Old Navy Sweaters & Jeans

I am a new believer in Old Navy.  The past year I’ve found so many really great, classic pieces that are also great quality.  I got a little package in the mail a few weeks back:


The only 2 pieces I really loved were the green stretchy jeans and red cardigan.  The flash totally washed out the colors of each of these items~ but check out their site!  I don’t shop there often, but I find that the things I do get~ I wear often as one of my staple pieces for work. =)  Old Navy has TONS of sales online~~ I always wait until they give out a code for 20% or 30% off.  That’s how I got those babies up above~~ hehe.


Ring Party + Red Nails

Love this picture.  So far I have 1 set of knuckle rings but this picture makes me want a few more.  I like the idea of stacking a ton of skinny rings together. ❤


HRH George Alexander Louis


The royal Baby has been named!! eeek so exciting ❤

Here’s the link to a full article: click here

Iraqi Tea/Wine/Glass set

How adorable and amazing are these???  My brother bought them for me 6 years ago when he served in Iraq.  He bought both my mom and I a beautiful set of classes and a set of Persian Rugs.  Here are the glasses I chose below (from a huge catalog of them).  Real Crystal with 14K gold trim ❤

I just unpacked these out of a box and Can’t wait to use them when the girls come over for dinner! xo




Zac Posen Bags

Piperlime is having a big 40% off sale and well…the first thing I thought about were purses!!  I’ve had my eye on these two bags for a while…but…they are still crazy expensive.  Zac Posen isn’t a brand or designer I normally gravitate to, however, I really really love the shape and structure of these bags.  PLUS they have really fun pops of color.  The second bag has a hot pink lining and the fun animal print. ❤


Summer Arm Candy Party

Now that the weather is warm, I’m beginning to bust out my arm candy from winter hibernation.  Here are some style inspiration photos from pinterest.

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MAC Barbie Pink Lipstick

I die.  I need this shade for Spring and Summer 2013!


New Adventure, New Apartment!

Markel and I got approved for a new apartment this week!  I’m SOOOO incredibly excited to move into a new place as newlyweds and decorate our new life together!  Markel and I registered at Bed Bath and Beyond together for lots of our apartment essentials~ and I’ve been looking around at Pinterest to see what sort of ideas for furniture/decor/ambiance I want to bring into the new place ❤

Here are some ideas I want!!  Our colors are going to be mainly Gray/Navy/White.  The gray/navy color will be the base~ like couch, rug, etc.  But I’d like it to be heavy on the white/Cream color to bring out some brightness and then add some pops of color throughout the house.

(secretly…if it were up to me, we’d be living in a white/pink/gold house ❤  hehehe)







New Etsy Wine Cork Heart!

Over the weekend, I decided to get creative and create a new Wine Cork design for our Etsy Store.  Check it out =)

I love that it’s simple and adorable.  Easy to hang and have a part of the house as well ❤







Found this outfit on Pinterest, and I seriously want these leopard pants.  Yes, they are loud.  Yes, some may say they’re obnoxious…But will I totally rock them?  HELL YES. =P



Pinterest Outfit of the Day

LOVE this combo!


Potpourri Bib Necklace From Bauble Bar

HOLY MOLY…I have had my eye on the JCREW necklace that looks just like this for at least a YEAR!  Only…the necklace at JCrew is about $150!!  (click here).  YIKES RIGHT??

Well I got this baby below for a LOW LOW LOW $22 at Bauble Bar!! =)  I had a coupon code and an introductory store credit of $10 (for all who register!) so it brought the price down on this $36 necklace.  I’m seriously SOO excited for it to come in the mail.

YES I should be saving for the wedding, and YES shopping right now is a bad idea…but who could turn this deal down??  NO ONE!  LOL

Can’t wait to wear this baby all spring/summer/fall…hell even winter! xo

Thank YOU Bauble Bar!


About Me…

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Baby Couture


How stylish are these babies?? The mustache tree, sweater with a bow on the shoulder, leopard jeans, stripped tee with neon flowers…spoil adorable. Love little girls!! Xo

My Favorite Shampoo Of the Moment: Pantene Pro V Volume


Gives my hair great volume, bounce, and makes it super silky ❤

Weekend recap and Photodump

Of course…I’m late on my updates again.  This past weekend was really uneventful.  I had a minor surgery so I rested over the weekend and watched an insane amount of netflix.  I took an extra week off work before my 1.5 holiday break and it’s been incredibly relaxing. xoxo  I’m all healed now so I”ll be most definitely celebrating this weekend with 2 holiday parties!  Can’t wait!!  One is a heaven/hell theme and the other is a neon party (in lieu of an ugly sweater theme) with a white elephant gift exchange!

Christmas is only 4 days away.  CAN’T WAIIIIT!!!



uh oh…I committed a huge shopping sin.  I bought something online (or four things…) after midnight.  I swear it’s the eternal curse of over buying… *sigh *  But this time I think it’s totally worth it!!  With NYE, engagement pictures, my bridal shower, my bachelorette, and rehearsal dinner coming up…I’m trying to find a few perfect outfits.

Here’s a sneak peak to what I bought for New Year’s Eve! =)  Can’t decide which color yet, but I’ll try on both when they arrive.  This dress is on sale for $43.10! =)

How adorable are these sequined dresses?  They could totally double as a NYE and bach dress.  keke  can’t wait till they arrive!!


Gap Motorcycle Vest


This vest is one of my newest Fall favorite pieces to wear.  Not only is the material incredibly soft and warm, but it looks great with every sort of outfit!  Jeans, Leggings, Heels, Boots, sequins…WHATEVER! lol

Here’s my post about buying the vest, Gap should still have these babies! (click here)

Wedding Shoes: Badgley Mischka Glitter Heels

I’ve had these gorgeous pumps for about 3 years now and I’ve only worn them once.  They’re my dream shoes that I bought from giltgroup and I’m excited to wear them for my big day!  How GLAM and sassy are these shoes??  eeek I’m sooo excited!



Holiday Nails: Meep-Meep-Meep

For the holidays, I’m getting into the spirit and painting my nails a glitter red!  Weeeee~~ My nails are OPI: Meep-Meep-Meep.


I have two weeks left (and counting) till my winter break.  YAY!