MAC nailpolish

I got this nail color as a gift a few birthdays ago and I still love wearing it.  It’s a dark khaki color with a gold sheen to it.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the color and it compliments so many outfits and accessories!

Color: Frost-Earthly Harmony


New Year’s Eve Outfit Idea #2

Here’s my second option for new years eve.  This doesn’t photograph as pretty as the gold dress, but it’s still such a gorgeous/elegant option!!  I think I’d do the same makeup/hair as the gold dress for this one as with outfit #1.

Accessorized this outfit with…

Pim + Larkin Necklace, BCBG Clutch, DV Black Heels

Dress (click here)~ this is on sale too now!!  Darn it…but at least you guys can get it for less!

Can’t wait for NYE ❤


Vegas Makeup

Vegas Makeup is my favorite Kind!  I get to do some fun, funky and trendy tricks and just have FUN.  During my normal life I keep to a normal makeup routine without much variation.  Here’s a bad picture below.  The lighting came out super yellow and you don’t get to see some of the more fun colors I picked.  *sigh *  I need to learn to bring my camera more often.  *shaking head *  So try to ignore the bad yellow lighting. =(

Anyway~~ I did some shading, highlighting…and used a VERY heavy hand =P  I also curled my hair, which is a TOTAL rarity these days!


Here’s my fake eyelash trick below!  I always wear TWO strips (different kinds) on each eye. It makes my lashes look fuller and my very small eyes bigger.

One set:



Two Sets:

(can you see the difference??)


I LOVE fake eyelashes and buy them in bulk in Koreatown.  I rarely have a reason to wear them now…but it’s a big treat when I do get to put em on. ❤


Winter Makeup

I found this look on Pinterest.  LOVE IT.  I don’t have many places in my life now where I can wear this kind of full makeup look~~ but I love the dark lipstick, winged eyeliner and perfect brows!

Going Out Makeup

I’m sure you can tell from this picture below but…I’ve got a LOT of makeup on.  =P  This is my “going out” routine~~ a heavier hand with everything from my day look (post here) and a nice bright lipstick to top off the look.  In this picture below, it’s a rare day that I curled my hair and attempted to style it.  Lately it doesn’t want to listen to me…>.<  This is also the hair that I dyed light brown & platinum blonde…but was stubborn enough to stay black/brown.  *shaking fist *

Markel and I went to his friend’s birthday dinner last Saturday and here’s the makeup from the night.  In my younger 20s, I used to wear fake eye lashes to EVERYTHING…but I’ve been getting lazy.  Perhaps my next big night I’ll do my signature double lashes look. =P


xoxo, Esther

Old Hollywood Glam

LOVE this makeup look.  Winged tipped eyeliner doesn’t look awesome on me, but I LOVE to see other girls wearing it!

Fall Lipstick

I finally got the chance to try out this fall’s new lipstick trend: dark red/wine lips.

THE BEST PART of this entire trial?  I found the colors in my own lipstick collection!  I had bought a few darker colors a year or two ago and found that it didn’t really compliment my skin the same way bright colors did (bright pinks/reds).  But with the help of this trend coming back, I gave it another try. =)


NARS: Damaged (matte color)

Fresh: Sugar Plum (added on top for some shine and moisture)



The light wasn’t on my side, so these pics are a bit dark.


What do you think?  Love it or Hate it?

Sephora Delivery

I ordered a few things from sephora recently for myself and for some extra goodies to pad 2 birthday presents.

I love sephora~~ i love makeup and I love trying new things out.  Although I like to stick to specific color families…it doesn’t hurt to experiment once in a while right?

This time, I got some fall nail polish colors, a variety of perfumes (to test out and for traveling) and a hot pink lipstick from NARS. =)



Wedding Pictures (part I)

life has been so busy I completely forgot to post our wedding pictures!  We have so many it’ll probably take like 10 posts… but here are some of us getting ready ❤

The Morning of the Wedding!

The morning of the wedding…the calm and fun times before the big day.  My bridesmaids were AWESOME as they helped me get ready, helped with the flowers, and also made sure I was eating/drinking!  Here’s a collage of our morning together, as my last moment as Ms. Esther Chang.

These are all from a simple point and shoot camera.  Professional pics to come ❤


Oh man…Such a fun and relaxing morning.  I think the last half hour was pretty cray~ but it was all worth it! xoxo ❤

Coachella 2013

I’ve always wanted to go to Coachella and this is what I imagine I’d be wearing ❤  Accessorized with a big floppy hat and retro sunglasses.


Flawless Foundation DIY Tips

Flawless Foundation DIY Tips

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My Makeup for Engagement Pictures

I wanted to hire a makeup artist for my engagement shoot, but mine was busy helping a wedding out (she’s super fab and always booked).  So…I attempted to do it myself!  Here are some pictures I took of my makeup before I went to get my hair done at Dry Bar in Brentwood, CA.





Last pic of the day, after all the pictures~~ =)  Exhausted, but Happy~~


Got my Hair Done at Dry Bar, here are some pics of that =)  LOVED my stylist (Alex).  He really gave me volume, curls and SUPER soft hair!



New Makeup


Trying out some new makeup colors: punishment, peaches and gray eyeliner 🙂

Target Haul


Went to Target with my co-worker today during lunch and found a TON of unnecessary items that I HAD to buy! (of course)

Starting from the top…

1. Herbal Essences Condition in Hello Hydration.  It has a coconut-y smell that I LOVE in the summer.  Plus the extra hydration helps heal my hair from the harsh sun, chlorine and beach (salt water).

