Genuis!! Mr. Tennis Ball DIY household Helper

For Ya’ll that need a pick me up this Friday Afternoon =D  This is SOOOOOO adorbs.  I know it wouldn’t match any household decor…but it would genuinely make me happy to see this everyday and put my keys, mail, WHATEVER I WANT…in Mr. T’s mouth.  teehee.

TGIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!  Rock out the weekend guys, You know I will be!


EsQuisite Designs on Etsy

I started the EsQuisite Designs etsy shop about a year ago (my second shop) and it’s been quite a difference!  The items are larger and easier to make and I like that I get to do some of them with Markel.

These wine cork projects below have been our pet project/collaboration in recent months and it’s really been a blast!    We have been working together to collect the corks, create the letters, and make a gorgeous layout.    Markel is really the mastermind behind these and I’m nothing but a “gluer”.  lol   We’ve been getting feedback on the items that customers have received and it’s seriously been such a high!  They’ve loved the letters and the designs and have used it for their weddings and homes.

All the rad comments/notes have been so amazing!  I swear it brings us closer together as a couple and makes me excited to think that we have a lifetime ahead of collaboration~ if these little things can be so rewarding, can you imagine what bigger things are in store?

And a plus side???  I get to drink all the wine I want without judgement.  LOL  I mean…It’s a business expense right?  haha

Happy Monday Ya’ll!  If you have any thoughts about the letters, I’d love to hear from you!

 Other items that I make on my own…

Pinterest: Home Sweet Home Board

Yes yes…I still have MORE pinterest boards to share.  LOL  This one is for the future~  Since I don’t own a house and I’m a TERRIBLE decorator…I like to put these pictures together so that I can have some references for the future.  As it stands now, my place is pretty fugs.  I have no matching furniture and no wall art…no wall ANYTHING.  It’s really sad.

I love to look through this collection of items and imagine what kind of colors scheme I’d be using and what sort of items I’ll be collection.  For now, I can say that I hate clutter, I hate decorative pieces…and I love WHITE!