, plus he’ll always look appropriate to every function without much effort.  Button downs, polos, khakis, boat shoes, hats… it’s SO adorable!

Here my inspiration board first, then I’ll show you the new things I’m looking to add to Markel’s wardrobe =D

My Shopping List:$pdp_fs418$$pdp_fs418$$pdp_fs418$

 Okay…so it wasn’t just a FEW key pieces…kind of a lot really…But each item was so adorable i just couldn’t take anything out!

Boyfriend Style, Looks and Fashion

My bf and I were talking last night about fashion and updating his wardrobe.  He’s still wearing t-shirts and jeans from high school/college!  As a man in his mid-twenties…it’s time for a major upgrade.  The conversation led to some ideas of what kind of new pieces should be added and what style would look best on him.

I mainly only like JCrew, Ben Sherman, and Banana Republic.  Is it safe to say, My style is his style?  lol$pdp_fs418$$pdp_fs418$$pdp_fs418$$pdp_fs418$$pdp_fs418$$pdp_fs418$$pdp_fs418$$pdp_fs418$$pdp_fs418$

 Gosh…I’m getting so excited for spring/summer shopping!  Menswear can be so fun ❤