Piperlime Jewelry Wishlist/Lusts

I am…to put it mildly…OBSESSED with Piperlime.  I am such a huge online shopping addict.  It’s sad really…I NEVER go to the malls anymore which would probably be a more useful and productive way to spend my time (burn calories and only buy what looks good).

ANYWAYY…here are a few pieces that I’m seriously lusting after this Winter!



Cozy Sweater Party

Tonight I’m going to a holiday party with a Cozy theme.  =)  I pulled out a few things from our closet and also repurposed an old scarf for the party.

Here are a few inspirational photos for the theme~ xoxo


All photos from Pinterest!

Sweater Leggings: Yay or Nay?

I see these sweater leggings EVERYWHERE lately and I’m not sure if I should jump on the trend band wagon and buy a pair.  Markel says “NO” b/c he things they’re fugs.  BUT…I can’t help wanting a pair still.  LOL

YAY or NAY people???  Are these hideous or will they always be super cute during the winter at home with some hot chocolate, uggs and a cozy sweater?



Forever 21 Haul

I just bought these items below and have been loving them!  I’ve worn them for the last few days and really love the quality of the items.  Sometimes the fabric/stitching quality is pretty lacking at F21, so you have to be careful of the things you pick!  Here are some great pieces I picked up for fall =)

This gorgeous sweater in dark red/maroon

These in Navy Blue

Gap Motorcycle Vest


This vest is one of my newest Fall favorite pieces to wear.  Not only is the material incredibly soft and warm, but it looks great with every sort of outfit!  Jeans, Leggings, Heels, Boots, sequins…WHATEVER! lol

Here’s my post about buying the vest, Gap should still have these babies! (click here)

Outfit of the Day


Sassy Saturday Outift of the Day 🙂