A Musical Note, Pinata and Party

We had a big 30th birthday bash for my boss last week and the decorations came out…PERFECTLY.  My other coworker did 99% of the decorations around the music note theme (she works in that department)~ and it made me want to copy it for another party!!

Here are the decorations below~~ the creme flags in the middle are a music sheet pattern.  SO CUTE.  The entire party was a white/black/cream color theme.


My bad pinwheels on the tables with catering from Fundamental in Westwood (SUCH GREAT FOOD).


Isn’t this sign so adorable??  The letters are made of a music sheet pattern and the little notes on the side add the perfect touch. ❤


This was LITERALLY the only thing I contributed too.  Hanging notes and pinwheels.  I wouldn’t say these were “cute” or “crafty”…they just sorta added to the music theme that my talented coworker put together.


AND the FINALE~~~A MUSIC NOTE PINATA!!!  How incredibly adorable is this???  My coworker MADE IT from scratch!!!!  She put the pinata on top of music sheets that had the birthday song printed on it.  SO CLEVER, CRAFTY and freaking amazing.  She also made the little name sign on top of the cake. ❤


We always try to celebrate each other at work whether it’s a birthday, a celebration, or a great life moment.    I love my job and the creative/loving team I work with.  This party is just one example of what we do for each other.  ❤


Christmas Cheer

In an attempt to start the holiday cheer early~ I made these little fluffy balls of tulle and hung them on our curtain rod.  These pictures are pretty terrible, but hopefully you’ll get the idea.  This weekend I plan to finally put up my tree, stockings, and lights! =)


Happy Friday Everyone!


Badgley Mischka Silver Satin Pumps


I was cleaning out my closet and I found these babies! I think I bought them two years ago and for some reason I never even unwrapped the shoes in the box! Now…I just need a fabulous event to wear em to! xoxo

Flower Girl Tutu Dresses from Little Miss Esther/EsQuisite Designs

I recently made tutu skirts and sewed them to white tank tops for a friend’s wedding earlier this month.  I was stressed to the max because I wanted it to come out perfectly!  I mean…it’s a wedding after all~  I scoured downtown LA for the perfect shade of tulle, the best ribbon for the waist band (in the exact shade of raspberry pink) and wahla!  Here are the final dresses:




I’m trying to figure out if this is something I should add to my Etsy store or only take personal orders from friends?  If I do sell on Etsy, which Store?  What do you guys think?