Mother’s Day 2014

So happy to celebrating this year with TWO mama’s ❤  I’m very blessed and grateful for them.

New Year’s Eve Outfit Idea #2

Here’s my second option for new years eve.  This doesn’t photograph as pretty as the gold dress, but it’s still such a gorgeous/elegant option!!  I think I’d do the same makeup/hair as the gold dress for this one as with outfit #1.

Accessorized this outfit with…

Pim + Larkin Necklace, BCBG Clutch, DV Black Heels

Dress (click here)~ this is on sale too now!!  Darn it…but at least you guys can get it for less!

Can’t wait for NYE ❤


New Year’s Eve Outfit Idea #1

I just got this in from Piperlime and I’m obsessed with this gold dress!!  Not only is it incredibly comfortable/stretchy, but the gold really pops out!

I’m thinking I could pair this with hot pink lipstick and some romantic hair? =)

Paired the dress with a beaded black necklace (can’t remember where I got it), black BCBG clutch, bebe heels.

Dress (click here).  It’s on sale right now!!  I totally bought it before then (boo) but at least you can get it for a discount now!




About Me…

I’ve been writing this blog for about 4 years now, and it’s been such a blessing to have as an outlet.  I love updating friends and family about my weekends, loves, dislikes, and obsessions.  In case you didn’t already know…here are a few fun facts about Me =)

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Academic Counselor, event planner, etsy shop owner


Eating, Shopping, Watching Reality TV, Reading fashion and Gossip Magazines, Dancing, Tequila, SLEEPING, Wine, Reading, Sewing and Crafting.

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2 parents & a big bro that live in Hawaii

Markel my fiancee who will soon be my hubby in April ❤


I wish!!  I take care of a stray tabby cat named Winston once in a while…but no furry baby to call my own =T

Wedding Save The Date: Party Rockin’

After a few months of research and brain storming…Markel and I have created and sent our Save the Dates!  We had really grandiose plans of taking it at the beach, in the snow, or even doing a super glam shoot.  In the end?  We took a random picture on New Year’s Eve in a semi-intoxicated state. =P  But how gorgeous did this photo turn out??  And the balloons, GENIUS right??  HAHA  They were part of our room decorations that I “borrowed”.

Oh, and the BEST part of this pic below?  It was completely edited (text and all) with my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy 3S).  LOL

Markel and I have had such an amazing year and journey together.  I can’t wait to venture into this new year, new life, and new marriage with my Best Friend!!  ❤  I can’t believe it, but our wedding is in 108 days!! eeeeeep! xoxoxo

save the date


Weekend Recap and Photodump

This week I didn’t really take very many pictures because Mama and Papa Blair moved!  Markel and I helped move and we spent a fun weekend in beautiful Beaumont.  The weather was rainy and cold~ but it was nice to spend a weekend together (siblings, nephews, niece, and all).  Here are my sporadic bursts of photos…

Friday was a surprise Birthday Party for Mike’s friend.  We didn’t last past the pre-party (we had to wake-up early to move), but it was FUNNNNNNNNNNNN.



AWESOME GIFT right???  My fab roommie bought them for me!  They’re silicone gloves to touch hot things in the kitchen ❤


View fromt he Beaumont house.  You can’t tell, but it’s hailing outside!  I haven’t seen Hail since I was 18 in Sacramento.


From the hiking trail near their house


 Our new storage unit Markel and I get married ❤


 YUMMMMMMMM Best Turkey Melt I’ve had!  It was a “Southwest Turkey Melt”