Lace + Red Lips




H&M and Love Culture Buys

I did a little shopping for my birthday (bought by Markel of course).  Here are a few of my favorite finds (will post more later):

From H&M, I bought a lace black shirt and a yellow dress for $5 each!

From Love Culture, I bought these adorable lace shorts!  I’ve worn them twice already and I’m in LOVE ❤



P.S.–I made this Black Dress Refresh

I saw this in on the PS I made this blog and it was too adorable not to post.  Although I’m not good at re-purposing stuff, this idea looks great and something anyone with a thread and needle could do!




ASOS Haul from their huge Sale (extra 10% off of sale)

I did some damage before bed…but now I can’ twait for these babies to come!!




My Black,White, Gold, Pink Wedding Board

 I can never find all the things I love in one place, so I thought I’d blog about it instead =)  Because there may be some other girls out there planning their big day!  I know it sounds like a lot of colors…but Black/White will be the main colors at play~ while Gold/Pink will accent every detail and create a rich depth into the details.  I’m sure you’ll already see this pattern, but I’m obsessed with stripes, lace, pearls, and bows.  I want that vintage feel but with romantic modern touches to give it a more elegant and chic feel.  I’m sure I’ll change my mind a hundred times more before the wedding~ but here’s the board in progress~  And yes…this is sensory overload so I’m sure when the time comes, everything will be much more streamlined, must more simple…and hopefully well put together.

so…for my someday wedding…here is my board of ideas:




Love anything with monograms and crests

Wine and Wine Corks


Flowers, Lace, Bows and More


 Dress/Accessory Ideas


Korean PaeBaek

Reception Fun

Outfit of the Day: Pop of Neon

I’m in LOVE with everything about this outfit!!  Found this pic on Pinterest!

Long-Sleeve Wedding Gowns: Past and Present

My parents came to visit me in LA from Hawaii for the past 2 weeks and you BET the topic of wedding gowns came up 1, 2, …10 times!  My mom is a firm believer that a LADY only wear’s long sleeve wedding gowns.  And that you can measure a bride’s class/background by how covered she is on her wedding day.

WOW…you can imagine my surprise when she asked me, “Are you going to be high-class bride or a low-class bride?”  my thought was immediately…”I’m not wearing long sleeves, so low-class!”  HAHA

In any case, after 2 weeks of this, I’m slowly breaking down and giving long sleeves a second chance.  Do I really want this?  *sigh *  who knows…

My own parents, circa 1979:

What would you do?  Give in or put up a fight?

Monday Funday: Some of my Favorite Things

I have the shopping bug right now!  All I can think about are clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup and all things pretty!  This morning I received an email from piperlime (25% off today!) and I couldn’t help but want to put these items below into my shopping cart… It took all my self-restraint not to.  *sigh *

Elvia Lace Top
by Joie
Stripe Maxi Dress
by Collective Concepts
Santana Printed Strapless Maxi Dress
by Ella Moss
Mia Snake Print Maxi Dress
by Plastic Island

Meow: Blumarine Winter 2011

OMGGG LOVE this outfit.  Love the fierce lipstick.  LOVE the blown out hair.  LOVE the killer shoes.

two more fave outfits from Blumarine’s line: