MAC nailpolish

I got this nail color as a gift a few birthdays ago and I still love wearing it.  It’s a dark khaki color with a gold sheen to it.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the color and it compliments so many outfits and accessories!

Color: Frost-Earthly Harmony



Revlon: #917 Plumbing Seduction



Today’s nails 🙂

Ring Party + Red Nails

Love this picture.  So far I have 1 set of knuckle rings but this picture makes me want a few more.  I like the idea of stacking a ton of skinny rings together. ❤

Sephora Delivery

I ordered a few things from sephora recently for myself and for some extra goodies to pad 2 birthday presents.

I love sephora~~ i love makeup and I love trying new things out.  Although I like to stick to specific color families…it doesn’t hurt to experiment once in a while right?

This time, I got some fall nail polish colors, a variety of perfumes (to test out and for traveling) and a hot pink lipstick from NARS. =)



Coachella 2013

I’ve always wanted to go to Coachella and this is what I imagine I’d be wearing ❤  Accessorized with a big floppy hat and retro sunglasses.


Spring Nail Color Ideas

Love these two colors! xo

Nail Polish Tutorial from Pinterest

Every girl know’s how to paint their nails right?  (I hope so…) But does every girl know how to make it look professional?  Probably not.  Here’s an awesome DIY tutorial I found from Pinterest!

NYX Makeup Haul

A couple of Sunday’s ago, I went to this little Persian store near my place and picked up some fun makeup!  I’m a huge fan of NYX and love the variety of products and colors available to me =)


 Eye Shadow: Navy Blue

Nail Polish: LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink/purple glitter.  So festive, flirty and fun!


Lipsticks: 571A Hot Pink & 643 Femme

Absolutely LOVED these lipsticks.  The pigment was rich, the color wasn’t too glossy or matte, and it stayed it had great staying power on my lips.  I wouldn’t say these lipsticks were super moisturizing~ but that’s probably why it stayed on my lips longer than other lipsticks (like Revlon‘s Lip Butter)



LipGloss: 161 Beautiful

Comes out Clear with a super light pink tint

Mint Perfection Nails


Such q fun and cute way to start off the winter 2013 quarter at UCLA 🙂

Gold Glitter Nails for the Holidays


Perfect color to match my engagement ring ;P. Xoxo Happy Holidays All!

Holiday Nails: Meep-Meep-Meep

For the holidays, I’m getting into the spirit and painting my nails a glitter red!  Weeeee~~ My nails are OPI: Meep-Meep-Meep.


I have two weeks left (and counting) till my winter break.  YAY!


Sally Hanson: Salon Effects

A few weeks ago, my friends and I had a nail & wine party and tried out these nail polish strips.  To my surprise…they really lived up to their reputation.  My friend RAVED about these and said they would last for at least 10-18 days.  So, I went out and bought the French Mani with red dots.  Putting them on was kind of a nightmare because I suck at precise applications of anything~ but the other girls seemed to have an easier go of it.  The entire process took about 30-40 minutes and the finished product was quite amazing!

My nail polish strips lasted 21 days and were still in perfect condition when I took them off with nail polish removed (so I could paint my nails black, see here).

I really loved the way that these strips went on and lasted.  There was never a need to touch them up and once the stickers were on, they STAYED ON.  I’m a new believer in these babies and plan to use them more often!  Especially for traveling and/or times when I’m really busy.





BLACKOUT! Fall Nails are back



This is my first time painting dark nails this season. Can’t believe fall is in full swing and Thanksgiving is upon is! eek~ LOVE the holidays 🙂 xoxo

Weekend Recap and Photodump

This past weekend was a rare one for me.  I had ABSOLUTELY no plans!!

Saturday Morning, Markel and I rode our bikes to Santa Monica and Venice beach.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  I haven’t done anything like this ever, so it was refreshing to do something new and spend the entire day sunbathing, eating, and relaxing on the beach =)








For Dinner we were exhausted and in the mood for something sinfully delicious~



 Sunday was another great lazy day~~  Church, downtown LA for etsy supplies, 5 loads of laundry and a Boardwalk Empire Marathon before season 3 begins!

Lunch in ktown

Downtown LA

My greatest LA find! xoxo


 Juicing this week~ 2 meals a day

I’ve been craving Lentil Soup for a while now~ and Markel made some for dinner last night =)  YUMMAYYY

Boardwalk Empire~ SUCH an amazing show!

and now…it’s the work week.  =/

Shayani Nail Polish and Nail Decals


One of my dear friends left me this fun basket of goodies to try and share with my Bs.  I tried the blue color (#18) and I loved it!  The pigment was rich, it dried quickly, applied very smoothly and the best part?  It doesn’t chip easily!  After 3 days of wear, normally my nail polish is quite haggard and gnarly looking.  But this Shany polish has relaly held up and performed marvelously against washing dishes, work, crafts and … well LIFE!

If you see this brand at a drugstore or department store, please try!  I love the unique colors and the variety of products.

I haven’t used the nail decals (cause i don’t now how) or the eye shadow…but I’m really impressed with it all.  The small Nail Decor bottles are cool too because they have a really thin tipped brush that helps you decorate your nails.  I haven’t used that yet, but I’m sure I’ll be experimenting a lot this summer =)  I’ll show you what I come up with!


Nail Polish Idea of the Day: Cupcakes!

SUCHHH a cute IDEA!!!  Can’t wait to try this out.

Nail Polish Idea of the Day: Mustaches!

Summer Nail Polish & Design Ideas

I’ve been really into painting my nails with designs on them lately~ I paint mine about every 3-4 days and I’m excited to try these designs out below! =)

My Favorite Nail Polish Colors of the Moment: Essie, L’oreal, L.A. Girl

L.A. Girl Flare: Red

Essie Nail Color: Set in Stones

L’oreal: Base Coat

OPI Nail Polish: Step Right Up

ahh I’m in love with this color!