Statement Earrings

In my early 20s, I was ALL ABOUT the loud, flashy earrings.  I mean the bigger and more obnoxious the better.  I liked my hair big, makeup bright, and earrings the size of saucers.  As a late 20s (almost 30) gal, I’ve started to wear more flashy studs.  I dress up casual outfits for work with statement studs or pair a LBD with big earrings.  I’ve found that fancy studs are WAY more versatile.  Plus, since they’re not as obvious, you can wear them more often that flashy dangling earrings.

Here are three I ordered from Piperlime.  Unfortunately, I only liked the Sabine earrings.  The others just weren’t as cute in person as they were online.  Or at least they didn’t look good on me.  The Banana Earrings were TOO unique, which meant that I couldn’t get a lot of wear out of them, and the Tinley Road earrings were gorgeous but a little too mature for me.


From the top left…

1. Stardust Fan Earring by Banana Republic

3. Circle Cabochon Studs  by Sabine


Target Home Decor

I went into Target to grab some holiday treats but was REALLY distracted by a few of their home goods items!  I’m debating whether I should go back and get em…(would Markel notice?)…  I seriously want all of these so bad.  I’m not sure if I should wait till the after holiday sale or go grab it ASAP~~~ gahhh

Threshold™ Faux Fur Throw

Stag Head Collection

Threshold™ Mirrored Jewelry Box Collection

Threshold™ Lattice Serving Tray

Threshold Polypro Small Rectangle Serve Tray Silver Woods

Rachael Ray Serveware Sittin’ Pretty 12 Cup Egg Tray-Red

(to store my rings in!)

Threshold™ Laquer Jewelry Box

MELT Pillar Holder

Kate Spade Earrings


I bought these earrings in March 2013 and I literally wear them with EVERTHING.  They are classy and sassy enough for work and dinners with the girls. ♥

Im a HUGE Kate Spade fan with purses, clothes, shoes…and her jewelry doesn’t disappoint!  I tend to have sensitive ears, so a lot of Forever 21 earrings hurt my ears.  However, these gorgeous studs don’t irritate my skin at all!

I’ve gotten so many compliments with these earrings~ And the best part?  They come in a variety of colors too!!

I bought mind from Nordstrom, but I’ve also seen them at Bloomingdales as well. 🙂

Ring Party


I was going through my massive jewelry collection last night and found a ton of rings that I either love and dont wear or love and wear…actually, only the bottom left picture are the rings I wear now.  But I went through a HUGE ring phase.  These above were my favorites out of the 30 or so that I have.

Im not sure if it’s because Im lazier with my fashion these days or not, but I need to start wearing these!

Do you guys still wear huge statement rings?  Or is this SOO 2010?

Forever 21 Haul

I just bought these items below and have been loving them!  I’ve worn them for the last few days and really love the quality of the items.  Sometimes the fabric/stitching quality is pretty lacking at F21, so you have to be careful of the things you pick!  Here are some great pieces I picked up for fall =)

This gorgeous sweater in dark red/maroon

These in Navy Blue

Pear Shaped Halo Diamond

I LOVE Pear Shaped Diamonds!  I know these aren’t very popular, but I seriously want one of these babies (someday).  It doesn’t even need to be a diamond inside…it could be another stone.  But I am very seriously in love with this beauty. ❤


Today’s Arm Candy <3

Today’s Arm Candy <3

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4 Gold Knuckle Rings from Etsy

I just bought these over the weekend and I’m so pysched for them to arrive!  I have fat fingers, so I didn’t think Knuckle rings would be flattering~ but I tried some on when I was in SF two weekends ago and well…they actually make my fingers look longer!  Go Figure.

Etsy Store: Galisfly

Accessory of the Day: Jessica Matrasko Ring

Simply LOVE this huge statement piece.  xo

Jessica Matrasko Jewelry


Wedding Photos Sneak Peak (Professional)

We got a little sneak peak of the professional photos from our photog.  Here are a few for you to see too! ❤

Can you tell there was a theme going on?

