Neon necklace from Target


I had my eye on this necklace at Target for a few months but it was $30. Not expensive in general, but to buy it at Target…I didn’t think it was worth it. BUT thankfully I went back two weeks ago and I found it on sale for $15!! 🙂 It is now my new fave accessory this winter to really brighten up my dark winter clothes. 🙂 Xo


Couture Gowns: Neon for Summer 2012

Although I have no where to every wear these, I LOVE how gorgeous these gowns are.  They make a huge statement and are so flirty and GLAMMM.

Outfit and Accessories of the Day


Shayani Nail Polish and Nail Decals


One of my dear friends left me this fun basket of goodies to try and share with my Bs.  I tried the blue color (#18) and I loved it!  The pigment was rich, it dried quickly, applied very smoothly and the best part?  It doesn’t chip easily!  After 3 days of wear, normally my nail polish is quite haggard and gnarly looking.  But this Shany polish has relaly held up and performed marvelously against washing dishes, work, crafts and … well LIFE!

If you see this brand at a drugstore or department store, please try!  I love the unique colors and the variety of products.

I haven’t used the nail decals (cause i don’t now how) or the eye shadow…but I’m really impressed with it all.  The small Nail Decor bottles are cool too because they have a really thin tipped brush that helps you decorate your nails.  I haven’t used that yet, but I’m sure I’ll be experimenting a lot this summer =)  I’ll show you what I come up with!


Rainbow Bright Eye Makeup For All Occassions

Outfit of the Day: Pop of Neon

I’m in LOVE with everything about this outfit!!  Found this pic on Pinterest!

Best Neon Outfit of the Day

LOVE how a little neon goes a long way!  Plus the pop of salmon adds a great balance to the neutral colors ❤

Spring/Summer 2012: Neon Accents


I love the new Neon Accent Trend!  It adds brightness and a fresh approach to my summer wardrobe~~

Where is this all from?  Piperlime of course!