2. Grapefruit Scrub by Up and Up.  Basically the same as the Neutrogena one but way cheaper.

3. Visibly Bright face wash by Neutrogena.  I have never tried this before but I’ve been looking to mix up my skin care in the morning so I hope this will “visibly brighten” my skin. ( hehe pun intended)

4. Nail Polish.  Up and Up in the nail strengthening line.  Super cheap and works great!

5. Rimmel bronzer.  I’ve bought this before and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  It’s easy to use and has a rich pigment. (#027 Sun Dance)

6. Maybelline Volum’Express Mascara: The Mega Plush.  I’ve never tried this one before but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this brand of mascara.  Not only does it make my eyelashes look 10x thicker, but it keeps my curled eyelashes…curled!  Most mascaras are so heavy that they weigh them back down but this line of Maybelline is AMAZZING. (#275 very Black)

7. Maybelline Master Drama by Eyestudio.  I bought this color a few weeks ago (here and here) in Midnight Master.  It glided on so smoothly, stayed in place all day (with the help of NYX eye primer) and it was INCREDIBLY rich in pigment.  LOVED that.  Therefore, with my penchant for buying things I love in every color…I bought #405 Vibrant Violet today.  Can’t wait to try it!  Purple really brings out my brown eyes (since they’re lighter than most Asian eyes) and it helps me to line my bottom lashes without a harsh black.

8. And FINALLY…more lip butters from Revlon!!  I have 3 of these already and can’t get enough of them.  They are creamy, rich, have a wide variety of colors and they’re such a steal for under $8!  I actually loved my #045 Cotton Candy so much that I bought a replacement today.  My second color is a lighter, more pastel shade of pink: #055 cupcake.  Can’t wait to add these to my lip collection.  I swear adding a little color to your lips (clear gloss or lipstick) really changes your appearance and brings your makeup together.  LOVE.

and that’s all folks!  Will let you know how these products work out!  If you have a brand or color that you love, please share!  I’d love to try it out~  xoxo




City Target comes to Westwood, CA!


City Target moved to Westwood and I am soooo psyched!! Living in west LA has been a little uncomfortable without stores like Target, Walmart, Costco, etc nearby. During lunch, my co-worker and I walked down to Target and bought a few non-essentials 😛 My greatest find?? The two pairs of sunglasses!! I have been looking for heart-shaped sunnies forEVERR! And I was delighted to find a single pair~ waiting for me to find them 🙂 Although it isnt the red color I wanted, these pink ones are super adorable! My second pair I’m obsessed with? Cat eye glasses! Everyotger time I try to find these at the mall with high end brands, they don’t fit my face well. So, I was really excited when these frames fit! I also loved the fact that the frames are extra black as well as the lenses. Both pairs are from the brand Exhiliration and both pairs were $12.99 each 🙂 My summer just got more fun!

Shayani Nail Polish and Nail Decals


One of my dear friends left me this fun basket of goodies to try and share with my Bs.  I tried the blue color (#18) and I loved it!  The pigment was rich, it dried quickly, applied very smoothly and the best part?  It doesn’t chip easily!  After 3 days of wear, normally my nail polish is quite haggard and gnarly looking.  But this Shany polish has relaly held up and performed marvelously against washing dishes, work, crafts and … well LIFE!

If you see this brand at a drugstore or department store, please try!  I love the unique colors and the variety of products.

I haven’t used the nail decals (cause i don’t now how) or the eye shadow…but I’m really impressed with it all.  The small Nail Decor bottles are cool too because they have a really thin tipped brush that helps you decorate your nails.  I haven’t used that yet, but I’m sure I’ll be experimenting a lot this summer =)  I’ll show you what I come up with!


Pretty in Peach Makeup for Spring/Summer 2012

As much as I love pink~ This peach collage that I found (here) is gorgeous!  It made me give it all a second chance =)

Gorgeous, Classic Makeup for Weddings and Special Ocassions

Normally, I stick to a routine in my makeup that consists of pink blushes and lipsticks, bronzer, brown eye shadows..etc.  After watching a bunch of makeup tutorials like Hollyannaeree, HRH Collection, and FrmHeadtoToe) I tried a bunch of new colors and makeup styles.  These didn’t look awesome all the time, but it was nice trying new things and getting to know my face shape/style better.  One of the looks that I’m still trying to master is the ever so “classic” look that I can put on and use for any and all occasions.  One that looks polished, incredibly gorgeous, and yet appropriate during the day and evening.  Here are some inspirational looks that I’m going to try out this week~ =D

Ulta Makrup Haul: NYX and Revlon

I’m super happy to show off my NYX and Revlon Haul from Ulta!  Interestingly, they were having a sale on this and I didn’t even know, so it makes me even more excited to share =P

I got a makeup primer, eyeshadow base (ESB03), and 3 jumbo eye pencils (608 Cottage Cheese, 632 Peacock, 625 Sparkle Nude).  For Revlon, I picked up my third lip color, this color in 025 Peach Parfait.  For those of you who haven’t used the jumbo eye pencils, they are a must try!  They’re incredibly creamy and have a rich pigment, so you get a lot of color per use.  My eyelids are a little oily, so I really need the primer/base to prevent it from clumping.  For the revlon lip butter~ these are all the rage fro makeup blogs and I COMPLETELY agree!  They’re go on your lips with an incredibly creamy finish and a lot of pigment.  The color on the stick comes out lighter on your lips and they look GORGEOUS and soft.

PLEASE try the jumbo eye pencils and lip butters if you can!