Blake Lively

I LOVE LOVE LOVE gossip girl.  And my favorite dressed character?  Serena of course!


Stephani Pratt does Maxim

Despite this saucy, sexy magazine spread…i still don’t find her attractive.  Yea she’s skinny~ but “eh”.  she’s whatevs in my book



Splitsville: Reese Witherspoon & Jake

Rumors are flying that she broke up with him.  Is that the truth?  I dunno if we’ll know the whole story, but for now…. THEY BROKE UP!!! =(  I seriously LOVED this couple… *tear *

Various sources are reporting that Jake was begging Reese to get married and she wasn’t having it.  After her divorce to Ryan Phillipe in 2006, Reese vowed not to get married again for a very long time, if ever.  Sorry Jake… you should have just been happy to be with her.

Now…the bet is on~ who will date first??

Reese and Jake: It's Over!


Emma Watson: Highest Grossing Actress

Known to most of the world as “Hermione”, Emma Watson is a mere 18 years old and has entered her freshman year at Brown University. Watson is also the new face of Burberry and many other fashion labels who saw a beautiful star and capitalized on it.  The Guiness Book of World records has declared that since 2000, Watson’s six Harry Potter films have grossed in over $5.4 BILLION DOLLARS worldwide!

Many would assume that big name celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts or even Meryl Streep would have been up there on the list, but they were no where in sight.

burberry aftershow party 5 220909


Miranda Kerr in January 2010’s Marie Claire

This Aussie Model stole our hearts a few years ago when she came out on a Victoria’s Secret Angel’s Commercial.  Her hot accent, adorable dimples and GORGEOUS body captured the hearts of the world.  Soon after, we saw her in tons of print ads, commercials, the runway, and most recently…on the arm of Orlando Bloom.  Miranda Kerr is your “normal” down-to-earth girl who can play with the best of em, yet look drop dead sexy while doing it.   Mr. Bloom, don’t let this one go.

Miranda Kerr bikini

Miranda Kerr: Marie Claire  January 2010
Miranda Kerr: Marie Claire  January 2010
Miranda Kerr: Marie Claire  January 2010
Miranda Kerr: Marie Claire  January 2010
Miranda Kerr: Marie Claire  January 2010
Miranda Kerr: Marie Claire  January 2010
Miranda Kerr: Marie Claire  January 2010
Miranda Kerr: Marie Claire  January 2010

Get the Look: Natalie Portman

Natalie looked completely fab at her NYC “Brothers” premiere.  Nothing was in the same color family and matched outright~ but somehow the three things combined really knocked it out of the park.  Get her look for less below =)

Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman

La Regale Pleated Flap Clutch Teeze Me Origami Pleat Strapless Dress ($68, Nordstrom) 'Segura' Peeptoe Pumps ($80, Aldo)

La Regale Pleated Flap Clutch ($30, eBags)

Teeze Me Origami Pleat Strapless Dress ($68, Nordstrom)

‘Segura’ Peeptoe Pumps ($80, Aldo)


Fake Purses and Accessories

Great article from Thefashionbomb

New MIT Study: People Rely on Social Cues to Judge the Authenticity of a Bag

Submitted by Claire on December 7, 2009 – 8:39 pm16 Comments

Hey Bombshells!
I almost hit the ceiling when I saw a new MIT study on counterfeit bags mentioned on NYMag:

Fake Louis Vuitton Bag

Not only is the study interesting, but the Assistant Professor leading the study, Renee Richardson Gosline, was my tutor in college!

Renee Richardson Gosline

How cool!

In her new working paper, “Rethinking Brand Contamination,” Gosline says that people rely heavily on social cues to tell real bags from fakes. When viewing bags on a shelf, for example, study participants couldn’t discern the real from the counterfeit. However, when looking at people carrying bags, participants judged the bag’s authenticity based on the person’s overall outfit and comportment:

louis vuitton speedy New MIT Study: People Rely on Social Cues to Judge the Authenticity of a Bag

Basically if someone looks wealthy, most people believe their bag is real and if someone looks lower class, they assume the bag was purchased in Chinatown:

Fake Bags

Renee also published another study called “The Real Value of Fakes,” where she interviewed hundreds of consumers who knowingly bought fake luxury apparel. She found that within two years, 46 percent of these buyers purchased the authentic version of the same product — even though other people could not necessarily tell the difference.