HUGE Bridal Party right?

Can’t WAIT to show you guys more!!! xo

Monogram Etsy Necklaces from Swirl Studio Designs

For my Maids of Honors, I bought them monogram necklaces that came late in the mail.  I bought them from Swirl Studio Designs and they were INCREDIBLY easy to work with.  I kept making the wrong mistakes while I was going through my order and they not only replied to me right away, but made it easy to fix the errors so that I could get what I wanted. =)

AND because they are so sweet~ they are offering a 20% discount for all my readers!!  Just use “MAM20” and get your discount during checkout ❤

You’ll LOVE these gorgeous necklaces~~ The store had 10+ different designs and items, but I got the same thing for all three of us ❤

Here’s the packaging that they arrive in below.  Inside, the necklaces are also in these awesome blue fabric baggies as well.


My new initials ❤ ESB


First Initial, Last Initial, Middle Initial

Esther Blair Soohye


One Maid of Honor Wearing Hers! xo


Jennifer Chen Zen


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE my monogram necklace.  I got it in Gold and it seriously matches everything in my wardrobe~ including my engagement ring and wedding band ❤

Thank you Swirl Studio Designs for your gorgeous jewelry!

If you want yours, please visit their store and use “MAM20” for an instant 20% off discount!


Summer Arm Candy Party

Now that the weather is warm, I’m beginning to bust out my arm candy from winter hibernation.  Here are some style inspiration photos from pinterest.

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I’m obsessed with Pearl necklaces right now!  I think I have about 4 different kinds at home.  Gotta think of new ways to wear them since they can seem…uptight and not so trendy.  xo

Current Etsy Faves

As ya’ll know…I love Etsy goods!  Here are some of my current obsessions:

Raspberry Beaded Necklace

wedding jewelry,flower girl gift 14mm cabochon rose post earrings bridesmaid gift birthday gift

Gorjana Jewlery: Chevron Tribal Cuff

Got my Chevron Tribal Cuff in the Mail Yesterday!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!  I used to own the Cross Over Cuff as well, until I lost it on my birthday =(

Well, as you know, Gorjana and Kendra Scott are my two all time fave jewelry lines.  LOVE getting new pieces from there!

I’m super psyched to sport my new bracelet!!  Here are some pictures below:




Delicate Knuckle Rings (and cute Hot Pink Nails)

How cute are these rings???  I love the how thin they are.  This is DEFINITELY on my list of things I want for Spring/Summer!

Wedding Prep: Corks, Centerpeices, and Engagement Outfits


This past Tuesday, my roomie helped me (aka did a wedding intervention) pick out engagement outfits, put together my center pieces and brought over dinner.  Isn’t she the BEST???

All the wedding details have been pretty overwhelming (since I don’t have much time).  So how was I coping?  Drinking LOTS of wine and pretending that I didn’t have wedding stuff to do.  HAHA  Not the best way to approach a short engagement…

In just a few hours, we managed to get the entire day together~ including details like invitations, linens, flowers, reception dress/accessories planned.

THANK GOD for Bridesmaids/Roomies right???  Otherwise…I’d be about 2 bottles of wine deep without engagement outfits tomorrow. =T

*sigh *  Wish me luck guys.  I’m reallllly going to need all the magic and fairy dust tomorrow as I fake smile my way through the shots!


Mint Arm Candy

I want these bracelets!!!  Found this pic on Pinterest and now I know what new Spring accessories I’ll be hunting around for ❤

Holiday Shopping and Deals


Went to Nordstrom rack today and bought some last minute gifts Got friends…and myself! Haha Here are my gifts to myself

What to wear…with my DIAMOND!

This morning I woke up and thought about what to wear…what goes with my new ring?  but then I realized…EVERYTHING!!!

hehe Happy Hump Day, Wednesday and Middle of the Week.