Bar Cart

Last week Markel bought a Bar Cart from Target (post here) and decorated it with stuff we had at home and things we bought from Crate & Barrel after our wedding.    We looked at a bunch of pictures on Pinterest and online and decided what would go on our bar cart and what wouldn’t.  We currently have a wine rack, so we didn’t need to keep those things on there…

We still think it’s missing a liiiitle something…but we’ll figure that out later.  Probably a plant, or something non-alcohol related. =)




Bar Carts

Markel and I are looking for a bar cart right now and we haven’t been able to find anything we love in our price range.  Who knew it would be so hard??

I love gold, so I’d like it to be that color or something else in that color family.

After the wedding, Markel and I went to crate and barrel and bought all the big essentials for it, but after 6 months…haven’t been able to buy the cart itself.  FRUSTRATINGGG.

as my search continues, here are some that i really like. ❤


Retro Pink Madness

Nautical Theme Bachelorette Party in Vegas!

This weekend I’m excited to say…I’m in VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!  This is a much awaited bachelorette that I can’t wait to celebrate my esjo’s last days as a single ladyyyy<3

 And the theme for the weekend???  NAUTICAL of course! =)

 For the Hotel…some decorations =)

For the pool we ordered a bunch of these Captain Hats for the lovely 13 ladies~~

And for our night outfits??  Anything Nautical ❤  Whether it be a sailor suit or nautical-like.  Here are some adorable pin-up and sexy sailor outfits that I found some inspiration for when choosing my outfit.  xoxo

High Seas Honey Sailor Costume

Happy Weekend All: SUMMER is here!!

Bringing Back the 80s

I was looking through piperlime’s bi-annual sale tonight and found that there are SO MANY 80s items!  I know I know…this isn’t anything new…but I’m still surprised to find things that I grew up with and wore~ being the new “trend”.  Here are some fun finds that I wouldn’t mind wearing again.  LOL

Winged Eye Makeup

I’ve been noticing a trend of winged eye-liner recently and saw that there’s so many different ways to do it.  Since my asian eyes look smaller, I prefer to use colors to wing the tips out instead of a harsh black color.  But LOVE these looks below!  Such drama without all the fuss of a smokey eye.