Kim Kardashian Chanel

Sounds super interesting!
You guys might remember my heated run in with fakes from a trip to China I took years ago. After I was shamefully called out for my fake Burberry scarf, I decided to leave the knock offs behind.
How do you feel about fake bags?

Read the study synopsis here.

Gisele Bunchen & Tom Brady are having a BOY!



Chanel Spring 2010: Recessionista Twist

Chanel Spring 2010 Ready-to-wear Collection, Photo: Monica FeudiChanel Spring 2010 Ready-to-wear Collection, Photo: Monica Feudi

Get this look for less!

Ruched Top ($17.99, Charlotte Russe) Zipper Bow Tie Headband ($3.99, Charlotte Russe)
Dotted Jacquard Skirt ($19.80, Forever21) rsvp Manda Black Patent Pumps ($20.57,

Ruched Top ($17.99, Charlotte Russe)

Zipper Bow Tie Headband ($3.99, Charlotte Russe)

Dotted Jacquard Skirt ($19.80, Forever21)

rsvp Manda Black Patent Pumps ($20.57,


Review: Lanvin Shoes

For me, these shoes are a FAIL.  I hate the way the heels are designed.

I buy shoes for the sexy, sky high stiletto heels.  These babies MIGHT be better for your lower back, but the shoe looks clnky and heavy.  Bleh.  I LOVE Lanvin, but these ugly heels have got to GO!

This past year, runways have been showcasing wild, eyebrown-raising shoes.  I completely understand that for the runway you want to go a bit above the norm into a theatrical/creative realm…but to wear some of those on the streets the way that some celebrities have been rocking them?  Fashion Fail.  Common sense fail.  Artisitc Fail.

Work Appropriate Fashion

Who said you had to wear those harsh, ill-fitting man suits?  This Aussie Stockbrocker got it right with her gray pencil skirt and black blouse.

Her skirt is at an appropriate length and isn’t too tight.  The black blouse is loose, with a feminine trim, yet she also remembered to wear a black tank top underneath.  Her shoes are low in height and are plain black (another professional touch).  What I love the best?  Her small accents of jewelry.

This Aussie followed all the right rules for fashion in the workplace, but appropriated it to give off a very chic fashion sense while maintaining her business status.  I”m sure she can be a bulldog in the conference room, but you also want to go to happy hour with this brunette bombshell.

Sports News & Boy Fashion: Air Jordan Force VIII

Get your shoes here!  Get your shoes now!

These shoes come at a cost of a pretty penny: $210~ but these babies are reminiscient of the first Air Jordans back in the 90s.  Some new changes since the 90s?  The obvious strap at the ankles provides stronger support, the sleek design and the performance of the shoe definitely outlast it’s first brother versions more than 10 years ago.

For all you shoe fanatics~~ get them now before they’re all gone!

oh, baby i wanna get witchah

Get on the floor if ya got that booty
Shake what ya momma gave ya, shake what ya momma gave ya


Canal Street in New York City

Canal street was THE place to go to for all tourists and naitves alike who wanted a brillant knockoff item: Chanel, LV, Gucci, Dior and much more.  But after a huge uproar from designers who were being ripped off, the NYPB raided 31 knock off stores who were notorious for carrying them.  If you go to canal street now, you will find a pathic ghosttown.  All the raided stores were shut down and their inventory was confiscated.  RIP canal street…I have some great memories and merchandise from there…

R.I.P Canal Street Knockoffs

R.I.P Canal Street Knockoffs  twitworthy

Nicole Richie’s New Family Photos

This is one celebrity that I completely admire.  Nicole was super wild, obnoxious, and a ball of trouble.  She was Paris Hilton’s partner in crime and spent a lot of time in and out of rehab.  Once she started filming The Simple Life with Hilton, it was obvious to the world that Nicole had gotten out of control.  Once out of rehab?  Nicole got her act together and really cleaned her look up.  Whether it was the Rachel Zoe makeover or a great Publicist~ she cleaned up her look, her lifestyle and choice in friendships.

