Winter Essentials from Old Navy


Winter is finally here in LA!  It’s not so.cold that you can see your own breathe, but it’s wayyy colder than usual.  I bought these two babies from Old Navy (both on sale), for my up coming trip to NYC!  🙂 

I haven’t been in super cold, East coast weather in over 15 years! Yikes…  let’s these babies keep me warm!!

Faux Fur

Faux fur vests, coats, and scarves are high on my list of things I want for fall/winter.  I love the instant glam this adds to any outfit for any occasion!  The trouble I’m finding is…I can’t find one I LOVE.  *sigh *  They are either too expensive in price or too cheap in material.  Any Suggestions??

Wedding Save The Date: Party Rockin’

After a few months of research and brain storming…Markel and I have created and sent our Save the Dates!  We had really grandiose plans of taking it at the beach, in the snow, or even doing a super glam shoot.  In the end?  We took a random picture on New Year’s Eve in a semi-intoxicated state. =P  But how gorgeous did this photo turn out??  And the balloons, GENIUS right??  HAHA  They were part of our room decorations that I “borrowed”.

Oh, and the BEST part of this pic below?  It was completely edited (text and all) with my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy 3S).  LOL

Markel and I have had such an amazing year and journey together.  I can’t wait to venture into this new year, new life, and new marriage with my Best Friend!!  ❤  I can’t believe it, but our wedding is in 108 days!! eeeeeep! xoxoxo

save the date


Thanksgiving Eve

It’s the day before thanksgiving and I’m super antsy to leave work already!  Here are some ADORABLE pictures to brighten up your day and long weekend ❤


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Fall is Here! Breaking out the Scarf and Jacket


My first day wearing a scarf and jacket~~ Fall has finally hit LA!

Fall Weekend Outfit Ideas

Camel Leather Jacket Envy


LOVE this jacket!!  Love the color, the neckline and the structure of it.  Found this pic on pinterest…so

Piperlime, Gap, Old Navy Haul: Oops I Did It Again

…I shopped.  gahhh So hard to say no to sales when the deals are SOOO GOOD.  For this piperlime/gap/old navy round, Everything was 25% off (using codes from their websites: ONTAKE25 for old navy and the gap one is over…)~ Plus I had a gift card for the company which…made it even harder to stay away.  Anyway…on to the things I bought!

My Black,White, Gold, Pink Wedding Board

 I can never find all the things I love in one place, so I thought I’d blog about it instead =)  Because there may be some other girls out there planning their big day!  I know it sounds like a lot of colors…but Black/White will be the main colors at play~ while Gold/Pink will accent every detail and create a rich depth into the details.  I’m sure you’ll already see this pattern, but I’m obsessed with stripes, lace, pearls, and bows.  I want that vintage feel but with romantic modern touches to give it a more elegant and chic feel.  I’m sure I’ll change my mind a hundred times more before the wedding~ but here’s the board in progress~  And yes…this is sensory overload so I’m sure when the time comes, everything will be much more streamlined, must more simple…and hopefully well put together.

so…for my someday wedding…here is my board of ideas:




Love anything with monograms and crests

Wine and Wine Corks


Flowers, Lace, Bows and More


 Dress/Accessory Ideas


Korean PaeBaek

Reception Fun

Favorite Winter Boots: Low Studded Booties from Report were such an amazing find!  I can’t remember what they’re called, but I bought them from Piperlime last fall when they were having a huge sale.  These boots are perfect for all my winter outfits, are super comfy, and help keep my feet warm. ❤  It rained super hard in LA last night, so I brought these boots back out to keep my toesies warm.