Summer 2013 Bucket List Recap

This summer seriously FLEW BY.  It feels like only yesterday when I wrote a bucket list for myself (and Markel).  It wasn’t until 3/4ths of the summer was finished when I realized I was no where near to completing the list.  Here’s what I was able to finish below.  Since the weather in LA is so great, it’s still possible to finish some of these or even put it on my Fall bucket list.


Completed Items:

#2. Overnight hiking trip.  I didn’t get to go backpacking, but I was able to go glamping with girlfriends and hike.  That counts right???

#4.  Markel and I went on several trips to Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Big Bear and Beaumont.  Nothing out of state like I would have wanted…but it was still nice to be out of LA.


 #5: HAWAII!!  xoxo Our honeymoon was AMAZZZZING

#6 The last shopping cart…

#7–Markel unpacked our last box last weekend…which was pretty sad.  But at least we’re box free now!

#10 I only read 2 books this summer =(  I’m currently reading a third…but I’m sad I wasn’t able to complete this number.

#13–Went to a dodger game this past weekend =)

#15–THIS was the biggest thing I did this summer.  I learned a LOT about myself and about what I like to eat.  It totally gave me a new view on cooking~~ but I dunno if I can do this again.  IT WAS HARD!!  Pinterest Challange.  There were 31 recipes (1 per day) that I tried. It showed me that I could definitely cook everyday, that it wasn’t very hard, and that we could potentially save money.  However…it’s pretty hard to keep it up…

Blair Bucket List for Summer 2013

Markel and I never do bucket lists, but this summer we came up with 15 things that we hope to accomplish in the next three months as a newlywed couple ❤Untitled

What do you think?  Did we leave anything out?  Do you guys every do summer lists?


Weekend Recap and Photodump

This week I didn’t really take very many pictures because Mama and Papa Blair moved!  Markel and I helped move and we spent a fun weekend in beautiful Beaumont.  The weather was rainy and cold~ but it was nice to spend a weekend together (siblings, nephews, niece, and all).  Here are my sporadic bursts of photos…

Friday was a surprise Birthday Party for Mike’s friend.  We didn’t last past the pre-party (we had to wake-up early to move), but it was FUNNNNNNNNNNNN.



AWESOME GIFT right???  My fab roommie bought them for me!  They’re silicone gloves to touch hot things in the kitchen ❤


View fromt he Beaumont house.  You can’t tell, but it’s hailing outside!  I haven’t seen Hail since I was 18 in Sacramento.


From the hiking trail near their house


 Our new storage unit Markel and I get married ❤


 YUMMMMMMMM Best Turkey Melt I’ve had!  It was a “Southwest Turkey Melt”