Favorite Online Shopping Sites

Who DOESN’T love online browsing for clothes, accessories, shoes, purses…household goods??

1. Amazon


I have Amazon prime and probably buy something from this site no less than 1x per week.  This site is seriously the most incredible .com site EVER.  You can buy groceries, books, household goods, craft supplies, clothes, shoes, makeup…EVERYTHING.  I swear someday they’ll sell lumbar and delivery it within 2 days.  If I could only shop on one site for the rest of my life, Amazon would be it.  As an Amazon Prime member, I get free 2-day shipping and it’s just SO EASY to get stuff in a flash.  Shopping in LA is so hard with traffic/parking that I rely heavily on prime shipping.  My coworkers say that as Mom’s, they buy all their baby stuff through Amazon so that they don’t have to go to a store with a screaming baby (just the hassle of traveling with the baby is avoided).  AND returns are really easy!

2. Piperlime


My go-to site for all clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, etc.  I even go here for GIFTS!  It’s just so easy to order from there because I completely TRUST the brand, the items sold on the site AND you can return it for free.  I have a banana republic luxe card and I get free shipping on all the orders as well.  Shopping with Piperlime/Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy/Athletica is SO easy.  Plus, shipping is FAST.



Asos is a site that I go to for everything I can’t find on #1 and #2.  Shipping and Returns are fast and free.  There are THOUSANDS of products on this site and everything is incredibly trendy and fair priced.  I don’t trust everything on this site the way I trust Piperlime, but I’m never afraid to order since I can easily return what I don’t like.

If you’re not used to shopping online or are afraid of it~ start with these three sites!  They really make the buying/returning experience easy and each company comes with really superb customer service if you need help. =)

xoxoxo  Happy Holiday Shopping!


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New Arrivals at Lulus.com

I absolutely LOVE lulus.com.  Why?  They are similar to forever21, but the looks are a lot more unique and the prices are AMAZING.  All of the items below are listed between $30-$41, except for the gold shorts that are $55.  For super trendy looks, that’s an AMAZING deal.  You may want to invest in staple wardrobe items, but for the few trendy items that you want to add to your wardrobe each season…Lulus is definitely the way to go.   Lately I’ve had a lot of bridal showers, Bachelorettes, and weddings to go to~ and rather than buying a ton of pricey dresses~ it’s been much easier to buy 3-4 cute ones from Lulus and not spend more than $150.  What a great steal!