Fast Forward, she met a really great man (Joel Madden) and had two GORGEOUS babies~  Kuddos to you Nicole, you have done a complete 180 and are now admired for your keen fashion sense, happy family and beautiful children ❤



Monique Lhullier Wedding Dress

For me, Monique Lhullier’s designs are hit or miss.  I am either obsessed with the dress and would eat ‘mac n’ cheese everyday to afford it’, OR I won’t even look at it.  My friends who got married recently or who will be getting married, always seem to find their dream dress at the crazy annual ML sample sale…  Yes their dresses have been gorgeous and the fabric completely divine~ but none were quite my style.

Now…this dress isn’t my style either, but I absolutely love how playful, feminine and fresh this dress is.  I would love to take photos in this dress with scenic, retro backgrounds and sunset lighting.  *sigh *  simple gorgeous.  Great Job Monique~ you really hit this one out of the ballpark!

Monique Lhuillier dress

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how dream-like this picture looks because of the rustic, wild background and the innocence of their clothes.  This is very picturesque, like a fairytale ending. ❤
Monique Lhuillier dress

I’m obsesed with thisd sequined top.  It takes the frilly, playful fabric and brings it to a completley new level of couture fashion.  The bust gives this dress a glamourous makeover and somehowbrightens the entire dress and makes it wedding PERFECT.

Monique Lhuillier dress first look

Sports News & Boy Fashion: Nike Zoom Kobe V Shoes


Nike took an amazing player and turned their shoe market into GOLD.  These babies were revealed at LA forum in the Laker’s jersey colors.  These Shoes are the lightest shoes made for performance, speed, and the game at 10.6oz.

Although not everyone can PLAY like Kobe…at least you can look good on the court?  China will begin to manufacture these shoes and distribute them to the U.S., Canada and Europe Jan. 16, 2010.  Although, if you’re lucky, you can buy a pair online beginning Dec. 26th!  Don’t miss out!


Sports News: Tom Brady & Hank Baskett have boys

Two famous NFL players have just been made daddies by their celeb counterparts: Gisele Bundchen and Kendra Wilksinson.

Although the Brady’s have yet to release the name of their baby, the Baskett’s have long announced their baby name: Hank Baskett IV

Congrats to both Sports Men as the NFL season is well underway~ Let’s hope the new additions will provide good luck individually on the field and for their teams!

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady Have a Boy!

Kendra Wilkinson is In Labor!!

Taylor Swift’s New Hair

Wow…Straight Hair Plus Bangs?  I like this look.  It matures her a few years and makes her look more city chic.




Sports News: Gatorade drops Tiger Woods

According to Bricksandstones

Gatorade Discontinues Tiger Woods Drink

Gatorade Discontinues Tiger Woods Drink

Gatorade has announced that it will be discontinuing its drink “Tiger Focus” – a version of Gatorade that contains more electrolytes and is formulated around Tiger Woods workout routine and golf play.

Gatorade (a division of PepsiCo Inc.) says that the decision to shelf the drink was made before Woods’ minor car accident and the related tumult of adultery allegations, the Associated Press reports.

Supposedly the discontinuation of the drink does not affect Wood’s overall endorsement deal with Gatorade.

Rihanna’s New Tattoo


As Lagy GaGa‘s dad would say, she’s “running out of real estate”.

On Monday night Rihanna paid a visit to one of her favorite New York City tattoo parlors, East Side Ink, to add another tattoo to her ever growing collection.

So what did RiRi get?

Owner Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy reveals: “She wanted, ‘Never a failure, always a lesson,’ but written backwards” so she could read it in the mirror.

From PerezHilton