Mother’s Day 2014

So happy to celebrating this year with TWO mama’s ❤  I’m very blessed and grateful for them.

PaeBaek: Korean Wedding Ceremony

Yes, another wedding related post.  Bear with me friends!  When my parents came to visit in April, there was a lot of debate and preparation for whether or not my brother and his fiancee would participate (or include) the PaeBaek in their wedding this July.  If you live in Los Angeles, having a paebaek is a cinch.  You hire a company (prices range from $300-$1500) to come set up the materials, give you your outfit, do your hair, and help you re-create the traditional ceremony.  The bride and groom basically bow to every member of the groom’s family and participate in symbolic supersitutions and rights of passage.  It’s all very fun and more for pictures these days than the actual meaning of the ceremony.  My friends have generally done this during the cocktail hour so that guests don’t have to watch if they don’t want to.  Plus it’s nice for the bride/groom to knock it out while their guests are boozing it up at the bar.  LOL.

Anyway, this is a ceremony that I’m super excited to have one day~ it’ll be fun, playful and a lifetime of great memories!  For those of you who are unfamiliar with it…here are some pictures:

Weekend Photo Dump and Recap

The past few weeks have been really crazy and I’m so sorry but I am behind on my updates!  My parents are visiting from Hawaii (where they live) so as you can imagine…my days are pretty crazy and packed!  Here’s a quick photo dump of what’s been going on lately~

BedBathBeyond for home decor, AOC for a goodbye dinner, Gift from Japan, Hole in the Wall, Toms Shoes, Marukai Shopping raid, Sedar Dinner (with Mike’s adorable Kippah), Easter Service, Gil Mok (The Corner Place), Shopping for my brother’s Paebaek (Korean Wedding), and last but not least…the debut of my new eyebrows.  LOL  My mom hated my old ones so I had to change them.

OH! and I finally downloaded instagram!  Please add me! @estchang ❤

annddd now it’s Sunday night!  My parents are visiting their friends so I plan to spend a ridiculous amount of time watching my DVR and then painting my nails.  teehee.